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  1. What frequency is the warm tone of a wooden cab?

    I got problems with adding that to my sound with a L3t.

    Must be somewere in the lower register or is it perhaps to reduce higher frequencys.


    Has anyone looked into this before?


  2. The light has gone out of the Tap Tempo button. I can barely see it blink now!


    Is this a hardware fault or a system bug?


    Anyone had experience with this?




  3. I bought the Strato IR and they really make a differens with my humbucker on my fav guitar the Parker Fly!

    Not exactly a Stratocaster but kindof!


    Just put a new IR instance at the very start of the chain and adjust it to your like!

    I really like them!



  4. Is there any place where I can listen to all presets in LT?


    Is there anyway to load them into Helix Floor?

    I mean are they exported somewhere that can be loaded into Helix?



  5. Care to expand on that? 


    World class sound is created every day over XLRs, and I wouldn't be using any of the other features that d-link supports, just audio... 


    Sorry I meant L-link, the outgoing connector that Line 6 has made to

    transport information to StageSource speakers. I think they send data as well as analog.


    I can hear a great difference in sound quality between a normal XLR and the L-link!



  6. How should I set the globalEQ with L2m?

    It feel like it´s too close the sound.

    I have set FRFR PA settings on the L2m.


    If there is anyone else using the L2m I would love to

    here how they have set their great guitar sound!



  7. Is there anyone that can point me in the right direction to this Ventures sound with Helix:



    I can´t get that bite twang sound out of Helix when making a clean sound. Some amps need

    a bit of drive to get any sound out at all! My best guess was the 'US deluxe norm amp', but

    I get a kind of distorsion out of it when I hit the string hard.


    What I´m after is this strata string twang sound!




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