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  1. 13 hours ago, rd2rk said:

    I had a quick look at the User Guide for the Sample Rack. I can't imagine why you'd want to try to play this thing with your Helix. WRONG tool for the job. That said:


    In Helix Global/MIDI, note the Helix Base Channel Number.
    Turn MIDI PC Send/Receive OFF.


    Using a 5 pin MIDI cable, connect the Helix OUT to the SR IN.

    On the Sample rack, make sure that the MIDI Receive Channel matches the Helix Base Channel.

    Select a Kit. You MIGHT be able to send a PC# using an Instant Command (see below).

    Go to the MIDI area and see which MIDI Notes the TRIGGERS use to trigger what sounds in the kit.


    In Helix Command Center, set the buttons correspondingly.


    The User Guide that I found at the Alesis website gives virtually NO info about using Sample Rack with MIDI, other than a picture of a MIDI controller with drum pads connected to it. There's no info about whether or not you can change kits via MIDI (though it seems to imply that you can - start by sending PC# 001 to [MAX # of kits]), and since there's no default MIDI Note map, which appears to imply that Alesis thinks that all MIDI drum pad controllers use the same layout, which seems absurd. By looking in the MIDI area to see what notes the triggers send by default, you may be able to figure it out. Good Luck!


    Right tool for the job? Maybe one of those pedal rigs that keyboard players use with synths? Looks like the pedals on a Hammond Organ. Probably costs a small fortune.


    EDIT - using a VST Synth/Sampler with a computer would be pretty easy to set up. Took me a few seconds when I tested it.


    That was quite helpful, I managed to get the Alesis to play the built-in sounds using my Helix. I also was able to find a way to change kits on the fly. Now my next task is to load an SD card up with my backing tracks and see if I can figure out how to organize it so I can use it as a player for live shows.

  2. Hi everyone,


    I recently purchased an Alesis SampleRack from a local store, only because it was really the only option that even came close, in my city, to potentially letting me do what I need.


    What I Need:

    1) A unit that holds my samples.

    2) A unit to allow me to trigger those samples via MIDI, thus being triggered by my Helix

    3) The information on how to use these two pieces together to get my samples to come out of a speaker.


    I've tried everything I can think of in terms of connections; I've tried diving deep into the Command Centre but couldn't figure out a way to even trigger the on-board sounds of the SampleRack.


    I am looking for some Helix wizards, or MIDI gurus!


    Thank you,

  3. It really doesn't appear at first glance that there's much you can do here other than go direct into one of the two channels, neither of which appear to simple be a pure power amp.  It looks like it's got one clean channel and one dirty channel, but no pure amp channel.  I'm not sure exactly what the cream circuit does, but I suspect it's just another variation of amp style.  There doesn't seem to be any effects loop circuit.  So basically you're limited to just running into one of the two channels.  This more or less limits using some of the main features such as the amp models, cabs and IRs, but all of the effects should work fine going into the amp.  The External Speaker plug is just an output to a speaker cab for that amp.


    This may have been a better question to ask before you got the Helix.


    Buying the Helix wasn't an impulse buy. I have several amps with which I can use the Helix more effectively, I am just wondering if anyone has any input as to wether or not this type of amp can be used with the Helix, in a way that I've overlooked. 

  4. Hey folks,


    I'm looking for some insight from you as to the best way to use my Helix with this particular amp. I'm not very familiar with using effects loops and/or power amp. Just haven't taken the time to learn. The only real option I have is the external speaker input. Is there a way of incorporating the Helix into this, besides just going straight into the front of the amp?


    Current signal chain: Guitar - Helix Guitar In - Helix 1/4" left/mono output - Amp


    Thanks in advance.



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