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  1. The current Facebook site for helix users (now known as the 'original' helix site) is very useful and frequented by a great community. That said, it's a free world and there is absolutely nothing wrong with someone else starting a new community with a different slant. It's an open market baby and may the best ideas win! Good luck with your new idea, may it enlighten us all!

  2. In all seriousness I learnt this the hard way too, I hadn't worked out how to order my IRs properly by numbering them before the global reset. Had to try and remember which one went where. Anyway I won't make that mistake again...

  3. Because I'm a "pro", not like some trolls on this forum who's IQ is lower than a slug! I made sure I backed up all my presets and was able to roll back my Helix to 2.01 for my upcoming 37 gigs before Christmas. Whilst a lot of "wannabes are still playing with themselves in their bedrooms. Captain Nemo you "nailed it" in understanding mine and am sure others, concerns.

    I have a dog.


    I leave dog food out at night for my dog. Problem is these really smart slugs come from really clever hiding places and eat the dog food. They disguise their trails and evade my traps. You could learn a lot by paying more attention to slugs. Slugs are clever.

  4. It's 22 minutes past ten in the morning here in Sydney, it's 36 degrees Celsius. I'm going to pop to the beach where I'm going to boil the ocean, just as this thread has done.




    I'm gonna come home plug in the Helix, turn it up loud, and play ummmmmm......today I'm gonna play the Trainwreck amp that Glenn built.....I'm not gonna worry about his business model, I'm just gonna play...:::

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  5. I had the monitor at about 9 o'clock last gig, just depends on what's happening around you, 9 o'clock on that particular evening with that mix was loud as.....I always have the FOH k12s on 0 or 12 o'clock.

  6. I have my K8 monitor at my feet angled up, 1/4 inch out if helix into k8. We use another k8 for rest of mix via mixer. K12 s in front. Works fine, sometimes ill use mixer to bring in other sources depending on venue. I get a great selfish gobfull of heavenly helix all night long!

  7. I use k8s to monitor and k12s for FOH. I cut the lows on the IR blocks at 90 and highs at 7k. Took a few weeks to adjust to the differences btw this and the tube amp. Playing on your own can sound a little harsh but in a band mix it's amazing!

  8. I just got home.


    I plugged in the Helix.


    I selected GDs Dumble Amp.


    I played it for 90 minutes without stopping for air, I lost myself. I haven't stopped laughing.


    Price $ 20


    Value - PRICELESS


    Go on...challenge yourself.......get the Dumble...heheheheheheheheheheheheh...I dare you

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  9. I was too. Remember me?????  "Gangsterusa"  I've contributed my free patches there and here on the old Line 6 forums. I've shared my patches starting from the POD XT-Live, the POD X3-Live, the POD-HD, POD HD500, POD HD500X. I've even uploaded free tracks to my upcoming albums on the old Line 6 forums. You new guys probably weren't around then.  I'm talking about 7 and even up to 5 years ago. That's how long I've been using Line 6 products and contributing to the community!! How about you guys?? 


    Well said! I suspect what is happening here is a case of "Customer Segmentation".  There are:


    1. Those who are professional musicians who operate at the top of the pyramid who rightly would not pay money for stuff they already know 

    2. Those Advanced amateurs who might buy patches to enhance their learning of the Helix and use the know-how to improve their own

    3. Those Intermediate Amateurs who buy the patches to learn how to improve their own patches AND to use out of the box Live (ME!)

    4. Those level one digital converts who are just happy to use the acquired patch for everything, full stop.


    Maybe the OP is in segment number one. I'm in segment 3 and love your work!!!!


    I can understand that there can be some reasons to buy other guy's patches, like lazyness, lack of ability, lack of perspective (maybe being helix proficient but not knowing how to get that certain sound), and maybe the most important of them, lack of time, but I'm curious about your reasons, really. 




    I personally think that Scott, Fremen, and Glenn add a huge amount to the Helix community. They invest a huge amount of time in unlocking the potential of the Helix and they share a lot of their findings for free. They balance their commercial objectives with a genuine desire to educate, inform, and empower this community. I'm not lazy, lacking of ability or perspective or time. That said, the more I learn (by creating my own patches and studying music etc) the more I want to learn. As good as my patches sound, as well as I can play a great tune, there is always someone out there who can make a better patch and play the tune better. I want to find those people and learn from them........in the case of the aforementioned tutors I can access their creations for the price of a large big mac meal....its a no brainer!

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  11. Wow K8's?? I've tried them with  K-12's and I thought sounded good. Have any of you guys tried the Firehawk 1500 as an FRFR??


    I use K12s up front, your patches sound like there's a serious rock band with a thousand amps blowing the place apart  (but its actually just me, oh and the band).......haven't used the firehawk yet.....

  12. Well said, I agree with you. I mix the sound myself for our gigs and over time am just getting better at getting the mix worked out. I think we had a whole lot of variables just right. That said the isolated guitar tone was magic. It'll be interesting to see if I can replicate at our next gig which is in a massive brewery/ factory.....will be micing the drums for that one!

