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    On 2/7/2021 at 5:41 PM, obscurehifi said:


    Brilliant minds! LOL


    Actually, I probably said it confusing but I actually paired up the two Alnico Moderns in one guitar and both ceramics went in the other guitar. I find it better balances their timbre, sort of like how one matches speakers in a stereo system. It also helped give my two Schecters that are pretty similar, a different sound, rather than having the identical pickup setup.

    LOL - I actually really like the pairing of the ceramic and alnico type pups.  But I have guitars the other way too.


    19 hours ago, obscurehifi said:

    Since the topic is Fishman Fluence, I think I have something to add since I now have 5 guitars equipped.


    We're of like mind! I have fishmans in 4 guitars, including 7 and 8 string ESP baritones. The 7 string came with a ceramic in the bridge and alnico in the neck - as you said, they should all come that way.  it's a perfect match. I also have fishmans in my strat and use the HFT feature when I want a thick lead.  When is fishman going to start supporting us!  LOL

  3. Hey Dug/Doug (LOL) - I have a guitar with the same bridge and neck Fishman's on the Ibanez you're looking at.  I love that combo, but of course tone/sound is soooo subjective. The thing about the other stuff you're talking about in "A" is that it depends on many things and the pups.  I do everything digitally, and "noise" is never an issue with any pups.  I have those pups in an ESP 7 string baritone and they sound great doing really heavy distorted stuff and clean.  Using the Helix, anything is easily doable.  If you want an audio demo, I'll make one for you.


    On B, that's a tough one.  I'm someone who never uses the tone control on a guitar, while you use it all the time.  My Helix presets are set for amp and speaker settings, along with effects, etc.  I use diff cabs (I have a zillion IRs but figured out that Helix cabs as as good and better in many ways - my opinion) and cab settings to really affect tone and will throw in EQ if I really need to adjust highs.  That guitar should have a money back guarantee (at least most places have that) so if you really miss the tone knob, you can pay shipping and send it back.  I checked out the guitar and I like it!  


    And not having a tone knob is just a feature - I've seen other guitars like that.  Unfortunately, there probably isn't room to add one in the cavity if you wanted to, but who knows.  I build guitars and for me, doing the electronics is easy if you take the time to learn how to solder guitar electronics and go slowly.

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  4. I've been playing a very long time and a few years ago I put Fishman's in my First Warmoth build because of the versatility.  I love the tone and multiple voices of Fishmans and have them in many guitars.  In fact, I bought 2 ESPs last year that came with Fishmans.  I use a Helix Rack and Native and never had a hum problem so that wasn't why I tried them.  If you want to talk Fishmans, let me know!

  5. Hey Bryan - I used the latest version of Studio One 4 and Native on all my guitar and bass tracks, and even on other instruments, like keys.  I use a Helix Rack when I record to hear the sound I want while I play and I only record the DI in Studio One.


    My Rack and Native have the same presets and when I add the preset to the recorded DI track, after adjusting the input in Native, they sound identical.  Always.


    If you don't get this solved quickly, if you want to talk on the phone and figure this out, I'll try and help.  Just PM me.



  6. I just saw this after replying to a different thread on the same topic.  Any luck resolving this?  I opened a ticket on this with L6 and am waiting to hear back.  


    For me, Studio One 4 closes without any message when I copy a preset from my desktop or from another preset in Native to a new location in Native.


    The only thing that “fixes” this is to reduce the number on instances of Native in Studio One.  I typically render my tracks fairly quickly since I have a lot of tracks per song and use Native on almost all tracks and it uses up the CPU quickly, so that’s my work around.  But there’s obviously a problem and I’m hoping for a fix!



  7. Any luck resolving this?  I opened a ticket on this with L6 and am waiting to hear back.  


    For me, Studio One 4 closes without any message when I copy a preset from my desktop or from another preset in Native to a new location in Native.


    The only thing that “fixes” this is to reduce the number on instances of Native in Studio One.  I typically render my tracks fairly quickly since I have a lot of tracks per song and use Native on almost all tracks and it uses up the CPU quickly, so that’s my work around.  But there’s obviously a problem and I’m hoping for a fix!



  8. I do a lot of heavy/metal guitar recording with 6 and 7 string guitars.  In JS’s video, the guitar that comes in around 1:00 is double tracked and panned R and L.  So yes, you need to record the same part twice and pan it R and L.  JS is a precise player and great at recording so his work is tight.  You can’t record a track once and copy that and pan R and L.  Well, to be more accurate, you can but it won’t give you the sound you hope for.  That would be too easy!  Doug.

