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  1. I understand well how much hard it is to update software, especially when there’s a big change as this. But it’s almost one year science Apple released betas for developers. One thing is that there’s a difference of attitude , it seems me, between software vendors or interface makers as Abelton or Presonus and instrument builders as Line6 or Zoom. Formers are already done even for M1 but laters are still working for Big Sur. 
    This difference may come from that of understanding of the gravity of the situation. Apple announced the shift to Apple silicon from Intel in 2 years. That is to say no Intel Mac will be supported in 5 years.

    We must understand that we are at a big turning point. Turning point from energy consuming Intel chips to less consuming and more effective AMD based chips as M1, A12 or Ryzen.

    Adapting to this shift is beneficial for vendors too. Softwares you write for MacOS will be compatible with iOS or even with AMD based Windows.

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