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  1. Would it be possible for you to post a picture of your signal chain?
  2. I don't know how extensive your experience is in the guitar gear world. Based on the fact that you're shelling out $1500 for a monster of a effects/amp processor I would assume your experience is pretty extensive, and so if that's true feel free to ignore my diatribe below. Nevertheless, the guitar universe and the Playstation 4 universe are entirely different things. Especially when it comes to perceptions of new/used, and how well people take care of them/what matters to them. I'm with you on a video game console. I would never get one used unless it was SERIOUSLY marked down or there was no other option because the fact of the matter is a lot of people treat their consoles like piles of garbage. In the guitar world though, my feel is most (definitely not all) people messing around in the guitars and gear that retails above $200 take pretty good care of things and care far more about knowing things are in working order than whether a box is sealed. I suspect that's why so many groups from Sweetwater to Guitar Center actually open things up and inspect them to give them their own personal stamp of approval before they send it out. For me, knowing it has a two year warranty and as long as it looked perfect, I'd be totally okay with it. Especially if I knew up front they'd taken the time to upgrade the firmware, I think I'd just appreciate it. Yeah it's easy to do, but it's far more fun to be able to play with your "toy" as soon as it arrives.
  3. The Helix has two excellent Leslie effects, the Leslie 122 and the Leslie 145, so yes, it can.
  4. I definitely hope that they see it as a line worth advancing. The biggest obstacle I see is that . . . well . . . they're kind of alone in this market. Assuming they are profitable (which I think they are though I don't get the impression they're gangbusters) they have ZERO competition so there isn't really a huge need to keep pushing the edges of what can be done. That's sadly the downside of capitalism - lack of competition makes things stay largely the same. I mean, the closest thing I can think to compare to are what, the Roland GR-55? Didn't that come out around the same time as the last Variax edition? Did they ever update that? The Variax steam rolls that dinosaur in my opinion. The only other thing I see now are these dual electric/acoustic guitars which do a tiny portion of what the Variax did (though arguably the coolest part since I think the ability to have both an electric and acoustic in one instrument is a huge seller for why a lot of us jumped on board). Until they see their market share as threatened, and assuming they're sales have always been pretty level, I don't know how much advancement we'll see.
  5. Kilrahi


    No, you can do that with the Spider V. There are MANY ways that you could accomplish this. One of the most obvious would be to add a boost pedal to the chain and activate it when you are doing your solo.
  6. Hey, I'm on your side here. I was being gently sarcastic with that reply but maybe it wasn't obvious. To me, the Stomp should be allowed to grow beyond the six blocks. Love your stuff online by the way. In fact, I tried to buy your presets for the HX Stomp for acoustic guitars, but the link didn't seem to be up.
  7. Need is such a funny word. Nobody NEEDS more than six blocks - the question is are there times it's nice to have them? The bigger question though is a bit different. Imagine you have always used wired headphones and decide you now want to try Bluetooth - but your phone doesn't allow Bluetooth. You figure no biggie you didn't buy it for that and so you start researching purchasing a new $800 phone that does - only to find out that your phone has a built in Bluetooth transmitter that would work perfectly well for your new idea but for some reason the company tweaked the software so that it stays off. Or, imagine you need a car with anti-lock brakes but the car company deactivated them. Or cruise control! The frustrating part about the Stomp has nothing to do with its natural parameters EXCEPT for the fact that you realize it actually could be a lot more and you're stuck feeling like there's no reason it can't be. I love my Stomp. Use it every night. When I look at it though, it's like having a kid who keeps getting a B in art when you know he's fully capable of getting an A if he'd just put in a little bit of extra work.
  8. I would probably open a support ticket. It's baffling to me that the IOS one wouldn't work, and I'm wondering if Line 6 has some ideas.