  9. That sucks that you still don't have this working 100%.  I also use Win 10 and I also have the rack.  We have something the floor users don't have - Guitar through.  I have that setup such that everything I record is dry while I hear whatever preset I'm using, like you.  I do this with the studio 192 as my interface, but the result's the same.  It's great to never think about this when recording and to always have the the raw track for future manipulation.  Good luck getting this all sorted out!

  10. I use S1-4 and Native (and Studio 192).  Back when I had S1-3 and first got Native, there was a bug like you described.  I talked to both L6 and Presonus and one of them (sorry I don't remember which) understood the cause and they fixed it in an update.  When I upgraded to S1-4, I still did not have the problem.  There are a lot of factors in all this and we probably aren't doing things exactly the same way, but I record all the time and use low latency Z, of course,  and I have zero issues with recording and latency. 


    But the issue I do have, along with many others, is that Native is hugely resource intensive with S1 and it doesn't take me long before I need to render tracks or run out of processing power.

  11. 4 hours ago, d0stenning said:
    RE Presets with many snapshots set up: If I add a new block - say Ganymede - the bypass-state for that block stays always ON for all snapshots, even if I turn the the bypass OFF for that reverb block before saving the preset.
    I would like to - eg. for experimentation - insert a Ganymede block into some of my patches that have 4 or 8 snapshots, but have that Ganymede block by default be OFF for all snapshots unless I choose to include it in a particular snapshot. Up to now I have to laboriously go though each snapshot - one by one - turning off the block then saving that snapshot.
    Is this something for an IdeaScale or is there a way round this?

    I'm annoyed by the same thing!  If I put the new block in any other preset, turn it off and then copy and paste it into the preset I want it in, the default state is off for all snapshots.

  12. Soundog is the king of the Native forum!   When I started 18 months ago, I had the typical fizz questions.  I quickly got beyond that and I don't roll any highs back or use a high cut for my IRs (mostly OHs) and I do add EQ to every preset to "open" the tone up a little.  I seem a bit opposite of most who post!  The amount depends on which guitar I use, what I want in the song, how it sounds in the mix, etc. (nothing you two don't already know).    And I don't play live - I write and record.  It's sooo subjective.  I play with a friend who also posts on the forum and he doesn't use EQ like I do (much less increasing of the 2K area) and his tones are great and he likes mine too and we absorb what each other does and create presets with new approaches that expand our tones.  It'shard to tell what are legit sound problems and user issues (like I initially had).  Thanks for allowing me to post on the Soundog/Jagman forum...

    3 hours ago, Jagman13 said:

    is it only you and I that post here? ;) I hear you must be my cloth ears then... :(


    4 hours ago, soundog said:

    HXN never sounds muffled to me .... if anything I need to roll off the highs and lows. In a mix, guitar tracks usually need some EQ anyway. I get my Helix tracks sounding rich and full when soloed, then later EQ them as needed with a dedicated EQ plugin; after I've committed the "Helixed" guitar track(s). Sometimes I also keep the raw guitar track so I can tweak the Helix tone later if needed, but I usually try to avoid that so I don't get stuck in a tweaking-loop.


  13. It depends on what you mean by muffled and what sound you want, but I add EQ to every preset I make to "unmuffle" them, and I mostly use my own presets.  I do like some of Fremen's and yup, I add EQ to them.  

  14. I'm with Kylotan and Native is essential for my home recording.   If you do home recording, you should try try reamping with the Helix and see if you like that process and then get Native and record DI and use Native and see if getting it is worth it for you.  I have gone back to "old" recordings with DI guitar and bass and opened Native and did tweaking for a variety of reasons, like switching to a newly added amp, and the simplicity of this is great.

  15. 4 hours ago, Jagman13 said:

    Doug6String, Agree it can go that way at times and listening back to my fav patches they do tend sound similar, but its also nice to try a new patch and go "ohhhh" and that inspires you in a new direction too :) There are some amazing patches that others have made in the Custom tone and to be able to dial them up in an instant wow! 


