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  1. On 5/12/2022 at 6:53 PM, codamedia said:


    Since I am somebody that never assumes anything.... I need to ask a really obvious question. 

    Is the HF Trim set the same on both sets of monitors? 


    I think it should also be noted that although they both use 1" dome tweeters, there is more power driving the tweeter on the 8" model. That doesn't always equate to "louder", but it will equate to "more headroom/cleaner" therefore there will always be a perceived increase in high end on the 8" model.


    If the 8's are not the "p" (new generation) then something else to consider is that you are not truly comparing the same series... the 305's will have improvements that the 308's don't have. Maybe, just maybe the high end is part of those changes? (I do not know the answer to this, I am posing the question)



    ^^^ this ^^^ is also very critical.

    Yes set the same. I have them both set up and pointing directly on my ears.


    I thought the 5s will have a better high end due to the 8s producing more low end? I think the 5s sound better at low volumes, is that because the driver smaller?


    I’ll double check what changes were made in the new gen.

  2. On 5/12/2022 at 9:43 AM, PierM said:

    When you change the sound pressure, without compensate the volume delta, your ears will perceive the tone differently. Biggr the delta, the wider the difference. It's the Fletcher Munson curve.


    At low listening volumes – mid range frequencies sound more prominent, while the low and high frequency ranges seem to fall into the background.

    At high listening volumes – the lows and highs sound more prominent, while the mid range seems comparatively softer.


    Yet in reality, the overall tonal balance of the sound remains the same, no matter what the listening volume.

    But it’s a drastically change with helix native and not with other amp sims?

  3. On 5/12/2022 at 9:22 AM, codamedia said:

    It sounds to me like your 8's are better at reproducing high end than your 5's were. Being the same model, that would be odd. What model of JBL are you talking about? 


    It shouldn't affect tone, it will affect volume. IIRC, LINE Out on the Helix is +4db.. so that would be the best setting to use. +4 is known as "pro line level" while -10 is known as "consumer line level". They play nicely with each other... but it's always best to match when possible. 

    Hi, is the Jbl lsr305p and lsr308. The 305p are the new gen.


    im using a Scarlett interface not the hardware 

  4. I went from 5s back to 8s , same brand jbls, and on the 8s I have to high cut the ir all the way to 4.0 or 3.5. Any one know why are the 8s having this problem? I’m not playing at really high volumes. I thought cutting the highs or mids was just for band practice or stage volumes? Btw I’m using helix native and not a problem with other amp sims.


    also I have the input sensitive on both pair of speakers set to +4dBu. Does that affect tone? They originally came set to -10dBv. 

  5. So I downgraded to 5s so I can play in lower volumes and also to get better mid range. Once I played my presets on the 5 inch monitors, o man, everything was muddy! So Much bass ! which I thought it sounded good on the 8s!  Fixed that right away played back on the 8s and sounded better than before! 

  6. 1 hour ago, jester700 said:

    It's not like 55 or 47 are that high an impedance for headphones. The original K240s (and many classic high end hi fi models) were in the 600 ohm range. My Sony MDR7506 are 63 or so and work well with my Scarlett Solo and 2i2.

    How do u find the Sony compare to the Akg?

  7. I know the Helix hardware works best with high impedance headphones but what about when using helix native with interfaces? I have a Scarlett 6i6 2nd gen but I don’t like how it sounds with my Akg k240 ( at 55ohm bossting the volume sounds bad) and audio technica ath 20mx ( at 47ohm sounds bad at any volume) headphones.  With any plugin I have this issue but not when listening to music or midi plugins. Do I need a lower impedance for the Scarlett? Im thinking about some Akg k361s ( 32ohms) 

  8. I never thought about it til today, l was thinking about real amps ( never own one to experiment) not having that master volume cranked all the way. 

    so anyway on Helix Native i lowered the master volume on a fender model to 5 and max the gain just a little and now my edge of break up tones sound better. 

    Does this mean that the master volume on any model in the helix emulates a real master volume?