  13. Glenn's patches are a significiant factor tempting me to pull the trigger on a HELIX.

    Do it! The set of patches are life changing AT GIG VOLUMES! The blackface mentioned above is absolutely face melting in a rock kinda way and the Marshall is just something else. I've never had so much fun and great feedback as I did last weekend playing these patches live. With my boss feedback pedal upfront it sounded like I had a room full of tube amps out back! Glenn has nailed getting the best tone out of this box! I wasn't a huge buyer of his earlier patches, but these ones.....I'm starting to sound a bit obsessed, I'll post a clip from our next gig in 2 weeks!

  14. For those that have both the FREMEN and the GDL Boutique pack -  for blues/carlton/ford type solo sounds and rhythm guitar parts. plus cleans - are these

    presets still worth getting  ?  


    are they better than the Fremen blues ones ? 


    I really like Fremen's Blues Lead patches and use them in my live set for the 5 or so more bluesy tunes we play. I am sure Glenn's ones would be fine too, however I tend to use Glenn's for more rock sounds, and we are a rock band so that's why I give them full open throttle most of the time - I'm telling ya at gig volume Glenn's patches seem to take on a whole new personality. For me they seem to cut through a bit better than the Fremen ones, but I just haven't spent the time tweaking them yet.

  15. Thanks! Yeah totally agree, I like the challenge of coming up with a sound that is similar to the original and incorporating a touch of our bands vibe.  I also use the Helix as my setlist manager. In our set last night we had quite a bit of variety in our songs. Each time you hit a chord for the first time in a song the audience hears something different from the last song, but totally familiar....She Sells Sanctuary one minute, Kings of Leon the next etc etc...


    On a side note the band is still developing a core suite of sounds for its "own sound" for originals. I imagine in this case I'll only need a handful of patches...

  16. Last night my band had the privilege of playing at Bondi Beach in Sydney at the Icebergs for a function. The stage literally perched over the open ocean, brilliant. The brilliance of the setting was overshadowed by a much more brilliant phenomenon however. The Helix. The sounds I was getting out of my 35 patches (one per song) were by far and away the best sounds I've ever got out of any amp or modeller I've owned. 


    I bought Glenn D's boutique amp set about 3 weeks ago and have been tweaking them to taste. The main tweaks were hi and low cuts on the IR blocks, some additional volume on a couple of amps and increasing the lead boost. Thats about all I did to them. I then added FX  and snapshots to suit each song. I also use a couple of Fremen and Scott patches as well. The result was amazing. I'm not a full time pro so I don't have the same level of know-how on setting up my rig that many others on this forum possess, however I'm learning. While I continue to build my own patches, in the meantime I will continue to use these boutiques from GD et al for live performances.


    The key things I noticed about the set up were the clarity of notes and chords, particularly with distortion. The lead tones seemed to poke out of the mix in a 3D kinda way, and the way these patches respond to playing dynamics seemed tube-like. The band's a five-piece rock band with a big sound. The Helix was able to deliver a range of tones maintaining integrity without pushing the volume envelope...hail the Helix! 


    I'll record the next live session and provide some samples....

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  17. Buy the rack -  I had a Boss GT 100 and GR 55 which were both floor units. When I went Helix I went rack because I thought I'd build a much better relationship with a device that I could easily access. I don't have to bend over, sit down etc to tweak on the fly. It literally sits at waist level and begs to be tweaked!  Out front all I have is a Helix control and Wah - uncluttered and creates quite a lot of curiosity! I have it in a rack in a bag on an amp stand.easy peasy.

  18. Idid have to knock the highs off of a few of them... I like a little bite, but smoothed out a little.


    Yeah same here. Had rehearsal yesterday - it was quite frustrating as I couldn't get the sound i wanted and tried everything only to find.......the singer had dialled back the gain on my channel strip by mistake, AND my wireless signal was clipping for the first time ever.....the gain dial had been accidentally moved. So a distorted signal in and then an underbaked signal out = RUBBISH....... worked it out after about 2 hours!!!!Yeah I'm stupid, then had an hour of Boutique Amp Awesomeness. The Cornford, 5150, 1959 Marshall and the Fender are now the base for my patches - oh and Fremen's awesome ENGL/Mesa combo, and one of his Blues Patches, oh and Scott's Helix channel patches............never had it so good!

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  19. Ok Glenn, enough already! Seriously, I thought I had the hang of this. I was sure my patches were sounding great. Then you go and do THAT! My helix through one QSC 8 with your patches sounds like a frigging tube amp. No, ten frigging tube Amps. . Expensive ones at that. This set of patches at decent volume with the right hi cut and low cut through FRFR system is game changing. I've just created a 35 song set list using Glenns patches plus a couple of Fremens ones. Never looked forward to rehearsal so much!

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