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  1. Try disabling the big Volume knob in global - this will put the Helix out at Unity, also if you are running into the front end of your amp then it's expecting an instrument level signal, make sure the Helix out is set to instrument.


    Might also be worth engaging Global EQ to dial out the highs.

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  2. Ok, running 4CM, if I set the Volume Knob assignment to the unused XLR output then what happens level wise to the 1/4 outputs (what's feeding my amp!!) does it default to a predetermined value or does it just save at what it was last set at before being unassigned??

  3. I can get the Helix on a Pedaltrain PT2 but its tight!!


    Don't need any extra pedals etc but would like to keep the cables for 4CM plugged in to save any hassle/confusion at gig time!!


    Was going to go Helix Bag to make the carry to direct FOH gigs even easier, but not sure that would give me the space I need for other cables etc...



  4. The way you're getting the EXT AMP switching to work with snapshots is by design... You have to have it assigned to a footswitch to work with snapshot changes. You can't just assign it as an Instant Command.


    As far the humbuster cables, they actually won't make any difference with the Helix. Without actual humbuster jacks, it's the same as using regular TS cables.

    Thanks Phil.


    Yeah I thought the HB cables wouldn't make a difference, I might get a "them who should not be named" HD box as a precaution.


    The EXT AMP thing is advertised wrongly in the manual then as it states in there that Instant can be used to save a switch (Tips for Creative Snapshot Use on Page 39), doesn't matter though as assigning 2 switches in 10 mode isn't a biggy and now I renamed them it actually gives access to switch amp within a snapshot if I really need to...

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  5. Hi, A newbie Helix user with a Shiva here too!!


    I have it running into the rack send at line level which gives me a good Unity level - had to run global EQ a little to get it totally transparent but its there now.


    I've come from an FX8 and this thing is so much more flexible - could quite easily do a whole gig (in a covers band) on 1 preset!!!


    Snapshots vs amp switching giving me some problems as I can only get it to work by assigning an EXT AMP switch rather than the instant EXT AMP - but that could be me being dull!!


    No Ground Hum, however, I am using the old Fractal humbuster cables...

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