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  1. On 5/25/2020 at 7:40 AM, Rich_Cash said:

    So to save DPS I loaded my 2 favorite IRs into my PC+ Then set my high/low cuts accordingly and what I thought I could do was change The presets on the PC+ within a snapshot. For instance, when playing on snapshot 1 (fenderish clean) on my Helix, the Helix using the L6 Link to call up patch 014 on the PC+. Then switch to snapshot 2 (revv Gen Purple) for my crunch sound, the helix calls up patch 015 on the PC+. Is that possible? I can’t seam to figure it out. I don’t want to use a midi cable.


    You can't change PC+ presets over L6 link, and that is by design.


    What you do is change the settings on the Helix presets output block instead.


    If you really want to change PC+ preset, you need to use MIDI and MIDI cables.

  2. Helix doesn't currently support polyphonic pitch shifting, which means that these effects work ok for single notes but will exhibit the sort of artifacts you describe if you use chords.

    Polyphonic pitch shifting is apparently being looked at for a future update, but it is some way off and certainly won't be in the next release.

  3. What I don't understand is why UK prices seem to be unaffected at present.

    PMT and GAK both have the Floor at £1089, which is £907 if you subtract the 20% VAT. Converting this to USD and the Floor comes out at $1180.

    Andertons has it at £1199,  which is $1300 after subtracting VAT.

    Yes, the UK has left the EU, but we are still in a transition period, so it seems to me that anyone looking to buy a Helix in the EU would be best served getting one from the UK, as it works out over 300€ cheaper!

    Best bargain though, is the limited edition gold Helix at Music Store Germany - 1349€






  4. 5 minutes ago, C4TH said:

    I use a similar set up to robberns, but with a One Spot CS6 to power the HX. Works great.

    I also use a CS6 to power my Stomp.


    You don't even need to use a doubler because each port can supply a greater current than listed.

  5. 9 minutes ago, yvonrobic said:

    Yes i have tried and it run

    Obviously the good news is that your Helix is fine.

    the bad news is that your issue is almost certainly driver conflicts, and these are notoriously difficult to resolve, because there is no solution that fits all problems.

    If it were me, I would start with expunging everything Line 6 related from your PC. This means uninstalling all Line 6 software and making sure that no Line 6 drivers remain - once you've removed all the Line 6 software, plug your Helix in and check your device manager.  If you find your PC is detecting the Helix and still loading drivers that aren't class-compliant default drivers, uninstall these drivers too.


    Then reboot, and reinstall the latest version of HX Edit *only* as this should contain all the necessary drivers and the Line 6 updater, and see if this resolves your issue.

    Apologies if you've tried all this, but unless you state what you have tried there's no way of knowing.

  6. Have you tried using a different PC?  Even if you don't have another PC yourself, you presumably know someone who does.

    I know this isn't a solution to your issue, but it is important to determine if the issue is with your Helix, or with your PC.



  7. 3 hours ago, bossen83 said:

    New Line6 user here - got a Stomp last week and loving it so far (switched from using an ElevenRack for many years).


    I'm wondering - is there any advantage to using Snapshots instead of Presets, apart from the trailing feature on reverbs and delays? I haven't dived too far into the features, but from what I gathered, I cant switch amp models between Snapshots, only when changing presets?


    I'd love to hear wether people primarily uses Snapshots or Presets to switch between stuff like verse-chorus-solo.

    You can  put more than one amp in a preset, and switch them using snapshots, but each amp will take up a block in the preset, and will consume a certain amount of DSP even when not active.

  8. 52 minutes ago, inblut said:

    I came across so many contradictory information regarding the building materials of both Floor vs LT.
    Which one of them has the metal chassis and which one has the aluminium one?


    Well, strictly speaking, both of them have a metal chassis! ;)

    However, the Floor is extruded aluminium, and the LT is bent steel.

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  9. For your particular application, I'd suggest that a set of Boss Waza Air's might actually fit the bill better than an HX product.

    I've got an LT and a Stomp, but the Waza Air's provide a far better headphone "experience" in my view.

  10. Not really.

    I think if we get 2 additional blocks which are completely user-assignable as the 6 we already have, the signal chain view will end up with smaller blocks anyway.

    I don't think the signal chain view is really designed so that you can see what is inactive/inactive when playing, though it is obviously an advantage if your eyesight it good enough! ;)  

    8 hours ago, EthanCaswell said:

    Take it for what it’s worth. We’re not professionals, just guys who like gear, trying to share it with y’all. 

    FWIW, I've watched all 3 of your amp/modeller comparison videos and enjoyed all of them.

    So keep it up - there's room in YouTube land for all sorts! :)

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    13 hours ago, Kedhrin said:

    None of the controls for the powercab plus are working on the helix (in the output options of the digital out where you can set to use remote, mod, and speaker setup type). Has anyone had success using an AES cable and controlling the cabs of the powercab 112 plus? 


    I'm using L6 Link with a regular AES/EBU cable to control my Powercab 112+ via my Helix, and not experiencing any issues.


    Someone has already asked if you've updated your Powercab firmware, though it should be 2.00.1 not 2.8x as that's the Helix firmware revision number, but if you have what is the issue you are having?

    You should be aware that when you do make changes via L6 Link, the only change that you can see on the Powercab display is the addition of the word "edited" and the ring led may change colour.

  13. Can I suggest that you download few of Jason Sadites patches from CustomTone?

    Try using them in conjunction with the appropriate "Dialing In" video for that amp and see how it compares with your setup.

    A good example would be the Litigator preset/dialing in video because it has some nice clean and edge of break up tones, and he's using a guitar with dual humbuckers that should be in same ballpark as your LP.



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    1 hour ago, Depio said:

    Is it possible to download the FW-Updates via Browser, so I can download it out of Updater and use this in offline-mode?

    Yes, but in order to that, you need to be able to access, which you clearly can since you were able to post here! ;)


    Go to Downloads,  select your device (Helix, Helix Rack, Helix LT etc) and "Flash Memory" and press go.


    2 hours ago, MusicLaw said:

    From the Global Settings > Preferences menu, turn Knob 5 (Joystick Encoder) to choose “Model” or “Selection.”

    “Model” remains the default.


    To be fair, I think they got the last statement wrong!

    When I initially updated to 2.80, I'm 99% certain that my LT was using "Selection", and I had to change it back to "Model".

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