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  1. I just got my new windows 10 laptop. Installed the latest drivers, installed Spider V remote latest version.

    It just won't start. When I launch it, the picto shows in the toolbar for a few seconds, sometimes the loading screen too but then it just quits, without any notice.


    Any ideas? 

  2. I was wondering, is there a way to download the full presets for the spider amps (V 120 in this case)

    Looking for the original presets that came with the amp but I lost after the 2.0 update.


    Thank you.


  3. Well, the only workaround that I have found is to put the 'heel' volume from the pedal to 100%.

    I did that for 4 custom patches that I made. But the problem stays with all the 100's other patches: when I select a patch, volume goes to zero.

    My main issue is that I can't leave out the pedal, just doing nothing at all.


    Other question: would it be expensive to have the photoelectric cell fixed?


  4. Biggest issue now is that when i plug in the FBV, i have no sound at all (as the volume value is 0)

    As from what I read, it could be the photo-electric sensor being broken. As I have no intention to have it repaired. Is there a workaround?

    I would like to just leave out the pedal. (so no wah/volume control) Been trying to do this with FBV control, but it's not working. In USB mode i can 'unassign' the pedals and toe switch, but when I unplug usb, the setting is lost.


    Recalebrating doesn't help, as the cell isn't working. (When I shine in the hole with a flashlight, it 'sees' 127, but that's just indicating that it's not working as it should right?)




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