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  1. I did an editor re-install and a firmware update/reset.... I was still able to recreate this bug...


    Then I disconnected the helix from the computer, and deleted the reverb block post split... still no change


    Then I just moved the cab/amp block to the second path and back... and the second path suddenly went away!


    Doesn't make any sense to me but there you go! 

  2. I bought a Helix last month and love the sounds and intuitive interface. However, I was sold one from Sweetwater on the promise that it would seamlessly integrate with other pieces of hardware and software via midi. My show is run through ableton, and I was told that it could do everything I needed. It  could even program ableton to send midi messages to change my presets, blocks, settings etc. How great! Less time hopping around and more time performing and interacting with the audience. Once I got the unit, before setting up any complicated midi configuration, I simply wanted the unit to read tempos from ableton, so that all of my delays, trems, etc could be synced up without having to awkwardly tap tempo every song.  If the helix could change presets and settings based on midi, I assumed this would be an obvious part of it's capabilities.  It was not.  


    I called Sweetwater and Line 6 customer service, both of whom seemed equally surprised by my complaint and needed to put me on hold to double check.  Both came back with an apologetic tone about how this isn't a feature, but should be. 


    More and more acts are running hybrid sets leveraging ableton, and midi sync needs to be addressed immediately. If it is not, I will be selling my unit and making sure to steer other musicians away.  


    Please address! 

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  3. How is it possible that this feature is not part of the Helix? With all of the capabilities. I need to sync my timing effects up with Ableton.  Please fix this in a firmware update soon, or I will have to return/sell!

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