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  1. Thanks a lot, phil_m. Works fine again (meaning it doesn't show the pedal position anymore, but apparently it's not a bug, I just didn't know about the feature in the global settings...)

  2. After updating to 3.00 (Helix Rack), the Helix Control reacts very strange. Whenever an external expression pedal is connected, the display jumps rapidly between the name of the preset and '01%'. As soon as I disconnect the expression pedal, the error is gone and there's only the name of the display. I downgraded to 2.92, but the same thing happens there. It was not like that before I upgraded. I switched off Helix Control during the update process. 

    Any advice?

    Thanks a lot


    Edit: I found out that when I move the pedal (it's a Mission Engineering SP1-L6 Helix), the number in the display changes to 100% when the pedal is completey pressed down. The numbers themselves make sense now, but why are they displayed in the display?


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