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  1. I run my Helix directly into a mixer, and no matter what outputs I use, either 1/4' or XLR - one side is louder. I cannot find where this may set be in the Helix, and any help would be most appreciated.
  2. Thanks for all the replies. I have never used a talk box before....I bought the unit used and there were no mics with it. I do have the tube. My Helix is set up as follows: I use the 1/4" outputs into a DI then send this directly to the mixer - we use IEMs and I use no amp. This leaves me the XLR outputs for the mic. I have a channel on the mixer reserved for talk box. So, according to the information provided, I need to send a guitar signal into the TB (talk box) then simply hook up my mic to the Helix with the tube and it should work..... My band is planning on doing 2 songs using talk box - Sweet Emotion, and of course Peter Frampton Do you feel..... I have to figure out how to have the guitar output mute while the talk box is on. Hmmm.
  3. I am a little lost as how to hook up a Danelectro Free speech talk box using the helix. At the moment I have the boxes ins and outs run through an FX loop - this may not be right - And most important - I want to use the mic input on the Helix to run to our mixer..... Any help with this would be most appreciated. I have searched this forum for answers before but none made sense to me. Thanks.
  4. PC, Windows10, Firmware 2.710...Thanks for the response. I will go try the rebuild right now. This is not my Helix with the problem, it is the other guitar player in the band and I have access to his unit. Hmmm, other places say that factory reset is 7 and 8. I am assuming the numbers start at the top left, go right, then the bottom.
  5. Full user bank gets this error when trying to access or back up anything. Do you think there is a way to recover data?
  6. channelk

    Helix Translation

    Thanks for the response - volume may be a big part of the problem. To comment about tone - the other guitarist himself states his tones suck. We are not talking about close, they are WAY off, harsh, and not appropriate for the material. The biggest issue is this - this guy has the unenviable job of having to use 4 very different guitars - these all have very different outputs, and he seems not able to get them balanced. It means sometimes the acoustic is non-existent in the mix. and his inconsistent levels for all his patches is a real issue. Not sure why this is, as I am having no problems, but I have it way easier and only play electrics that are pretty similar in output.
  7. channelk

    Helix Translation

    My band uses 3 Helix units - 2 guitars, 1 bass. Its great. No amps on stage, all IEM. I am the main lead player. The lead singer is also a very good guitar player, but his sounds and levels are all over the place, and compared to my programming - his sounds suck. So what's going on and why? I program my Helix sounds using a pair of Yamaha HS5 studio monitors and a cheap board. This has worked excellent for me - my gain staging is pretty good, all sounds level - and my tones are fantastic, after tweaks when playing thru the PA system. The singer has been using an acoustic guitar amp - and I have been telling him that what he hears at home does not translate to the board well because an amp and a direct feed into a mixer are very different things. He took my speakers home and says they suck. Anybody out there in Helix land use this unit mainly thru IEMs, and if so, how do you go about gain staging things so they translate well into a mixer. PS - the mixer we use is a Yamaha TF1. Thanks.
  8. FX loop 3 fixed. I had a major job rewiring this old wha pedal and had no way to tell if I got the new power connector wired correctly - I didn't. Reversed polarity and pedal now works. Only thing left now is to see if the talkbox works when I get to practice. Fantastic! Will post pics of the new system. Thanks for the post.
  9. Expression pedal fixed - bad solder joint.
  10. Greetings. I am in the middle of a major rework of my Helix system. I have added 3 outboard FX units and an expression pedal. FX loop 1 works perfectly - FX 2 I cannot test at the moment, it is a talkbox, and the third FX loop is a really old vox wha pedal that works, kinda. When this pedal gets activated it drops overall output by 80 % - the wha sound right, just real quiet. The last thing I have added is an expression pedal - I am using the Ernie Ball VP Jr, and have a regular TS cable going from Exp 3 to the output jack on the unit - this is not working at all. According to other posts, this should work as wired. I have just finished wiring all this, mounting everything into a flight case, and am starting the troubleshooting. IF you have any advice - this would be most helpful. I have band practice in about 6 hours, and it sure would be nice if these issues were resolved. Thanks.
  11. Greetings. I did search this forum and on line to see if I could find a definitive answer to this, but I am still not sure if what I want to do will work, and how to set it up. I have a Danelectro Free Speech. I am planning on running this into an FX loop, the send into input, the output into the return. Then I can place the loop where I want in my FX chain. Next, a second mic just for the talkbox, plugged into the mic input of the Helix, with the outputs routed appropriately to the mixer. Does this make sense?
  12. The only external pedal I have is the above mentioned Boss Feedbacker/Booster FB-2 pedal. This thing gives me the ability to get and control feedback - I don't use an amp - straight from Helix, into board into IEM - and even more importantly the ability to add just about infinite sustain to any sound, plus it works fantastic as a lead booster. Controls include Boost Level, Feedback, Tone, Character. Simple to use, sounds great. I WISH this was included in the FX of the Helix. FOr us who use no amp - we need it!
  13. Thanks for the posts. I spent the afternoon working on this, and get it at least working.....Don't know yet if this will do for live work in a band due to the mic-pre quality, but MAN, I hope it does. There are a bunch of posts about setting the mic-pre gain and turning phantom on. Nobody describes how to set these and I have not found this yet. I LOVE the Helix.......I believe I am at about 20% use, and am looking forward to getting at least to 50%....its routing capabilities alone and astounding.....looking deeper into this as we speak. You know one thing I wish was included - 3 guitar inputs so I can switch out guitars without unplugging.
  14. I have tried reading the manual, looking this up on youtube and searching the forum, but still have not figured this out yet. I know I am not using the full power of the Helix and want to improve my use, by incorporating and using the mic input. I really want to be able to add the mic input to my existing patches where possible. I would like to use the XLR outs for guitar and send vocals separately. I just got a talkbox and although it is working, kinda, the guitar signal from Helix plays while talkbox is on.....just getting started. I tried starting from a blank preset. Added a mic input....cannot find how to get to the mic-pre settings. I need to adjust gain, control Phantom, etc....I think I know how to route the output to where I want it...... Next is to start adding FX to vocaLs..... If there is any posts, videos, or advice anybody has, please send link. Thanks.
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