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  1. "Helix® 2.20 is a firmware update for Helix and Helix Rack guitar processors that offers guitarists an additional suite of HX amp models, including new amps, cabinets and effects, with a special emphasis on models for bass players. The release will also feature a host of functional upgrades and a newly crafted set of impulse responses." I updated to this from 1.3 or something like that and the new impulse responses don't seem to be there. I realise the above is 2.2 not 2.21 but surely the latest update will include all of the previous ones? Any ideas please?
  2. Thanks, first time I've posted & wasn't sure how to do it.
  3. Here's a few things I think would enhance the Helix experience - Compare function. I guess this would need double the memory during the edit but it seems like a 'must' to me. Acoustic simulator. Speaker saturation control (as found on Eleven rack) Mic model defeat - if we can go speaker-less, why not mike-less? And a few suggestions for sounds - Quadraverb rotary speaker - still the best I've heard Boss HM2 pedal (80's Japanese version) Ibanez Super Metal pedal Rory's Irish Tour 74 amp sound (a very distinctive Bassman?) Marshall JMP-1 OD1 channel ProAmp Viper clean channel (known as KMD in the USA)
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