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  1. Rebel420

    2.31 Release Date

    Some of the classic Steely Dan hits were recorded with the guitar going into a cranked SVT, so yea, they can work nicely for guitar...especially if you don’t like your neighbors!
  2. Rebel420

    2.31 Release Date

    Perhaps the “controversial†part of the update will be enhancing all of the Marshall models so that they. Go to “11�
  3. Rebel420

    2.31 Release Date

    Cheaper than most pedals out there today. Wonder how one would sound through one of the loops?
  4. For those inclined to read more in-depth on the topic, here is a great article by RG Keen (who was "the man" back in the 90s DIY community whose designs were used by a good number of boutique builders, and he himself went on to be big with Visual Sound effects company)--- http://www.geofex.com/Article_Folders/bypass/bypass.htm
  5. What makes a lot of touring musicians different than the rest of us, is that they only have their own signature tone to reproduce. Most of us are doing the cover thing where we have dozens of tones to recreate. They also have techs to change settings and do switching for them, while we need to manage ourself. So their needs are different than us in many ways. Isn't Steve Howe fro Yes using a Helix now?
  6. 3 scenarios in the "real world", not 2.1. True bypass: effect is completely switched out of circuit (in other words, acts like it isn't there at all) 2. Buffered bypass: effect is turned on or off after an input/output buffer- can present a constant impedance input or output side. Also good for driving long runs (think Boss/Ibanez pedals etc ) 3. Traditional mechanical bypass: input goes into the effect, as well as tapped, only the output is switched between the effect output or the input. The downside of this is that the input is ALWAYS affected by the input impedance of the effect. Most of the classic effects like fuzz face, crybaby wah, all of,the old click switch MXR/DOD effects of the 70s and 80s work like this. Also what I suspect that the Helix is emulating when modeling specific effects.
  7. I agree 1000000%! Go to the golf forums and you have the Titleist fans bashing TaylorMade's marketing cycle...and TaylorMade fans criticizing Titleist's reluctance to adopt new tech... Go to the gun forums, and you have the .45ACP vs 9mm, the Glock vs 1911 and the AK47 vs AR15 wars. Go to the truck forums, and it's Ford vs. Chevy vs. Mopar.. Go to any news article on Facebook and every story is met with comments from folks on both sides of the aisle making it political. I'm sure there are psychologists and sociologists having a field day studying this behavior.
  8. FWIW: the same, or very similar settings works well with Marshall Plexi type amps.
  9. Sounds like it's time to start trolling Craigslist for "curb alert" organs and brushing up on my Arduino programming skills!
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