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  1. Let me know how that works out.  I got bent by GC on the first case promo when I got my Helix back in December.  :(


    thanks- yeah, mine is a Dec 7, 2016 helix order too...  so far my new backpack order is still in "processing" status on guitarcenter's website. 



    Maybe if you contact Line 6 about it, they can take care of you for the free bag. 


    I think i will try that too, thanks.  It looks like their online store is also out-of-stock on the backpack too.  Hopefully they're just having supplier issues and it will all get worked out when they're in stock again...


    in the meantime i just need a better way to travel with this thing!  that pelican style hard case with foam looks interesting, although i like the convenience of a backpack.

  2. The backpacks haven't been discontinued... Pretty sure this was a Line 6 promo, not a GC one.


    The GC website even says they're in stock: http://www.guitarcenter.com/Line-6/Helix-Backpack.gc


    Thanks for the response. I hope you're right and he was just uninformed when i asked him why their website said they were available but mine wasn't shipping...  http://imgur.com/a/chYiq


    I may order one for store pickup to see if it arrives or not, then get the store to make it right as my backordered free order...

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  3. Thanks for this thread with helix bag/backpack/cases. I'm bummed. I ordered my helix during the promo offering the helix backpack free with purchase at guitarcenter. It's been on backorder since then, and this week after missing another estimated ship date support tells me "These are currently on a backorder............. We don't have these at all....... they have been discontinued" what a bummer! He also said they didn't have any alternative cases for the helix to offer me. Anybody know if this promo was run by line6 directly, or by guitarcenter?

  4. I've not tried it myself, but wouldn't this be possible now using MIDI? I saw the manual shows a set of MIDI CCs to control looper functions - CC 6, value 0-63 triggers looper Stop. I suppose you could get a simple external MIDI switcher with a few footswitches and dedicate it to controlling looper functions. I think I saw some guys posting here that do this now, which seems like a nice option since it frees up your Helix footswitches to do other things.

    I tried tonight to use assign looper controls to helix stomp switches by assigning midi CC to them, but the helix does not seem to listen to its own midi despite being set to the correct midi channel. I WAS able to control the looper by using a computer over usb midi sending CC controls as defined in the manual.

  5. I realize i'm a noob here and don't mean any disrespect.   I agree, you shouldn't buy something you need today lacking a feature hoped for in the future (no matter how simiple/basic). The idealist in me would like to think of the Helix as a hardware platform for an evolving software feature set, but there are no guarantees of future updates/upgrades, so i hope people keep buying them to motivate line6 to continue to invest in the platform!


    I might have known the midi sync feature didn't exist had I done more forum research ahead of trying to use it.  I DID read the manual which didn't mention it, but did mention all sorts of other midi features (I thought "global tempo" meant sync) which is why i assumed midi tempo sync would be a baseline feature, but of course, i don't have a ton of midi experience. (I did build an arduino based midi tempo sync box that converts to analog tap for my nova delay and tap-a-whirl!)

  6. You might also want to try editing the Windows shortcut and try the "Compatibility" tab settings for "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings" or "Run in 640x480 screen resolution" (that might be too low to work well).  If those work, it's preferable to me over the global windows resolution settings which affects all programs.

  7. I haven't looked recently, but did they fix the non-functioning CC64? I remember it being broken with either 2.10.0 or the version before that.


    i tested it yesterday on 2.11.0 and it worked from midiox. 


    edit: and maybe it's the developer in me, but i hope the reason it was broken is that they were working on something midi tempo related that they aren't talking about :)

  8. If all you want to do is sync with a DAW, sending two snapshot changes from the DAW seems to work. The first snapshot should be something other than what you want, the second is the one you want. Also, not sure if it's necessary, but I have the global setting, "Tempo Select" set to Per Snapshot. As an alternative, sending a preset change from the DAW might also work.


    You can also setup the DAW to send quarter note high values directly to the tap pedal with CC 64.  It's more work, but it's a workaround... Either way saving tempo with snapshots, presets, or in your DAW, it's more work than the Helix being able to simply listen for midi clock sync.  The advantage of setting the tempos on the DAW side is that when the song tempos get changed, there is only one place to setup changes.

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