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  1. One solution to the DSP management problem would be to put the % usage id the PodGo edit if Line6 doesn't want to partially redesign the PodGo UI, which might be annoying on not worth the hassle

    In the end, how many users tweak the PodGo directly from the device? I think the majority of us use the PodGo edit, because it's faster and easier

    I'm sure that everyone that wants to squeeze the DSP power tweaks the Go from their PCs

  2. On 3/26/2021 at 6:41 PM, voxman55 said:

    Gotcha, I was just thrown by it.


    The problem is that Line 6 has gone with the masses who just want more fx, & more amps. But aside from the acoustic simulator, there's so much in Pod Go already that you really don't need more of all this - most folk have option paralysis as it is and amps & distortions do get to sound samey.  I'm therefore hoping that the next upgrade will focus on functionality. It's supposed to be Pod 'go' ie take it anywhere for rehearsals, gigs - yet it's not yet as gig ready as it should have been.  There are 5 key things it needs purely from a functionality perspective:


    1. Snapshot naming

    2. Multi footswitch naming

    3. At least one extra user block (2 would be great) to be a bit more flexible so that provided your selections were less DSP hungry, you could have some additional flexibility - particularly useful for creating a stomp pedal board for gigging where you could add eg a compressor and a second modulation or distortion etc.  It wouldn't give more DSP, but Line 6 upped HX Stomp from 6 to 8 slots, so it is doable. 

    4. Ability to see F7/F8 on screen

    5. Ability to use F7/F8 to switch up/down so you could still still scroll through patches in 6-view stomp-mode



    If Line 6 can get those things added to Pod Go, then as far as I'm concerned  it's then a bona-fide gigging unit and anything else is a bonus.  But then I'm a gigging player & home players don't need these.  

    Great requests, I had one on ideascale too, which was the ability to preserve the setting/parameters of an amp (or other comparable effects) when cycling

    Let's say you have a Brit set at Drive 8, Bass 7.5, Mid 4, Treble 6, Presence 10 and you want to cycle through other Amps with those settings without dialing every time

    But my English is lame, so I don't know if what I asked was clear enough

    If someone likes the idea and is able to convey it better than me, please go forth, I'm not about being the one that came up with the idea, I'm about having the idea accepted


    About your requests, specifically, I'll be very happy already with the chance to turn the Wah into a second EQ

  3. I was watching Jason Sadites "Dialing In" videos of Artists' Tones for the Helix

    Many of the tones can be replicated on the Pod Go, but I don't know how to get around the frequencies cut/boost he uses with the Split Cross

    What can I use on the Pod Go to achieve a similar result?



  4. 16 hours ago, voxman55 said:

    Not on this update but I've had similar behaviour pop up.  Line 6 support recommended I back up my patches and reset back to *factory settings by pressing switches C&D and holding these when powering up Pod Go, then re-importing my patches back. Worked perfectly after that.  *You won't lose the v1.21 update btw.  

    Yeah I read about that problem

    I had it very seldomly since the purchase (mid Feb 2021, 1.12 already installed), annoying, but nothing crazy

    I wasn't using the device for recording yet, as I still have to learn a lot, and I knew an update was coming, so I thought "I'll wait the new update, it'll solve this", but the problem increased after the update, and it's annoying now


    Will try to reset to factory settings when I get back home (after back up or maybe I'll just save the good presets I have made so far and take a chance to clean everything)

  5. On 3/25/2021 at 9:53 PM, spaceatl said:

    No, I actually mean channel volume. You are right, the signal to post/downstream FX would be increased or reduced. The mix of those FX is not affected. But you are right, with some FX there could be a subtle response change...I think primarily of Tape Echo where there is some saturation. In that case, you might need to do something downstream to compensate. My main point in mentioning the channel volume is that it does not tonally affect the amp model...

    Yeah, the amp tone stays the same but to my ears if you have EQs past the channel volume of the amp and you tweak the volume, you'll have to address the EQs too

  6. Hello

    After the update I started having some volume and tone issues from the device

    Volume drops and the same seems to happen to some parameters, as the sound darkens then rebrightens and so on

  7. 15 hours ago, spaceatl said:

    Channel Volume has no effect. Neither does the POD volume knob. The volume setting that affects tone is in the AMP Block and is called Master...With most amps that have it, the amount of saturation will increase with it turned up...It does affect the volume a little bit, but the tone changes with it...You are getting into an area of psycho-acoustics if you are trying to preserve some sort of notion of perceived loudness at a low playback level (SPL)....If you know what your min an max SPL is approximately, you could got thru the patches and rebalance them by reducing the channel volume only....This would give you more play in POD volume knob and less MAX potential...It take some time to do this and a lot of back and forth to get things leveled.

    Thanks for the info

    Anyway, I think you mean the patch level at the end of the signal, because often the channel volume on the amp is before some effects in the line signal, and those can have the mix/level parameters that can increase or decrease the output

  8. I live in a flat in a household, so I can't crank my gear a lot (Peavey Bandit 112 80W), volume is at 1 and it's already very loud, so I need to keep the Pod volume knob at 9 o'clock or less

    I would have liked to know from your experience if and how much the volume affects the tone, because if it is so, I think I'll have to remove some decibels from the output of my patches and turn the volume knob up

    But as you might figure, it's something I can't do on trial and error in respect of my neighbours and also because the more I age, the less I can stand high volume output

    Thanks for the help

  9. I stand by my point

    How many people has Henning Pauly's gear?

    That's the problem with the presets...they don't show how much the device can do and it's an entry level device, in terms of pricing

    The device can sound excellent even with cheap setups, but the presets fail in that, BUT the Go can sound like a monster even on a 300 bucks guitar

    It's not a problem about presets sound, it's a problem about "who are we selling this device to, how can we portrait effectively the strength of this piece of gear on the majority of setting possible?"

    @voxman55 perceived as an attack to the quality of the device, which it was not

    The time needed to make the presets sound good is better invested in fiddling with the device and make much better presets because if you know how amp modelling works, you don't need to tweak the presets, you can do your own, if you have to learn from those presets, you better start from scratch


    I had gone through 14 banks of user presets before starting to get the gist of it, I left what I had done in the first days, revisiting it, comparing it and understanding where I miseed, what I could improve, etc...

  10. @voxman55

    You make good points but then there's a conceptual/marketing problem

    The Go is a "budget" line of product, so Line6 should expect that the customers don't have high end gear to pull out good sounds out of the gate with the presets

    So, maybe it's better to make sound that works well out of the box even with less expensive gear, something that the Pod GO can absolutely and magnificiently do

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  11. Past week I was forced to move from my Pod XT because the unit had started to become unreliable after many years, so I picked a Pod Go

    I'd say the tone quality is not even comparable, but I'm still struggling with the learning curve and to reproduce some sounds I liked that I had on the XT

    Making sounds on the Go is easier but you're overloaded with loads of cool stuff

    I'm very happy with the purchase/upgrade even if it'll take me time to get to the full potential

  12. Hi, I'm a former user of a POD XT.

    I had loads of patches and sounds I liked a lot that I created or downloaded during the time I had the device.

    I noticed there's some amps and stuff I loved that had not been ported to the POD Go, which is a device with loads more horsepower

    Is anyone in the know if Line6 has the intention to port over some "legacy" stuff over to the POD Go?

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