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  1. Hi guys, unfortunately I never have enough time in my hands to go deep into the fx possibilities of the PodGo, and I have never been a pedal/fx expert, so I don't know what I can achieve with what.


    I was wondering if there's some kind of FX that is like the kind of electronic violin swell (I know it's a Midi guitar, but one can try to approximate) that sometimes Allan uses on his leads


    Even how to achieve an auto swell would be interesting (without using the expression pedal)


    Do you guys have any idea?

    Or at least an fx which I should try to exploit?


  2. On 4/20/2022 at 3:21 PM, voxman55 said:

    Can't be done because of the complexity of Helix/Pod Go, the way that DSP is managed, and the fixed block design of Pod Go. Pod Go Edit is just an interface with Pod Go and is simply a reflection of what happens in Pod Go - its Pod Go's CPU that does all the processing algorithms & DSP determinations. That can't be done from a free-standing edit program.


    Edit programs for simpler units, like my Vox Tonelab SE/LE can do this because the DSP restrictions are built in & preset so regardless of the amp, cab, FX selected there's no impact on DSP.  It also has way less models and parameters with minimal FX chain control than Helix/Pod Go so hence its a modest 'finite' model re the changes you can make.  With Pod Go & Helix it's a near infinitely varying model that gets evermore complex with every upgrade. 


    Similarly there is no freestanding edit software available for any current 'Helix type' MFX that uses similar more complex algorithms & DSP 'dynamisation'.   

    You killed me without giving me the chance of the last cigarette :)

  3. I was thinking if there's a chance that Line6 could provide a version of PodGo Edit that works without the PodGo connected.

    I use the same laptop for work and at home, and in the dead moments of work (I'm a trader and I work on my own, so I'm my own boss) I could try to replicate some presets that I see on youtube, and spare some time at home, but I can't.

    The other day I spent half a day to level my presets, because with the amp I had set each preset output between -15 and -20 db and with the FRFR speaker I wanted to put them all in the 0 (flat) db output...something I could have done at work in the spare time, but I had to resort to a holiday.  


    For people like me (but I don't know how many would actually use the feature) it would be something awesome and a great time saver.


    I would open an Ideascale post, but I'm not good enough in English to sum it up cleanly with fewer words

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  4. On 4/11/2022 at 9:09 PM, mcrawf001 said:

    So I tried this reprogram to free up the extra blocks and did run into an apparent issue regarding DSP (I think).  I took out the Wah block only.  Added a basic compressor.  The result was two fold...  I started getting a trailing static noise (almost like a loose connection or bad cable).  So, I replaced cables...same noise appeared.  I noticed on the display of the PodGO (and in Edit), the output circle at the end of the chain showed a zigzag line (think distorted circle).   I switched to a stock preset and the noise and the zigzag circle went away.   So, I switched back to the "hacked" preset and both appeared again.   Time to experiment...


    Starting at the end of the chain, I turned off the reverb block.  Noise disappeared.  (ZigZag circle still there).   Hmmmm...interesting.  Turned the reverb block back on...noise returned.   The Reverb in use was the new Dynamic Hall.  So, I switched it out for a standard Hall reverb....and.....the noise disappeared.   Never could get the zigzag to go away.


    So, my thought/question is this....  As mentioned above in the very well said "tennis ball" analogy.... I am curious if the "hack" does actually have an affect on the way the PodGo calculates and limits DSP usage.   As mentioned, the Wah, Volume, and EQ blocks all have a designated DSP budget.  Given that, the PodGo can calculate the DSP usage among the standard four user blocks and grey out options when you cannot use them due to DSP limitations....BUT once you throw a variable in (such as adding a compressor to the Wah block) it can no longer calculate DSP usage properly...THUS when I added the compressor block I was overloading the DSP resulting in the static noise and perhaps the ZigZag indicator on the output block.  


    Has anybody else had this affect when using the non-hack "hack"?

    It does make 100% sense

    The hack is acceptable only if you use less intensive FXs, otherwie it's a mess

    But again, my opinion is that it should be left out to the user, with greyed out options


    For many high gain chanels you can deal with very simple delay and reverbs, but if you have an Overdrive and a Compressor (to clean the output sound, like Sadites do, for example), you're left out of mod FXs like Phaser/Flanger that you might want to add


    I haven't fiddled out at all with the GO since the last update, as I didn't had time, and I plan to use at least half of next Monday to fiddle around, since I got a Headrush Speaker and I have to revisit all the parameteres and volumes to match them with the speaker

  5. As an average Joe with low-ish budget to direct to gear/hobby my experience with guitar processor units has always been with Boss and Line6 products, and I must say that so far I enjoyed the Line6 has always been much better than with the Boss products


    This also means that I won't purchase anything in the foreseeable future, nor change my PodGo (which I0m happy with), but I surely hope Line6 will put some more gas in it


    As @voxman55 said, DSP power can't be increased, but surely some software optimization can be done, as it is something very common to be able to squeeze some power from a processor when you are used to it

  6. 19 hours ago, voxman55 said:

    It's not a hack, just a script change. But I agree and have been trying to campaign for two additional blocks but Line 6 is very reluctant to consider this. Tons of stuff on this, look for my Ideascale post. 

