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  1. I know what my problem is. It´s some user presets that dosen´t work with 2.81.

    And I´m trying to pinndown the presets I need playing. 

    Then I will load them one by one and see were it goes wrong.


    Somewere in the top of this forum it says that it could be problems

    with downloaded presets and the Line 6 will not deal with that!

    So it´s up to me to get it to work!


    I will also try to rebuild the presets that is the problem if I need them!


    But right now I haven´t got the time for this tedious process and is content with 2.71!




  2. 1 hour ago, DunedinDragon said:

    Has anyone else noticed the consistency between people that haven't had any problems having a long history of posts on this forum, and the ones that have had problems having a very limited number of posts?

    I really don't think 2.81 is the problem.....


    Oh that is my problem! I have to post more in the forum then my 2.81 problems will go away!!

    Thanks for the advice!


  3. 6 hours ago, keno657 said:

    I'm getting a similar issue with my helix lt. It only happens in one patch and in the duplicate of that one patch.  Everything operates just fine untill I try to change Snapshots. Then everything freezes. I don't get a black screen, but I am unable to do anything else.


    This happed three days after updating to 2.8.1. I restored a backup of my patches from before the update but still having the same issue.


    Going to try going back to 2.7 and see if that's makes any difference


    Yes, I did solve all of my problems with going back to 2.71!

    Everyone says that I can´t follow the instructions when I update to 2.8!

    Then how is it that 2.71 works great!


    It´s a wondeful world of guitar electronics!



  4. We are so many that have problems with the 2.8 update! 

    I got a support ticket with Line 6 and they are doing their best.

    I thought I got the solution the other day with using the proper usb connection on my computer.

    Thought it was the Helix Edit that was the problem but no.

    But at rehearsals the other day I got problems again. Just by switch back and fouth between presets the problems occured again.


    What is the safe firmware?

    How do I do to go back to an earlier firmware?


    I never had any problems before this update, hope for a new firmware as soon as possible!



  5. Think I did wrong on two points. First my usb-connection was via my Apple screen and second I followed a wrong factory reset instruction. I choose the wrong buttons to hold down on restart. The right ones was 9-10. At first I did the 7-8, which was wrong. The long install instructions did make me lost I think!


  6. The thing is that all these problems occured with the 2.81 update!

    It can´t be a hardware problem.

    But I´m seriously getting tired of all these problems.

    Perhaps go looking for a more stable brand!




  7. In Helix floor I can´t get the stomp mode when pushing right upper button. It always says CANCEL and don´t work!

    When I switch presets I can only see snapshots! The pushing of both left buttons at the same time nothing happens!

    This is with the 2.81 update!




  8. That´s a buggy software. Just tried to copy one delay block to another place just before that. It ended with all of my clean snapshots got distorted!

    Tried to save all with no overdrive. But the distorsion was still there!

    Just got tired and reloaded my backup again and it works as expected.

    My decision is to not use the Helix Edit software when editing my sounds!

    Just go with Helix alone!



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