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  1. I am bypassing the preamp and goind direct into the effeects return using the amp as a power amp. I did find out that the effects pedals before or after the amp model had a rfeal impact on sound. Also, I used 10band EQ, Low/high cut and IR after the amp and adjusted global eq hig cut with some success. If I could get rid of the digital clip and fizz and warm up the tones and attack, this woould get me on my way. Knowing what paramters to use ahead of time would be great. I had a promising experience with a marshall tone today that was almost there. There are some features of the Helix I really like and I would like very much to learn how to get the most out of the sound quality for live shows. The other units like Headrush and Gt1000 are lesser versions of the Helix but easire to use.  I ahve a week wiht the unit I have on loan from the store before I have to make a decision to buy it outright. So any help is very much appreciated.

    1. cruisinon2


      First, my apologies if I interpreted your original post the other day as anything but genuine frustration with getting Helix to work... sometimes it's hard to distinguish those who are really looking for help, from those intent on stirring the pot. So again, my apologies. 


      You mentioned above about warming up the tones and attack... lowering the input impedance (found in the input block) may help with that. I used to do that quite a lot with the 500X, not as much with Helix, but I have a couple of patches where it helps. Lowering it to much gives a kinda "dead" sound, and sometimes it won't play nicely with certain FX, but its worth a try.


      Hope that helps

    2. jbuhajla


      What guitars/pickups are you using and what type of tones are you trying to achieve. My experience level is mostly with T and S type guitars with vintage type pickups. Medium gain is as much gain as I go. I am not a high gain player. 

    3. ddmilne


      Most of the time I use a Gibson LES PAul Classic. What I am finding now is that if I use AMP +CAB on more than a few modules the clean tones are good and full until you add any OD or distortion from the helix. It woul be great if they had in the editor a way to trap out specific frequencies because the objectionable sound I would like to remove is reasonably consistent and tends to be bright. If you try to use any EQ you end up eliminating wanted freqeuncies along with the one you want to elimonate.

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