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  1. On 2/9/2023 at 1:45 PM, silverhead said:

    This topic comes up routinely and applies to just about any modeler on the market,  not just Line 6 products. You’ve hit the nail on the head regarding the main issue: user expectations. If you buy a product because you expect it to do exactly what it now does for a reasonable period of time you will not be disappointed. Any future updates are a bonus, not something you feel entitled to. If you buy a product expecting many frequent updates for a long time you will eventually be disappointed. Line 6 has no control over your expectations, it’s up to you to decide whether and when you choose to feel disappointed.


    Personally, I consider a piece of hardware to be dead when it stops working. Hardware that works properly and continues to do what it is advertised as being able to do is a successful and satisfying purchase to me. Any free updates (beyond bug fixes) provide value above and beyond what I paid for. 

    It’s too bad that your expectations are leading to disappointment. The POD Go is, imho, a very solid product and has received updates that have made it better than it was when originally released. Are more updates coming? Probably, but no guarantee. Will updates eventually stop? Certainly. When? Nobody knows, not even Line 6 at this point. That’s the simple reality. How you choose to feel about it is up to you.

    Actually, I’m a bit mystified as to why someone would buy a product they’re already disappointed with because it doesn’t yet do X, Y or Z which they are expecting (reasonably or not) it to be able to do someday. Doesn’t that imply you are paying too much for it today? Why do that? Isn’t it more reasonable to wait and see if the product ever meets expectations and buy it then?


    I generally agree with you but you miss 2 points


    The first is that the device is sold as a platform that will receive updates


    The second is that what I lament most is that Line6 kind of disregards the product and, as a follow up, the users

    No news, no communication, nothing, and it's a bit different respect to their other product lines

  2. I received a PodGo survey in the mail

    Very interesting and all, but, there wasn't a question that really bothers me as a user:

    "What kind of expectation do you have for the future of the device?"

    Because, honestly, lately, I'm feeling like a have a piece of dead hardware with that will receive maybe just a couple of updates before being ignored.


    There's always some way to squeeze juice from every processor, but Line6 doesn't seem too interested on doing some more research on the PodGo, or, if I'm wrong, they really have bad communication with the userbase.


    And it's incredible because this device just had 3 years on the market, so it's still new-ish, but, again, my impression is that Line6 doesn't care too much about it.


    And...just freeing one FX space would do so so much for the users...but we have radio silence, we're contacted to know what we think, and yeah, I wanted to say what I really think

  3. On 10/17/2022 at 2:56 PM, silverhead said:

    You don’t mention why you need to do this and perhaps you don’t. If you simply want to have Snapshot 2 rather than 1 active when you recall the preset you just need to SAVE the preset with Snapshot 2 active.


    Also, see pg 15 of the POD Go Edit manual for copying and pasting snapshots.



    Yeah, you're right, it's a lead guitar tone, snapshot 1 was the rhythm associated with that lead tone, but it's really of no use, so I should always active snaphot 2 after entering the preset

  4. I need to move snapshots.

    Or better I need to "erase" snapshot 1 and substitute it with currently is snapshot 2.

    Is there a way that I didn't manage to figure out using PodGo Edit?


  5. On 9/3/2022 at 5:23 PM, cain29671 said:

    You may be in the ball park.  I can't recall at the moment where our HeadRush is set but I typically adjust the Pod Go volume knob at church to what you're experiencing; 10 to 11 o'clock. One other thing I noticed is volume (or effects quality) can depend on the type of pickup in the guitar.  I play a 73' Gibson SG Standard with humbuckers and seem to get the best quality with the pickup(s) set at max.


    I'm interested in knowing what you discover.

    Unfortunately you will have to wait quite a good bit.

    Going through all my presets is painstakingly long and I must find the actual time to do it

  6. I have mainly brought every patch to the same volume, by ear, not with a DAW (but I think I'll have to resort to that), and every patch is well above +5 db.

    PodGo knob is between 9 and 11 o'clock and the Headrush is at 2 I think.


    Honestly I feel like I did everything wrong...will have to take a day and set up everything again with a DAW

  7. I was wondering what you guys think yelds the best results sound wise.

    Do you prefer to crank the PodGo volume up and turn down the volume of the amp/pa, or do you prefer the opposite, turning PodGo volume up and amp/pa down?

