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  1. I recently re-discovered my JTV-69S guitar, especially because I seemed to quite like the magnetic PU's in combination with the ebony fingerboard. However, I never seemed to like the looks of this white guitar. This was especially due to the very cheap looking white/light-green pickup covers which have a very plastic look. So I decided to look for replacements and my eye fell on open chrome PU covers. Never been happier! This guitar now looks like a Strat/Gretsch crossover. What do you think?
  2. I agree that the mag pickups are quite good! So choose wisely if you like a humbucker at the bridge or not ...
  3. Hi all, Been having a Variax now for about 2 years. For the last 1,5 years it did not really get much attention though. I have 2 other main strats with EMG pickups, one with the David Gilmour config and one with the Steve Lukather config. Both sound awesome to my ears and are being played most of the time Few weeks ago I decided to give the JTV some attention again and I was blown away by how much I like the sound of the magnetic pickups. Especially the neck pickup is a super nice Bluesrock bite to it. Added to that the neck, which I believe is ebony, really adds to the tone of the instrument (my other strats have maple necks). I guess the James Tyler spec really does do it's thing to these PU's? Or might it be that I was so used to active EMG's, that I did no longer know the sound of passive PU's? What about you? Do you also like these pickups? Or you even dislike them? P.S. treble roll-off is however horrible on the JTV when lowering the volume. Don't like that. With active EMG's this is no issue at all.
  4. Thanks for your adition @dimablaw. This could indeed also be the case in my unit .... but somehow it settled itself during last week or something like that?? So my problem could pop-up again in the future if it wasn't a dirty socket but a badly soldered USB port .... will keep this in mind, thanks!
  5. Hi all, I have an update on this issue. Yesterday I did some more testing and suddenly I isolated the problem to be at the connection of the USB cable into the POD USB socket. While moving the cable the POD sometimes disconnected from the PC. However, when connection was there again it stayed stable all the time. After more plugging in and out even the moving of the cable did not hamper the connection anymore. It now is super stable!? Also today with some more testing with cable in and out, moving the cable in the socket does not give concection problems anymore. This is my final conclusion: I got a unit which most probably had a dirty USB socket. Due too the many plugging in and out of the cable, the socket finally became cleaner and cleaner and the dirt problem giving connection hickups is now gone .... could be logical right? Hope that makes senso to some of you having the same problems ...
  6. Ok, for who's interested, this is what Line6 support told me: I did some more testing by the way. I've downloaded a simple tool called USBLogView from Nirsoft. With that I was able to monitor how long the connection to the POD was there. This seemed to vary between 1 and 15 minutes! Moestly it was 1 till 5 minutes and in rare occasions (just after bootup it might reach 15 min) But nevertheless it always disconnected itself. To be very sure today I also tested with USBLogView on my employers laptop, and there same stuff happened. Now I am definitely sure I have a unit with a USB issue. So for anyone also having POD GO connection problems and havving this on diffrent PC's: your unit could have a real hardware problem with the USB! Now let's see if my reseller is able to do a swap on short notice ....
  7. Yep for me this works fine! I indeed have the level of the pedal on a fairly low 9 o clock but my preferred sound comes through very nice! I always use an AC30 Fawn Nrm model with a bit of hair on it. Putting the Mesa drive in front of that gives me exactly what I want!
  8. Thanks alot @voxman55 will look into this shortly! This afternoon I did some experiments with my girlfriends laptop. At first bootup of the Laptop and Pod Go everything was fine. But later on the same sh*t started happening again, also on this laptop. Wonder if Line6 is willing me to collect some diagnostics for them on this issue. Would be glad to help them to improve their software. For now, if I ever want to play with PG Edit, I guess I need a fresh bootup of both systems (after they were off for about 30 mins at least) and then everything 'could' work if I am lucky ....
  9. I had the same doubts about POD GO. In the end I decided to buy it because I already planned to re-add my Mesa Boogie Flux Five pedal (dual overdrive) to my setup again. I use this in the FX loop of the POD so no need fo drive from within the POD GO. The 4 blocks can then be used for CMP, CHO, DLY and REV. Great setup :-)
  10. Thanks @skryptus and @voxman55 for your suggestions. As Voxman55 already mentioned, many people seemed to have solved it by indeed using a powered USB hub. However, Line6 support who already contacted me told me to NOT use a hub. Also a person on this forum said he used an 'old' USB cable which for him was the solution. So strangely enough using the USB cable that came with the unit is not always the way to 'GO' ;-) Ok, so yesterday I managed to get it working for only once! I could not reproduce it afterwards, but will try again soon. Here's what I did: After messing around for a while with the POD and PC I decided to switch them off for half an hour or so After that I switched on the PC with no USB devices connected I connected my USB keyboard and started the config screen to monitor connected devices Then I disconnected the USB keyboard Then I connected POD GO (to one of my rear USB ports), it was detected!... so now fingers crossed PG stayed connected even after a few minutes! I connected the keyboard again and launced PG Edit Connection stayed there even after few mintues! I connected my USB mouse and was able to work with the stuff! Unfortunately after disconnecting everything and powering up again this did not work anymore :-( Guess there is some USB-power stuff going on which is not there when everything is freshly started but is there when devices still have electrical fields (due to discharging capacitors or so) in them which then disturb the USB power system?! Today I will try again with my girlfriends laptop, which I tried before and also had the problem, but let's see what happens if I trie the same bootup sequence. P.S. Line6 support told me to reset the POD (you know with the C and D buttons) and I also did that yesterday, but no solution
  11. Hello forum-people,, Been having the POD GO for about a week now and I have to say that I'm quite happy with it soundwise. Came from a HD500X, which I still think is great, but the POD GO has some benefits which I was searching for. As I've read on this forum many users already had struggles with connecting the POD GO to their PC or laptop. Sadly I am no exception. I was very eager to update the device to FW 1.30 after I got it, but have been strugling with it for a week now ..... I would chronologically like to share my findings: After first install op PG Edit the device connected but connection was gone after about 10 seconds or so Tried all kinds of resets, reboots of PC, different USB ports, but no succes Tried older versons of PG Edit Ordered a powered hub as suggested on this forum Tried with another laptop, both with and without the Hub Tried different USB cables, also older ones All of this did not solve the POD GO from disconnecting after a short while As of this morning I followed the Line6 Updater steps (as a first thing after starting up my PC), so I booted the PG into update mode. The PG was detected as LPC by my system. I waited for a few minutes and this connection seemed stable. After that I launched the updater, waited again to be sure it was stable. And then I was lucky to be able to do a succesfull FW upgrade to 1.30! Updating the FW was my main goal. However, PG Edit still keeps having the disconnection problem. Strangly enough my HD500X connects fine with the HD500X Edit SW and stays connected all the time. So what strange USB behavior or drivers are present in this unit which where OK in the HD500X? I'm puzzled? I've filed a ticket at Line6 support, let's see what their explanation is. To get the PG connect again, I have to shut it down for 5 minutes or so, put it on again, and then same behavior .... So for the time being, no working Edit software for me :-( All the best!
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