    Soundog, With you on the CPU hog..we have been there before ;) Quick update on that... When I am multi tracking now I use a simple mono patch with almost no bells and whistles on it and a single mono track in Logic.  Then when I have finished tracking I beef the tones up and add sparkle and shine to them and then render them to audio tracks. Still not perfect but it does allow me to get on and actually compose... although not too sure the composition at the end is any good but the guitars sound great! :) 


    Lets hope L6 can reduce the CPU hog and get the basics for automation in place and we will be in a good place :)


    Back to work...which IR shall I use with the PV Panama... hmm 5 hours later... :)




    2 hours ago, soundog said:

    Jagman --- similar to what I'm doing these days; keeping the Helix stuff simple until I polish it later, and sometimes freezing the track. BTW, I picked up Fremen's latest set of presets (the V2.5) and its turning out to be what I try first on tracks when I want great tone without much fuss. And it comes with even more IRs!

    I have resigned myself to rendering tracks (I use Studio One 4) when Native starts overwhelming my PC.  I have to comment on the Fremens - for me, they are the only presets I ever bought that I use (I bought the Mega Pack).  I've tried a few of the others that many like, but they didn't do it for me.  Fremen's are different.  In fact in a song I was working on last night I ended up using one with the Fawn Brt and my Music Man with humbuckers ended up sounding like my Strat, which was great for that section of the song!  Man, I love being alive now!  

  16. 7 hours ago, Jagman13 said:

    Also... Lots of new amp models to play with too please :) 

    It's always fun to get new amps and effects in updates, but there are more amps and effects I don't use than do use because there are already so many!  It's funny, and maybe human nature, but I try out the new amps and add effects, change settings, etc., and this new preset sounds great.  Then I realize later it sounds similar to other presets I made!  I only write and record my music (I'm not trying to get anyone else's tone) so I subconsciously gravitate towards my tone and have to consciously move out of that box.  In fact in my latest song, for the first time I used the Fawn amp and my dual humbucker music man guitar sounds like a strat, and I also own and play a Strat - ironic!


    But I'm not criticizing your desire - we all want more and trying out new stuff is fun.  I'm a huge Cartographer fan so that was worth that update alone.  But I have a serious IR problem - I've bought waaaay to many and am always looking for that magical new tone and sometimes it does happen.



  17. On 5/30/2018 at 5:44 PM, DunedinDragon said:

    I personally would love the idea.  I don't really care whether it's displayed on the Helix or not, but the ability to attach performance and freeform technical notes to a patch as part of the patch itself would be very useful.  Probably moreso in HXEdit than on the Helix screen.  I personally would use it to document what guitar it's designed for, maybe guitar settings, particulars about special tunings, or if I'm using a second path for something special such as an acoustic, even modification history.  Having it on a pad wouldn't be nearly as useful in that regard as it's not connected directly to the patch.  Seems like something very simple to add with a LOT of value.



    On 5/30/2018 at 7:00 PM, Lachdanan0121 said:

    How about this...


    How about a dedicated block for a notepad? This way it doesn't take up real estate on the screen unless you have it set to that block.  This route leaves more room for signal meters, and clip indicators on each block.


    Imageline - (They make FL Studio) has a couple of notepad (plugins) that you can insert on any mixer channel FX slot.  I use them quite a bit. I am a studio musician only. So I keep a lot of my notes about the patches I use in the projects on the DAW. 


    Plus a dedicated notepad block wouldn't take up any dsp hardly, and would be easier to implement (speculation, but not completely pulled out of my lollipop) You could even use the second path if only just for the notepad block, as it does not even need to be in the signal chain.


    What do you guys think?

    I'm with DD - I have some really different guitars and my presets are for a specific guitar so notes in the Helix would be great.  I've tried a "code" in the preset name to identify the guitar and different setlists for diff guitars but I see a lot of use for notes vs having a Word file for different songs in progress, which is my current approach.  


    And I hadn't thought of the block idea, but I love it!  Ideascale?

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  18. Jon - I could have said virtually the identical things when I first got my Helix in early 2017.  I agree with everyone else and simply encourage you to take a little time before you give up.  Maybe the Helix isn't for everyone, but I went from where you are to it being the most critical piece of equipment I have.  I looked back at my early posts and I'd say it took me about two weeks of being on this forum and watching videos, experimenting, etc., to get a tone I loved.  And I can say that my tone evolved significantly over the next 6 months and now still evolves, just a little slower.



  19. I'm mostly with jbuhajla.  But I have changed my opinion from "none are usable" to many are usable with a little work, if that's your thing (using other's presets).  I'm like you, Phil, and glad for it - I started creating my own presets right away and am glad I did.  But there is value to looking at how others create presets, whether it's L6, youtube videos, or presets for sale.  Seeing others' approaches has had a huge impact on my preset creation.

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