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  1. I had the exact same problem. I started playing around with the settings then I could not get it to reset by holding the Clean channel when powering up. 


    My guitar sounded like crap. I couldn't get it tuned properly.


    Here is what I found. First I powered the amp off. Then I turned all the controls except main volume to zero. Next I turned the special effects all the way up. I held the Clean channel button down while powering up. After the lights flashed, I turned the special effects knobs to zero and I got it to turn off all delays and the TAP LED stopped flashing. I was able to re-tune and got the greatest most mellow sound I had ever got from a guitar.


    After I finished practicing, I tried the other three channels with my foot switch. Then I tried the Clean channel and the special effects came back.


    Next I will try the procedure to turn them off I described above and try to save that setting by holding the Clean channel button down like it says in the manual.


    I can't really find any videos on how to set up the Spider Classic 15, just demos showing off certain sounds.


    Please let me know if you find anything further. 





    I just started playing around with my new AMP. Even after a reset, a power off/on, with FX both off, Drive turned full left, there are still a lot of FX in Clean mode. And the TAP LED is flashing! Why? FX are both off - why would the LED flash? But the main issue is I can't get a clean sound. Also, I tried saving these settings (no FX, etc) to another profile - the lights flash but the profile sound does not change. I'm pretty sure out of the box the sound was clean on CLEAN profile but no longer, and again, I reset to factory but it is still not clean.


    My guitar is an Epi Les Paul Studio - nothing special about it and does not exhibit this behavior with other amps. Help, please!


    The amp models don't just change the way the distortion and eq reacts,it also loads a factory preset and ignores the knobs,if you want Full knob control everytime you switch channels turn: smart fx a and b ,a tone ,drive and volume,and it goes into full knob control

  2. Sound quality wise it 's really good.no hissing at all when i use it with the guitar and it did not hiss before i turned the master volume at 12 o' clock and now the hiss is permanent 


    As stereo/mono wise the cable is mono


    EDIT: Maybe because i have a pc,a minibar fridge and tons of charging adapters on the same multisocket surge protection there is noise on the ground pin that gets into the amp ground?

  3. I have the same issue it seems the chorus/flange is always on I realize now I will have to bring it back for repair. ty for posting.

    Not an issue,that's the factory default amp preset.


    i have just got mine home and played for a while and am getting the same sound on clean channel,,i was hopeing i would find a fix online here ,but looks like i will have to return mine too,,,,great little amp

    No issue,that's the default amp preset.

    You should not be getting any kind of 'echo' or reverb.  Bring it back to where you bought it for exchange.

    When you set the channels it loads the factory preset and ignores the knobs,in order to enable the knobs you need to spin each smart fx,a tone control and volume in order to make it full knob controlls.

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