    Unfortunately I can never crank up the volume high enough to perceive well the difference, but what I hear is enough to say that there's quite the difference and that PodGo volume down kills stuff like reverb and delay much more than turning the pa volume down (I use an Headrush 108).

  8. On 7/30/2022 at 5:17 AM, usedbyanr said:

    The Legendary Drive was too DSP intensive to make it into the Pod Go and the Prince of Tone is called the Heir Apparent.

    Geez, more intensive than the Horizon drive...

  9. On 5/26/2022 at 12:11 AM, poodad said:

    But you aren't under non disclosure. Tell us what was involved from your point of view.

    As the process derives from the ticket I filed here on support, Line6 knows who my tech is

    I hadn't realized until I went to the lab (which lately changed address and name) but I have known him for 29 years, and I don't want to put him in troubles


    My unit hasn't been replaced, it had the same scratches and it wasn't restored to default, my presets are all there


    I repeat myself, 7 minutes clocked, I phoned my girlfriend when I left the lab, then after 7 minutes I got his call to go take the device back

    That's how I know it has been 7 minutes, from the phone calls tab

    7 minutes for me is: unscrew the device > unsolder part > solder back the part > reassemble the device > try the device


    The problem is not "impedance" as a whole...but part of it


    And yes, L6 should come forward with the acknowledgment of the problem as it seems so very easyto solve



    "Line 6 should be upfront with its customers and shouldn't have anything to hide. "


    "Circuitboard copyrights" was the reply I was given

  10. On 5/18/2022 at 3:05 AM, voxman55 said:

    Update: It appears from a recent post on one of the FB pages that this is a hardware issue.  "...I'm sorry friends, but the problem is confirmed hardware and here in Italy there are already those who have had the modification under warranty at the authorized Line6 service"


    I purchased my Pod Go from Yamaha Music London in June 2020 so it is still within its 2 yrs warranty.  I've today written to them and as Yamaha own Line 6 I have requested an explanation as to why Line 6 has not openly come out to its customers on this, and have requested that my Pod Go be 'repaired/upgraded' by Line 6. 


    I'll keep you all posted.  

    But what's the supposed warranty length?

    I think EU is 1 year warranty

    I purchased my PodGo in February so I'm out of warranty, even if, technically, it's a product fault and not anything damaged

  11. On 5/13/2022 at 12:46 PM, rarellano said:

    The pedal need to be cabled between the guitar and the POD Go.

    "I think the problem might be somehow software related". I guess no. And the evidence it's the wireless as a way to fix it. Why Line 6 doesn't develop that improvement in its flag ship? Because relay works like a buffer and Helix hasn't impedance issues. 



    I tried the Ditto Looper between the guitar and the PodGo.

    No difference whatsoever.

    I even tried to fiddle with the DL volume but nothing happened.

  12. About this impedance thing

    I'm not technical enough and not English speaking enough to fully understand the matter


    I got that the device has a pretty significant signal loss and that it might be prevented with a buffered pedal in the pedal chain


    3 questions:

    - Does the Ditto Looper works as a buffer in this case? (I read it has dynamic buffer, I think a fixed buffer is needed)

    - Does the pedal need to be cabled between the guitar and the PodGo or does it have to be in the Send/Return of the Pod and be set before the amp in the signal chain?

    - Does this problem fall into the deceiving marketing category, as an advertised spec is not coherent?


    PS I think the problem might be somehow software related, as I always have this perception that the sound I dial n PodGoEdit becomes different when I unplug the USB, or better, I have this sensation the day after I use the patch and think..." seemed cooler yesterday"

  13. On 5/10/2022 at 3:09 AM, MarcoSP said:

    Would it be possible to have 6 snapshots? Maybe using external foot switches? Or is it beyond the capabilities of the unit? 



    Seems a bit like an overkill to me or at least something that very few people would use.

    I mean, I'm always up for stuff that other users desire, even if I don't need it, but it looks like a lot of work to me, and since we're on a very slow development cycle on PodGo, I wouldn't certainly prioritize it.

    We're 3 months after a vague announce that the update was in development, not to mention how far behind we're from other Line6 product lines.

    It feels a bit of a let down honestly

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