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  1. Kilrahi

    That Revv Model Tho!

    It's clearly a balance. I don't feel bad telling Line 6 I'd love a polyphonic drop pedal, for example, but I am not at all feeling short changed.
  2. Kilrahi

    Grammatico Brt

    If you like the sound of it DO IT, whether it makes sense or not.
  3. Kilrahi

    Using the iPhone app

    It's pretty dang fast, that's all I know.
  4. Kilrahi

    2.8 good thoughts collection thread.

    I had been craving a KoT for a LONG time ... but that price, and that wait ... Gave up on getting it .... AND I'm so glad I did. The model version sounds amazing. Desire satiated. When I get a new pedal I mess with it a long time, so I haven't even dug into the other new stuff yet, but I'm excited to! Gonna be a great few months ...
  5. Kilrahi

    That Revv Model Tho!

    I love the idea of new amp options, and I love the update. No disappointments at all. I have a hard time though conceiving of a tonal sound that can't already be done. I'd be very curious what that would be.
  6. Kilrahi

    Firehawk FX with Powercab 112 (Plus)

    That's really not an option. The Firehawk doesn't have midi control, and they're not designed to interface.
  7. Kilrahi

    Helix Firmware Upgrade 2.8 - Blues :(

    The update worked swimmingly for me, but I'm a Stomp user so it already was on Helix Core.
  8. Kilrahi

    Helix Firmware 2.80

    Then I heard the King of Tone . . . now I'm a believer . . .
  9. Kilrahi

    Helix Firmware 2.80

  10. Kilrahi

    Line 6 Helix with Powercab plus

    Weird. I thought it worked great. The Firehawk IS heavy as hell, but this is quite a bit less. Almost 20 pounds less.
  11. Kilrahi

    Noisy Stomp

    Just to clarify, you get the scratchiness on both an amp AND an FRFR speaker, or was that the same device?
  12. Kilrahi

    Helix Firmware 2.80

    Until I download it with my own hands, and play it with my own guitar, I won't believe it.
  13. Kilrahi

    Hx stomp vocal recording

    Yeah I fiddled with it and never got it to work well. It seems it just doesn't have anything that amplifies the volume enough, or if you do get it loud enough it's not clean enough. I kind of chalked it up to the floor unit having a key hardware difference, like some sort of mic preamp. Any feedback from other users on here? Is it possible we're both just missing something?
  14. Kilrahi

    Helix Firmware 2.80

    It's clear 2.8 will solve many problems, but it may also be what finally brings this forum BACK together again! This is why it's taking so long to bake. World peace takes time . . .
  15. Kilrahi

    HX Stomp into an Amp

    To me the questions are like saying, "Which analog overdrive pedal sounds good with a tube amp?" They ALL sound good with a tube amp. It depends on your combination of amp and tube and what sound you're going for. The only reason I would buy an analog booster for your setup is to save blocks on the HX Stomp. If you need to save a block, by a pedal. I use three of them (I didn't buy them though, I already owned them) so that I can do crazier amp modelling in the Stomp since it chews up a ton of DSP.
  16. Kilrahi

    Issue with Hx Stomp amplifying contact between pick and string

    TS cables are fine. I'm just going to come out and admit that when I first heard your clip I couldn't hear any problems that would get me worried. Since I don't consider myself a huge genius I figured there must be something I was missing and I'd stay out of this one. The more this thread goes on though the more I'm thinking my first impressions might be correct. Can I ask, what did you use BEFORE the HX Stomp? I assumed you had a very similar real world setup before and that you didn't run into what it was that was bothering you in that clip - so I guessed there must be something you were noticing that I was somehow missing. However, if this is your first scenario with this type of setup that might be what's happening here. In my opinion, what you get when the Stomp models what you're doing would also happen if you used the real world counterparts. What you're hearing isn't unique to the Stomp. Especially the higher the gain you use, the more likely you are to run into squeals, squeaks, and harmonics - that's part of the appeal of that territory.
  17. So that's a lot of questions to unpack, and unfortunately, there's a lot of subjectivity if you start asking what is the "best" way to do anything. If you peruse the posts on here you'[ll notice that there are rather regularly people who try the flat response speaker approach and it just does NOT cut it for them. So they switch to going into a regular amp, or the effects return of a regular amp, and then they get that "amp in the room" feel and are happy once again. Rucmas above is correct - if you go that approach, you don't use IRs or cab models in the Helix because your real amp's cab is already doing that. Personally, I AM of the full range flat response speaker system approach to the HX line (Line 6's Powercab, Headrush's FRFR-112, and TONS of other worthy examples). I feel like that gives me the biggest and vastest canvas to pain on since it allows me to use whatever cab I want, IR I want - sky is the limit as long as it sounds good (and sometimes even when it sounds like lollipop). Where you already have an amp you like, I'd start with the plan you already have. See what you think of it. Then maybe in the future dip your toe out there with a reasonably priced flat response system and see what you think.
  18. Kilrahi

    Issue with Hx Stomp amplifying contact between pick and string

    Does the Stomp have the pad? I didn't think it did.
  19. Kilrahi

    Firehawk FX with Powercab 112 (Plus)

    The plus would allow you to use 3rd party IRs, which could be really nice.
  20. Kilrahi

    Helix Firmware 2.80

    Well .... I guess to keep from looking bad Line 6 COULD sit on it a week. True, it'd come at the cost of your corporate soul. BUT On the plus side, in ten years there would be reasonably entertaining conspiracy theorist threads on YouTube called, "What REALLY happened with 2.8 the week of Summer NAMM 2019?!"
  21. Kilrahi

    Torn between HX Effects & Stomp

    Maybe I'm looking at it too simply, but to me if you're really not going to use the amp/cab/IRs in the HX Stomp, but instead an amp you love, then the answer is a solid HX Effects. ESPECIALLY if you don't have other pedals but you want the HX device to be all the effects, bottom line, at the end of the day, the extra buttons are more useful.
  22. Kilrahi

    FRFR vs FX Return

    I would try out some free cab IRs first and see if it has any impact. If it doesn't seem to make a difference in your mind, you can try tweaking tips from people here. If that still doesn't do it, then you're probably stuck using the real thing.
  23. Kilrahi

    moving blocks in snapshots

    Snapshots only allow you to change perimeters and statuses on existing signal chains. You can't actually change the blocks (i.e. digital architecture) of those signal chains. To do that you need a new preset.
  24. Kilrahi

    Helix Firmware 2.80

    Empathy should be a two way street. Most of the time when people complain about empathy they're really just demanding a one way road. I was about to tell you the latest "official" anything about 2.8 and I was culling the "Gear Page" thread to share it with you. It was a few days ago and it mentioned they'd hit a last minute bug blocker. Yet as I was culling it I saw that you also peruse that thread, which ALSO derails a lot. So you know as much as any of us.