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  1. It says right on the box; IOS | Android | Mac | PC At very least, it is opaque, at worst it is false advertising. To me, that indicates that you should be able to use any 1 of these 4 platforms for full functionality. The fact that you are looking to graduate off of this platform 'when I can afford to' speaks louder than your defense of this paperweight. I am dumping mine, and going back to a 14 year old XT Live, which is a far superior unit in terms of editing and quality of effects. The bluetooth editing software is gimmicky and unstable. The niche effects are harsh sounding and pretty much unusable.
  2. You want an amp that has as flat a response as possible, with little or no colouration of the sound. This is because you want to amp/cabinet modeling to shine through. A Traynor K4 is the best amp for use with modeling effects. It is a keyboard amp with perfectly balanced and flat EQ response. I use a Fender Hotrod Deluxe III just going into the power amp input instead of the instrument input. This ensures i am only getting the raw amplification power of the amp while bypassing the amp's EQ section, which is definitely biased towards chicken picker type playing.
  3. Sounds like you maybe disables the amp emulator?
  4. You can also back the nut off that controls the foot pedal tension. From the factory, mine was WAY too tight and the pedal made a god-awful squeaking noise because of it. I have it set now that it is almost completely loose, just enough tension so it stays in the position my foot left it.
  5. Glitchy Bluetooth connectivity is a failing common to the model, not just your unit. Some people will insist it is something to do with your iOS or Android, but it is not. It is just a product that does not work all that well and probably could have used a whole lot more testing before release.
  6. Don't hold your breath. One of Line 6's biggest corporate flaws; only take care of the people who buy the most expensive, latest versions of our flagship products. Like i have said before, great ideas with abysmal execution.
  7. I agree with the O.P. It seems like there were two completely different 'teams' developing the FH and the Helix, and although the FH made it to the finish line first, it's obvious that the Helix is the favourite child. The fact that there is no desktop editor to begin with is questionable enough. The fact that they haven't provided one since it's release is unforgivable. The BT connect though novel, is plagued by connectivity issues, and its limitations become apparent after some extended use. The Android editor is terrible. Just doesn't provide a top notch editing environment. There are many Line 6 apologists out there who seem to want to force people to have a positive opinion about this paperweight, but when 75% of the effects are unusable, niche nonsense, I really don't care to have one of their fanboys tell me I should be happy or should have done more pre-purchase research. One cannot properly assess a piece of gear with so many variables and options while sitting in a music store; it either has quality built in that will be supported for years or it is a schticky, gimmicky P.O.S. that will die a quick death. I have been burned twice by Line 6 now, once when the Flextone III was released many years ago and now by the Firehawk FX. In this ballgame, its two strikes and you're out, I will never support this corporation again.With new generation processors where everything in them is upgradable and done via software, stagnation of support is a direct affront to the customer base and shows how little Line 6 cares unless you dole out a small fortune for their flagship product. Until they release the next one. They are a s bad as Apple with their iPhones.
  8. God yes. the tablet/phone based editor is TERRIBLE. The bluetooth is spotty even with my tablet 2.5 ft away from the unit, editing is clunky and it is the opposite of effects units that have too many menus, too much deep editing. This is a kids product until they develop integration with online Line 6 resources and a desk-top editing platform. Just too gimmicky. As often is the case with Line 6, good idea, atrocious execution. Second time I have been burned by Line 6, the first being the infamous Flextone III. Pretty sure if I can unload this on a kid impressed by gimmicky tech, it will be my last Line 6 mistake. Fool me once...
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