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  1. For those that have used the Helix in a live performance setting for bass, how has it worked for you?

    It works really well, sounds great, and it has most of the things I used to run but in one big box. No issue with not having enough output or outputs


    Do you use one of the XLR outputs to go to FOH?

    If I'm lazy, XLR to FOH.

    When I'm not, XLR from my bass head to FOH


    Do you use a bass amp/speaker on stage?

    Yes. I wouldn't have to if it had a model of the TH500. So I tend to bring the tiny little head with 4CM and XLR out on the head to FOH.

    For the FOH feed, I was thinking that having (among other things) an amp block (not sure if that's the right Helix lingo) and cabinet block in the Helix chain. But for the amp (stage monitor) feed, just an amp block. Does that work well in real life?

    That would depend on how you're running the everything. If you're running all the amp/cab sims to the house and using that to feed the house monitors or IEMs then you'd probably just leave the amp and sim blocks the same. If you have an actual amp on stage, you probably wouldn't be running any amp/sim on the monitor feed.

  2. So I bought the helix around October last year. I've noticed a really weird thing about the Momentary/Latching option. On the momentary mode, the switches would sometimes stay latched on. But while it stays latched on, it acts a momentary bypass when I press on the switch again. I've turned of Touch Select, it doesn't really help. Anyone else having that problem?

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