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  1. I have 2 EVH 50 watt heads and cabs. I currently use the helix in front of the amps and use left and right channels out on helix to get a great stereo effect on delays, etc.    I have been reading that it might sound better to use the effects loop on these  amps.  Does this bypass the EVH preamp?  How do i configure the effects loops if i want to continue using both in stereo setup?  in one amp's send and return  and  in out the other in a daisy chain?  Thanks Jim

  2. I made my first patch for my helix floor model .  It is very simple(3 effects path 1a and 2a) and i used the editor.  The patch show up on the floor board and i can select the patch but none of the effects show up under the colored stomp switches to bypass or assign, there are just 8 blank screens.  Does anyone know the likely cause?  Thanks Jim

  3. I just successfully updated to 2.6 but didn't see any of the new stuff in editor  so i downloaded again and helix says version 2.6 butnochanges that ican see.  The new distortion pedals should be under distortion but i dont see and the new amps i dont see?  Any suggestions? Thanks Jim

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  4. I have just bought a factory refurb JT variax with floyd rose.  I like it alot and have started trying the different tunings.  I have it run through a helix floor model and like lots of overdrive and distortion.  The standard and drop d tunings are right on the money and sound great with all the different guitar models.  But as soon as i switch to 1/2 step down, it sounds awful.  I play with plenty of volume so i am not hearing the strings in the true e tuning ringing out as per instruction manual.  Anyone else have issues?  I like the guitar and don't want to send back but this is a deal breaker if it cant be fixed.  I have done a firmware reset using the line 6 monkey.  

  5. Thanks for your help.  I got the file.  I had to import from downloads folder (windows 10).  I was trying to import directly from dropbox and that didn't work.  I am new to dropbox,  just downloaded it.  Too much new tech in a short time for me.  I just upgraded from the boss gt-100 which was great but nowhere near the learning  curve.  I do love this setting even though everyone bags on the factory presets.   I will back up all factory presets before firmware upgrade from now on.  Thanks again for taking time to help.  Jim

  6. Hello, and thank you DC.  I lost track of my first post, new to forum.  I really appreciate your help.  The 3 files i have now are  in drop box but they show up as internets shortcuts of 1 KB.


    I try to import them but they hang up and don't import.  Is there another way?  I wonder if you pull up the preset on your helix and take a pic of the signal path and i could just enter effects manually?  No hurry, and i really appreciate it.

  7. I lost the "stadium" preset (under factory preset 1) when i updated to new firmware, anyone know how to get it back other than reverting back to old firmware? They deleted it to make room for new tones.   Cant find it on custom tone, Thanks JIm

  8. After i updated to 2.20, looks like i lost a  Factory preset i liked, it was called "Stadium" and was next to a preset called "Arena".  They must have deleted to make room for new stuff.   Cant find in custom tones, does anyone know where i can download it, i used it a lot.  Dont want to revert back to old firmware to get it if i can help it thanks, JIm

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