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  1. Has anybody been able to replicate the sound of an Electric Mistress flanger pedal in the POD HD?  I'm looking for a good substitute to get the Wall/Final Cut Pink Floyd ear guitar sound.  I'm trying dial in the AC Flanger but it has more of a jet sound to it.  The Mistress is a great sounding pedal so I'm surprised it wasn't modeled in the POD. 

  2. For those of you play directly through a PA, would you be willing to share some of your presets?  I am trying to get some good rhythm and leads tones that will sit well in the overall mix while going direct. I feel that my main patches are too "thin sounding" and would like to compare to what others are using. 

  3. If you're trying to get an Eric Johnson tone and you're running through a powered speaker or PA system, I think I found the answer.  Check it out and let me know if this works for you -  I played this through our main PA with a strat and it sounded a lot like his Venus Isle tone.  I might dial back the gain a bit to get the Manhattan tone.  Alternatively I would add some gain and treble for the Cliffs of Dover tone.  

  4. Has anybody discovered a clever way of changing the harmonizer key for a given preset on the fly?  When I'm playing live and the patch I'm using has the harmonizer set to Em but we're playing a song in F minor, how can I change the Harmonizer setting without going into the edit menu? It would suck to have to create like 8 identical patches with a different harmony key for each patch just to accomplish this.  Anybody find a better way?

  5. Thanks for the "Cliffs" attempt.  Honestly I think you're in the ballpark but tonally not all there. I think the secret is in the use of the "ecoplex" type of delay and the use of the post mic reverb (maybe a plate reverb?) Those two elements are very difficult to dial in and get right. See the video below for a step by step tutorial that left me tweaking for hours with no avail:-)  I personally have yet to do any better.  Perhaps the precise "cliffs" tone is out of reach for the POD HD series.   


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