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  1. On 7/31/2019 at 6:39 PM, MGblade said:

    possible bug: when i start up my helix my expression pedal 2 is not calibrated right, like half way is 100% full toe is back to 35% again, i use it mainly for delay mix and feedback,  I have to reload the patch again and then it is ok.

    it's not a big deal but u never had this issue with other firmwares.


    I have the same issue with Expression Pedal2. This bug apeared in 2.8 and after the upgrade to 2.81 my Heix LT has the same issue:

    Just after the Helix LT boots  - my preset has problem to work correctly with Volume/Pan block. Like you wrote -  Exp2 pedal has 100% Volume in the middle position(half way) and works like yours. I think it doesn't calibrate correctly. When I switch Helix to another preset and then go back to previous one - everything works fine with Exp 2 and volume/pan block.

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