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  1. Hi Frankie_G.


    I had the same problems but I succeeded in solving them. I unscrewed the connection cover and discovered that one plug (the electric one) was unplugged, due to the fact that its cable is a bit short. So I plugged it, and now the guitar sounds perfectly.
    If your guitar is no longer under warranty, as I suppose, try and check the cables: unplug and replug them, and then let us know :-).




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  2. Hard to tell what's wrong if you got it broken.  You can send it for repair to Line6.  If they still have parts, they can fix it for you. 

    Thank you Charlie_Watt.



    My guess from the OP is that it is related to the jack connection and switch. considering the XPS does not turn it on there maybe an issue with the continuity of the switch action at the body of the jack connector.


    This is the same point at which the battery switch is for the internal pack. if you take the batteries out and are able to run the guitar through a pod unit by VDI cable (ethernet) you may be able to check if there is further damage to the guitar as it bypasses this jack connector.


    I contacted Line 6 about schematic resources for the unit but they were unwilling to supply the info. They directed me to a yamaha support centre on the opposite side of the country (I'm in Australia). Not sure whether Yamaha are handling support in Italy as well.

    Thank you Mavril, as for Italy I found this: http://lemi.org/yamaha_line6.htm. I'll ask them if the sitll repair discontinued Variax guitars.

  3. Hi everyone. I bought a second-hand Variax 700 Acoustic (serial number 04091754). All plugs are correct and all equipment is original, still when I plug it following the given instructions, the guitar doesn't turn on.
    The equipment is:

    1 Planet Waves Stereo Cable
    1 XPS Footswitch (Line6 D.I.)

    It seems as if the footswitch does not supply the guitar, even it is is on (red light on). Beside, after a while, even if it is connected to the AC network, the footswithc turns off autonomously.

    If I use AA alcaline batteries, the guitar turns on but does not produce any sound. When I unplug it, the guitar remains on (green light of the knob).

    Any clue? Am I doing some wtong pasage? It the guitar is damaged, how to repair it, and where? I write from Italy.

    Thank you for your attention.

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