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  1. That's why you need a Mini Amp Gizmo. It converts midi signals to whatever DIN signal your amp expects. Since the amp doesn't have 1/4 inputs for channel switching. 


    One option could be to see if RJM will make you a TRS to DIN cable. They used custom cables for their products based on the amp you use. Maybe they could make something up that would work with the Helix. Now as the Helix is only TRS you only have two switch options. So your switching options would be limited. If you went with a Gizmo you'd get full functionality. 


    I use the Mini Amp Gizmo with my Mark V. It's one of the best pieces of gear I've ever bought.

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  2. Maybe someone can tell me if this is possible.


    I'm currently running all of the big box strymons, plus the El Cap, M5, Supa-Puss, Green Rhino, Soul Food and EHX SuperEgo. So long as the Helix can hang with the Timeline, Mobius and drives, I don't see much of a reason not to switch over. However, one of things about my rig that I really love is using the Mobius in Pre mode in the loop of the SuperEgo. This allows me to modulate the drone created by the SuperEgo while what I play over top is NOT modulated.


    Could I replicate this using the the SuperEgo in the 2 of the 4 provided loops of the Helix?



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