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  1. Hi, I just found this post after searching for information on transplanting variax electronics into other guitars. I'm curious about the purpose of putting Ghost saddles on a variax. I was under the impression that the variax bridge with piezos for each string and the Ghost were pretty much the same technology. So do you do this becaise Ghost is an upgrade in terms of sound or reliability, or is there something I'm missing here regarding the bridge swap and why you couldn't reuse the original variax saddles for the same purpose? I'm new to this and just ordered a used variax 300 I saw so for sale at a good price to try out and perhaps transplant into a semi-hollow tele. I'm currently working on wrapping up a mod of a silent nylon string guitar with an electric hard tail bridge and Ghost saddles. I like the fretboard, but it had intonation issues and the under saddle piezo just couldn't give me even close to equal volume along all 6 strings, no matter what I did, it was either too soft on the low E or the high E. Since it's just a frame style silent nylon, I thought I'd solve the problem by using a bridge with adjustable saddles and then to have a piezo for each string. It's been some work figuring out how to make this all work (and gold and copper leafing the guitar frame) but I THINK this will all be worth it. In case anyone is wondering why I would do this, my goals were: to be able to play nylon strings at all hours of the night without complaints, to be able to easily feed the guitar into effects pedals for recording without needing to worry about microphones or a totally quiet environment, and to have more control over the action and intonation.
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