  9. I think i got it fixed lol i lowered the humbucker pickups. I guess is because the output of this pickup is really high that it cant be too close to the strings like my 

    other guitar with active pickups which is a surprise. Im also still wondering why the hx stomp was eliminating the noise but anyways im getting a better tone than before. 

  10. When using my hx stomp, I don’t have a noise issue when boosting treble, tone, presence or higher frequencies. But with helix native I do.

    with helix native I use a Scarlett 2nd interface and all signals are fine. I’m also using a hss strat which I use the humbucker most of the time for Rock and metal playing. The noise is kinda like static or something. Another guitar I have that has active pickups, doesn’t seem to have the problem with native and my Scarlett. So is kinda wierd that it’s just one guitar being ok with the hardware but not with native.

  11. So I was really upset because I couldn’t get the same tone as other users and also was always trying to copy real amp and pedal settings from artist and nothing worked! So what I did was, do the opposite, and it worked! Lol for example, I wanted to get a break up tone with a fender model and tube screamer and nothing seemed to work. So what I did, I lowered the tone on the screamer model to 2.5 instead of the norm 5.0 or more (where I was getting harsh tones). It worked! Lol. I was like “ wow all these users enjoying their helix and sounding great! Except me!” 
    Sorry for sharing this dumb experience lol don’t have band mates to share. I don’t why I didn’t figure this out earlier. It’s been a year! lol

    Why is the helix like that? Meaning, if I try to copy a real amp or a preset i get a bad tone?

    Man, I’m playing it more today than bias and th-u! And using the stock cabs in double function are working great for hard rock and metal!

  12. 51 minutes ago, phil_m said:

    Are you monitoring the recorded tones through the same speakers that you used while recording them? The playback should be identical to what you were hearing while playing. One thing that can affect that is the Global EQ, though. The Global EQ doesn’t affect the USB out, so if you have it on, it would affect the sound coming from your speakers, but not the recording.

    Yes same speakers. Thanks I’ll check global eq

  13. Been with the unit for months and i can get some great tones but the response or feel when playing its not there for me even with irs.. it hurts to sell it and leave the line 6 forum because its a great piece of gear and the amount of great support theres in this forum.. but all gear is subjective., sadly  i find bias fx 2 ( irs help)  and S gear more fun to play than the HX stomp :( 


    I wanna thank all the members for their support on guiding me on how to use the stomp.. thank you! 

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  14. r2drk


    yeah you are right about the latency. If I had pedals it would be totally different. 
    I will keep the stomp and save money for the tube and a captor to get some experience with analog and digital. Oh man I just love playing the 6505 with an evh 2x12 at GC lol 


    oh so I don’t post another thing. I noticed when using the stomp as an audio interface, I don’t have a problem with noise when using high gain tones with the spark plugin. I only have the problem with my focusrite Scarlett. Do you know what could be the problem? Thanks 



    Edit: other plugins do fine. It’s just spark with focusrite.

  15. 7 minutes ago, DunedinDragon said:


    It's a combination of the cab, mic and mic position not just the cab.  That all makes a significant difference in the resulting tone.  I believe from what I've read Mercurial uses the RedWirez impulses so you'd have to do a bit of research to figure out what they're using in terms of the specific IR configuration you've selected if you want to match it.  Or just make some similar adjustments on the stock cabs to behave in the same way as the IRs being used by Mercurial.  Generally if you get the cab, mic and mic positions as well as other tweaks to the Helix stock cab close, you shouldn't need much in the way of additional EQ.

    Yeah you are right! I should of have checked before posting. I’ll try to get the same Ir from redwirez and compare hx stomp and mercuriall. As right now, I think the difference between the video and my setup are the pickups making a tonal difference.

  16. I’m planing to sell my hx stomp, use Native and purchase a Prs Mt15 with a two notes captor device. Im picturing this right now,  if I plug the captor to my audio interface and try to use native at the same time, the captor will sound bad because Record monitoring on the Daw will be active. And I f it’s off then native won’t work.

    is there a way this two could work together? Thanks 

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