    I call it hack, as it erases some script to make a piece of software to work as it's not intended to

    Yeah man, I voted your ideas, at least 3


    I repeat myself, it's useless to be reluctant/stubborn when there is a workaround, which proves at least 2 things: it can be done and people wants it

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  7. On 2/2/2022 at 2:21 PM, voxman55 said:


    Line 6, together with loads  and loads of folk on forum boards, YouTube, Facebook etc etc (including myself)  have repeatedly explained why that's simply not possible. The DSP used by the fixed blocks is very small and a small fixed amount of DSP is reserved for each of these. Think of them as being in a container that can only hold a tennis can have a different wah or a different volume because these are a different colour tennis ball but are all around the same size. Other fx like a compressor need DSP that are between a football and a beach ball size. You can't fit a football into a tennis ball sized container. And that's why you can't replace any of these fixed blocks with a different fx. Its also why the acoustic simulator can only be seen as an option in the main EQ section, and not in the fixed block EQ section ...because it's a football and if you want it, you have to put it in a user block! 

    Since the hack is around, it would be better for Line6 to release their own version

    I'm usually very very basic with my FX chain and never use FX that are expensive on the DSP, so it would help me a lot, and I would like to not resort on the JSON hack

  8. Hi

    I connected the PodGo to the USB to record with Cubase

    The device works as input, in fact I record the signal, with good quality, but the problem is that I don't have the guitar signal output from the monitors

    It works for the rhythm parts, as you just have to be on the click, but for solos it's a problem, as you can't feel the expression

    I could keep the cables connected to the amp, but the sound is too loud; If I play through the amp I have my presets output signals between -20db and -14db, and the amp volume at 0.5 (80W amp) but with the DAW I need to use at least -2db to have a decent signal


    I have started recording with Cubase after 6 years, so I don't remember much about the connections

    Is there something I'm overlooking?


  9. Before I try something that can potentially be a mess, I wanted to ask if some of you have experience with this


    I made every of my presets on one of my guitars, so the tone I got is always consistent for that guitar, but, obviously, change guitar and the tone can change quite considerably

    As much as I try to dial in thinking at all my instruments, some tones totally don't work on some instruments


    I was thinking of making a back up for this guitar, rename it the file, grab another guitar, tweak the presets that need work for that other guitar, make another back up, rename it, and so on for all my guitars, which will lead to an amount of backups that I can retrieve and upload every time I swap instrument


    Now, my two questions are

    - Would the PodGo read backup file names that don't respect the factory naming parameters?

    - Would the PodGo be damaged on the long run by overwriting the backups too often?


    I think this solution would help to push and refine the tone on any guitar without having to make compromises, and, at the same time, if you want tonal variety for the guitars, you can always experiment with guitar x and guitar backup y, and eventually have nice discoveries

  10. 6 hours ago, voxman55 said:


    Yes. The processing power of Pod Go is less than HX Stomp. If you look at the chart compiled by Benvesco, you can see how much DSP is used by each amp and fx. If you select an amp model with heavy DSP useage, eg a jumped amp, you'll have less DSP for fx and if you choose heavy DSP fx e.g. spring reverb you could run out of DSP after e.g. 3 fx. 


    Zoom G11 and G6 show DSP percentages by each model.  Line 6 doesn't think customers should see DSP used as they think customers should onky choose amps and fx by the tones they like. I think that's over simplistic because if you should run out of DSP you can often find very similar sounding alternatives. I personally think Line 6 is very wrong here but unless a lot of people vote for seeing DSP percentages on Ideas Scale, Line 6 won't change their mind. 

    Have you got a link at hand for the ideascale?

  11. 20 hours ago, voxman55 said:

    This can be true but not as often as you might think. The stock cabs are actually very good.  Aside from varying mic type, distance, and frequency range, the real 'trick' is dB level. IRs that often seem to sound better than stock cabs do so partly because their dB levels are higher. In Pod Go the cabs are all set at 0dB. Raise to +6dB and hear the difference. 


    With the stock cab set properly you'll be pleasantly surprised at how much nearer these can get to many of the equivalent IRs. 


    IRs can also be a bit of a rabbit hole and buying IRs can be a bit of a lottery as to whether you'll personally like them as we all have different preferences.  

    Cab settings are a really obscure thing for the "novice" (like the "deep settings" of the amp section)

    I must totally agree with you after having spent 2 months fiddling a couple of hours daily with the PodGo

    The device has incredible untapped potential and there's loads to learn and loads of ways you can spare CPU power to obtain the stuff you need from the effects you already have active

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  12. My unit is pretty new, purchased in Mid February

    The volume knob is and has ever been a mess and it's the only knob I use on the device, as I set everything from GoEdit

    It's not "progressive" with the volume output and seems to have a "dead zone" at the lower values, where turning doesn't affect the output

    Also, when touched it raises volumes then decreases it after a few seconds

    The volume comes and goes as a known bug for which I reset to factory, but it didn't work

    I think I have a faulty unit, might try to post some rough videos tomorrow, but I would have like to know about your experience

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