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  1. I agree the PDF list is ambiguous esp when there can me multiple bands that have the same song name (with 60+ years of music available for these song categories). Some of them I know (the classic songs) but many newer songs, I  have no clue which band created the song to know which one to look up on the internet. You would think someone here would have created a cross ref matrix of the song name AND the Band name that the patches relate to? Anyone/ thanks?

  2. Did you finally resolve this? I had the same issue. Found out from 2 users here I was using the Amplifi remote app instead of the Firehawk app.!! Problem solved for me. Works great now.


    No... I waste on average 30 minutes to an hour a week trying to get the app to recognize/sync/acknowledge the existence of my fire hawk.. even though my iPhone says it's connected and plays music to it... but the app does not see it... had the same issue with amplifi products... So until that works more reliably... I say it is not working as advertised. I'd rather have a wired usb connection that worked 99% of the time then a wireless that worked 60% of the time..


    Fix that and i'll be a happy camper..


  3. Anyone have any input on the design mindset behind the weird shape/design of the Firehawk FX power cable rectangular brick? Surely there is a reason. Is it for putting it in a molded travelling case or stage floor board?

  4. Ric &Varial - Thanks so much. DOH. I can't believe I made that mistake. I had no idea there was 2 different apps. I guess I had read so many posts and seen so many videos about the Amplifi remote app before I purchased it that I was pre-programmed to use the wrong one. ;( Silly.


    Works like a charm now. Awesome. Loving many of the cloud tones especially the Rush ones of course ;)


    Thanks again. I owe you big time.

  5. Follow-up : I also tried this using my Samsung S5 Android phone and get the same result.


    Only Editor is not greyed out. Tuner and Level is greyed out and no Firehawk FX icon is listed / shown in the left list area of the Amplifi app.


    Can someone on Android post an image of what the app screen should look like when it's correctly connected?


    Can't see anything I did that is wrong.


    In this video here from line 6 it clearly shows how app showing his device and tuner and Level all not greyed out and showing (at timestamp 0:32) as per the attached screenshot.


    (Note he is using an ipad so not sure if Android doesn't have this feature? But should you would think)


    My setup doesn't show the Firehawk FX at all on the left side of this app screen even though it's paired properly and I'm signed into my account.


  6. Help. New user. Just got my Firehawk FX yesterday. Updated it thru USB to Ver 1.20 no issue.

    I can play the tones built into the hardware using my guitar just fine, but when I try to listen to/audition the tones from the web/cloud with tone match or other method the tone doesn't load/come up on the display of the FX and play on the unit as I've seen in the Line6 videos. I have paired ITV perfectly to my Samsung Galaxy Tab A tablet device. the FX is the only Bluetooth device showing as paired to my tablet. But the Amplifi remote doesn't show the FX in the left list area above/below the editor or tuner or level settings (as as shown in one of the line 6 videos, they were using an ipad).


    Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

    See attached screen shots of my BT paired devices screen and my Amplifi remote screen after login and paired FX.


    Can someone give me step by step directions on how to audition a tone from the app/cloud one the tablet is paired to the FX?


    I didn't see anything in the manual on this or on the web.

    I'm an engineer by profession but this wasnt intuitive to figure out as it should be.

    My previous EFX unit is/was a Boss GT-3

    Thanks for the help.

    Looking forward to being able to use all the features of my new Firehawk FX.



  7. Like some fusion and modern jazz tones like


    Mike Stern


    Tom Quayle


    Allan Holdsworth


    T.c electronic and Wampler style pedal stuff to !


    also if u could run like a warm pad (synth sound), on one chain linked to a guitar tone ( like when using gk3 roland midi setup)!!



     this might help you for Alan Holdsworth amp settings for his tone:

  8. Here is a start, from what he uses to get his sound:


    API 550b EQ
    Dunlop Uni-Vibe pedal
    Dunlop wah pedal
    MXR Pitch Transposer
    Scholz R&D XPR preamp/effects
    Yamaha SPX90


    having a Carvin thin body AE Acoustic Electric guitar also helps


    taken from:


    and here:

  9. The manual highly suggests using the USB method for updating instead of the Bluetooth method for this very reason as the update takes a long time and there is more chance for BT signal drop out and data corruption this way

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