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  1. If you are going to do the "4 cable method" .. you can find lots of YT videos on that... here is the one from Line 6:



    The key to this is choosing where the "FX loop" effect will go on the Pod's signal chain.



    If you are just going to bypass the amp's input and run directly in to the Effect Return (aka Power Amp in), then just run the 1/4" out of the Pod into the FX return on the amp. No "FX loop" needs to used in the effects chain on the Pod. This is how I run my HD500x into my Vetta II combo.

    You mean unbalanced L/Mono?

  2. I run my rig through Voodoo Labs GCX/Ground Control Pro.

    Yesterday I called Line 6 and they told me to get amp fx send to the front of POD and POD FX send to amp FX return.

    Also I was told that amp models within POD must be disabled and I must create Effect loop blocks within POD in order to get sound out of it.

    Now I have to figure how to create effect blocks.If somebody can reply to that I would appreciate it




  3. Hi there

    New owner of a HD Pro X rack....

    I just need to use this unit for effects with my hand wired amp.In the loop I guess ....

    I am sure there is somebody here with the same set-up.

    I would appreciate if there is somebody that can influence me how to set up my rig as I just got the unit and there is so much more to learn here

    I am controlling it with Voodoo Lab GC Pro/GCX....


  4. You have to do a full reset by reinstalling the firmware. Use line6 monkey to do this. First, make backup copies of the presets/set lists that you want to restore. After reinstalling the firmware you need to reset the global parameters. A quick search of the knowledge base will give you details about how to do these things.

    I have updated all software with Monkey but still cannot find in  knowledge base how to get my HD Pro X to factory setting.

    I would appreciate if you can post a link or some informations how to do this


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