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  1. I switched from a G50 to a GLXD. I purchased the pedal GLXD16 bundle and then a stand-alone GLXD4 for rack use, and use the same transmitter for both. I did experience dropouts with the G50 from time to time and I also had to replace the transmitter because the battery door design on the G50's transmitter is a horrible design that breaks super easy. I find the GLXD to be rock solid even at the locations where my G50 struggled, and I'm pleased with the overall quality. Both Shure receivers have nice features - the GLXD16 has a nice tuner, mute, and runs off common 9V power supplies for pedalboards (if you have enough ma of course). The GLXD4 has a useful display and a slot to charge an extra battery. I can't speak to Line 6's newer wireless products but I certainly hope they addressed the battery door issue with the older transmitter.
  2. Piling on to the volume pedal block randomly dropping to 1 or 2%. This really is a gig show-stopper. Happens just like this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7PqJemwEC3U.
  3. evilbert420


    So how many Helixes are on Orcas? Is there a bar or venue to play there? I broke my back and neck there back in '88. Good times!
  4. evilbert420

    XLR Noise

    Happened at my church as well. Was working fine for a practice & a service, then halfway through the next practice, the sound guy turned on phantom power while troubleshooting some piano mic noise, and it was awful. At the time, I unplugged the Helix and went back to a real amp. I haven't played again with the Helix at church because I've been mainly playing bass lately, but when I go back to guitar I'll definitely insist on them turning off phantom power on my inputs. It was dead silent before that. ...and I'll still carry around a DI in my Helix bag just in case... but really there's no excuse to NEED to have phantom power on in any modern console.
  5. Plenty of gigs present the struggle of drinks on the floor - especially holiday gigs, or informal outdoor gigs where people use the stage as a counter. Pedalboard gets it up off that spilled liquid.
  6. Matrix 1000 into real cabs. Matching IRs to FoH. No problem being heard, plenty of thump, moving air.
  7. Kemper did made some cabs as a fun side project. They had them at NAMM.
  8. evilbert420

    Adding Blocks

    This doesn't work if the path is full. For example, you can't easily insert a block in the Mad House preset (15C as of 1.03). I can drop to the second row, add another drive for example, but when I select Action it won't let me insert it before the amp. I'll need to move everything after. Hoping a true "insert" comes in the future, but I imaging routing could be difficult.
  9. Here are some pics of the Helix in my Gator G-MIX 12x24 Hard Case. The Helix fits almost perfectly. The latches and hinges are good quality - certainly better than some SKB products I've had. I may add some Supreem Foam (aka gun/camera foam) to the top at some point - if I was ever going to check it on an airplane. I'm very happy with the case, even though at $160 it's expensive, and would recommend it to anyone looking for a hard case for their Helix. https://goo.gl/photos/vXK1QxjNwzT7aG8Z9 https://goo.gl/photos/b16UQnPK2U6GifhE7
  10. Thanks DI. Any way you could share the repro steps so that we can avoid them until the fix gets published?
  11. EbTech's Hum X Hum Filters have fixed every ground loop I've ever experienced across many many types of gear - not just guitar and PA equipment but also computers and home theater systems. on Amazon.
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