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  1. I recently sold my old DL4, and the guy who bought is is starting to have issues with it. I wanted to see if anyone here had any input on what may be going on, as some of the power requirements for it are a little odd.


    I always used mine with a Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2+. So, the red connector, which I think is positive center. Voodoo says those outlets are rated at 9V DC @ 250ma, or 12v DC @ 200ma with the dip switch on.

    The L6 PSU is 9v AC @ 2000ma, with the back of the pedal having a 9V AC @ 1200ma minimum printed on it.

    Now, I never had a SINGLE problem with it. It always worked flawlessly. I can't remember whether I had the PP2 in 9v or 12v, though.

    However, with batteries, wouldn't that only produce a 6V DC current? 4x C cell batteries, right?


    So, does anyone have any idea of the overall power tolerances for these things? I'm seeing a lot of different numbers here, and that pedal always served me well (I'd still have it if I didn't have a Helix now). So, I want to see if I can give the guy who bought it some advice. I've already reached out to a couple of guys that work with Line 6, but figured the community would also have some good input. (You guys usually do!)



  2. I recently got my Helix and I'm looking for a good speaker to use with it. I've had my eye on the L1 for this because of the portability and simplicity. I'm glad to hear that you've had so much success with it. I'm currently using the effects return on my Vox AC30, and it sounds amazing, but I know that it's still coloring the tone in one way or another. I was a little bit offput by the design of the L1, but while we're all embracing new technology here, might as well go all in, right?


    I've been looking at the L1 Compact, but I know it only has a 1/4" and XLR inputs. Have you noticed any tonal differences between the two inputs? I know you mentioned the mic input having some compression and whatnot.

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