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  1. You’re not alone. I have a massive line 6 system using 12 speakers via L6 link. Besides the link being unreliable sometimes the subwoofers are total dog poo if pushed even a little bit. Frumpy not bumpy and to add insult to injury cost is about a grand per box (I have 3 subs). I called and did the support ticket but after almost a year of dealing with it there is no fix, they just suck. I wish it wasn’t the case and you don’t have to do much to realize the subs are weak but crank on them a little bit. I have a $300 behringer 15” that plays better than the line 6 and we won’t even compare these to something like my EV Qrx218 because that is literally a whole different universe. The lollipop stamped steel drivers are worth about $80 together, it’s sad they built it like this and now I’m stuck with this huge rig that my home theater can play deeper than. Wack. 

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