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  1. I ordered 4 Units from Andertons and I'm already waiting for over 2 Months because they ran out of stock really fast because the had a sale and now I got this in my email inbox.
    What is going on there?

    First there's too less supply and then those news? Some people are already saying that they did the sell on purpose because the knew about this new regulations and now the want to let the customer hang until the finally cancel  their order because there's no given information on the wait time for the devices.
    I bought the G70 because I need it for for a touring band. I REALLY need information when they are available again otherwise I have to cancel and go with Shure or some other brand instead because the band is going on tour in 2 months from now. the rehearsals start in one month so I have to prepare their rigs so they can get used to them. I really don't want to take some other brands stuff because all wireless mics are from line6 and the use 3 Helix for 2Guitars and 1 Bass beside the line6 FRFR speakers for monitoring. so the whole band is line 6 equipped and they are really happy so far except the situation with the G70.
    Can someone from line6 give me any information about the availability status in europe?

    Dear Mr  ________


    Thank you for your order with Andertons Music Company.


    We have been chasing our suppliers with regards to the ETA of the Line 6 Relay G75 Guitar Wireless System with table top style receiver and we have been provided the following information.


    In January 2018 the Line6 Relay G70/75 underwent Market Surveillance Authority testing by The German Federal Network Agency for electricity, gas, telecommunications, post and railways. The unit was found to be non-compliant to EN 301 489-17 regarding Broadband Data Transmission Systems. As such our supplier has stopped all shipments of this products to its distributors and retailers. Line6 are working to fix this issue and an engineering solution is expected within the next three weeks. This solution will then need implementing across all stock in Europe. We will then be informed of an expected ship date.


    Apologies for this delay and any inconvenience caused. If you have any further questions, or with to cancel your order, please contact our Sales team via mailorder@andertons.co.uk quoting order number _________.


    Kindest regards,





  2. I had the same problem recently with my bands other guitar player. Didn't matter how many times I repaired and even switched off mine the always fought each other until I finally switched mine off completely, then his started to work fine. But I had to use a cable. which really ruined our show because we move A LOT on stage.

  3. This kind of stuff is very irritating. I get it as sales start to drop off from initial launch they are trying to encourage people on the fence to adopt. But as someone who pre-ordered the unit up front and waited for quite some time for it to arrive and who ALSO purchased the Mission pedal to go along with it, this kind of stuff puts me off from ever jumping in on anything like this from Line 6 up front ever again. 


    Early adopters pay the most money and get the least promotional content?  It's not like this is something like a free T-Shirt or a pack of strings.  That mission pedal is $140.00!!


    well... same here and as a european it's even worse because we are absolutely getting zero promotional content here. I bought my Helix while in USA there's a free Backbag. Thats like 1700$ here in EU vs 1500$ in USA

  4. This means I can connect my Mac via USB and double the processing power of my Helix Floor! 
    I considered buying a Rack or Axe Fx because of to less CPU power for my needs but this is a game changer and costs me only 100$ instead of 1500$ or 3000$

  5. My Current Rig - I Finally had to bite the bullet on the Helix.  Had the M9 and the POD HD500. 





    Loving the sound out of the Helix.  I don't use it for Amps - but the effects are slick and the dynamic range of the unit is RIDICULOUS.  Loving it.  I'm having some issues with noise, and other things but that's all part of the learning a new unit.



    N7? I love it!

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  6. I do have a problem with the Wah.
    When it's activated via Pedal and I switch to a different Snapshot it seems to loose the controller for volume and wah. So when I've switched, neither the Volume Block works nor the Wah Block. To get it back working I have to reload the preset.

  7. Not sure it helps, but the Badger is EL34 based, with ax7s I believe, as are most Plexi style Marshalls and Orange Rockerverbs. The 34s give a bit of mid range push, and tame the highs a little, so playing around with these amps and eq'ing might get you close to the creamy overdrive sound. In the real amp world, I find the Orange head I have to be more naturally creamy. I don't have a Plexi, but have used them, and my memory of them is they are more naturally bright, but that was some time ago so I might be a bit off!


    Thanks, I found the Brit 2204 to be the closest at the moment without eq-ing a lot or going into the more advanced options of sag, hum ripple , bias etc... 

    Orange is good but there's something with the drive that makes it kinda flubby.

    The Badger 30 is a very special kind of amp due to the extremely sensitive input it has. every nuance of playing and every tiny little movement of the volume and tone poti comes out of the speaker. I had tried a lot of amps and also owned some of them for a while like Bogner, Friedman, Supro, 65 amps and some vintage Fender and Marshall from the 60s but I got stuck with the Badger especially with the Kokoboost. 

    I do use the Helix live primarily as FX Unit for the Badger because my Pedalboard was just to big and way to complicated to program and maintain ( Gigrig G2, Strymon Timline and Mobius and a lot of Stomp Boxes ). But my goal at the moment is to get a certain feel and sound, similar to the badger for home-use, recording and practicing so that I can leave my Head at the rehearsal room. 

  8. Hello Line 6 Team,
    I read somewhere that you have some Suhr stuff going on and maybe in the new firmware there should be coming some of those amps. Is this true?
    I do own a Badger 30 and I absolutely love the amp. Is there a similar amp in the Helix right now? Or does anybody know a starting point for the Badger? 
    I do own a Two Notes Torpedo Reload and I'll hook my Badger up in the Helix as soon as I've picked it up from my rehearsal space but right now I don't have the amp at hand.
    Maybe there's someone out there that got the Badger tone and feel with the Helix already. I would really like to leave the amp at home when I play small gigs where space is limited.

  9. i do have MixIE 1 and downloaded it again too but there's always an error showing that the files aren't found. I know how the program works and had no problems with it a few years ago when I purchased the BigBox from Redwirez but now....

    thank you for your help, I'll try it again tomorrow.

  10. Can someone help me? I'm searching for a tool to blend IR's that's free. I don't know why but my mixIR version 1 doesn't work anymore.
    I do have a torpedo Reload from Two Notes but with BlendIR program the file is a .tur and not a .wav
    I'm asking because I've found a my personal amp-in-the-room-feel with a blend of different IRs. I had this file for the Axe Fx but I don't have the .wav file anymore and I really want to recreate my mix because using 2 IR slots on the Helix in parallel takes one signalpath and I really need this path for FX.


  11. That's my current rig paired up with a PRS Custom 24 Brazilian limited edition, a Fender Eric Johnson Strat, Martin D-15, and the wonderful Variax Bass.

    Wait what? Do you really run the wireless before the Fuzz Factory?

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