  9. Makes sense and puts newbies like me at ease who haven't got to try midi yet but want to.
  10. Considering that the one switch looper originally deletes when you hold the footswitch down instead of tap it while playback is stopped, I assume you'd have to stop the looper and then send the looper play midi command (61; 64-127) with some sort of latch function on until it deletes. Which in retrospect kind of sucks because then you're back to the same problem of a second of playback. I am surprised Line 6 didn't use a midi command for delete. As it is, you're stuck programming some sort of additional stomp switch to kill the volume right before you delete it. Can anyone else confirm this is a limitation of how it works?
  11. I agree it doesn't seem to explain your problem, yet, I really did have similar problems with the official one until I hit every single parameter. I'm sorry it didn't help, though I did give you the WRONG instructions because I'm a moron. You're using a dual pedal and I gave you the single. The dual instructions are below. I do have a few other ideas which you've probably already tried, but still: 1. Did you try to have the HX Stomp learn the pedal? Select the wah block and hold down the far left knob until the mean changes on the screen then hit "page right." It has a third option called "learn." Push that and it asks you to move the pedal up and down. From this menu it's supposed to learn how your pedal works and adapt to it. 2. You can do the learn mode but do manual learn instead. That's where when you hit page right it has the minimum and maximum values. You could try tweaking variations of those and see how those behaviors impact the pedal. Perhaps some max and minimum value with the weird way it's understanding your pedal would actually work (so for example, if you set the max value at 50% maybe that would be the 100% point on your pedal - probably not but it's worth trying). If that doesn't work I'd probably open up a Line 6 support ticket. They may be able to at least confirm if it's not possible. You have no doubt already tried all of the above. I'll keep thinking about it. Below are the correct dual pedal instructions: When connecting two traditional expression pedals with a Y cable, there are a few things to be aware of: • 1. Set "Global Settings > Preferences" > EXP/FS Ring to "EXP 2" • 2. From the "Bypass Assign" menu, assign the Switch parameter of Volume Pedal and Pan blocks to "None" • 3. From the "Bypass Assign" menu, assign the Switch parameter of Wah and Pitch Wham blocks to either "EXP 1" (where HX Stomp engages the block when moving EXP 1 away from its heel down position) or a stomp footswitch
  12. Unfortunately, no. The Spider doesn't have any sort of workable interface between it and the Pod. Now, you CAN do stuff like that . . . kind of . . . but it would require more careful planning and control. You would have to create the signal chains you want between the two of them, and save a preset for your Pod, AND a preset for the Spider, and then essentially select two presets instead of one in order to have them work together. So it's not as simple as a one button push, but it is doable. As someone who shares the DSP between his Firehawk 1500 and HX Stomp, it can be worth it. However, I do have the FBV controller for the Firehawk 1500 (that also works for some of the Spiders) that makes it easier to switch presets. Having an open app all the time isn't nearly as smooth.
  13. Yeah, the Spider V has the same type of setup so I think you figured it out. That's a good point about the volume output potentially blowing your ears away.
  14. Are you saying it's dangerously loud for a second but if you tap the volume nob it resets to a different loudness? I want to make sure I understand the problem, because it's probably true that each preset channel has its own volume standard volume. So if the volume knob was at 9 o'clock on clean and you switched to insane at 9 o'clock it would likely sound louder on insane than clean. If you're saying it's only TEMPORARILY louder and a slight jiggle of the volume knob resets it . . . well that's a bit weirder.
  15. The Helix gives you the power to recreate a studio scenario, but it still can take a long time to dial the whole mess in. Studio recordings in particular often have massive amount of production involved for the lead, the rhythm, the second rhythm, the second lead . . . and on and on. Everyone above is correct that your answer is snapshots. Hell, with the Helix I think you get 8 snapshots vs. the Stomp's 3 so you have plenty of room to dial in every single nuance your looking for. The work to get there will take a while, but once it's finished you'll be able to instantly move from part to part.
  16. To me what you're describing sounds normal. It's hard to know what exactly you're hearing "buzz" wise, but if the original amp has it, the model does too. One thing I like to make sure people know about, most of the amp models have some interesting parameters meant to simulate these sounds. For example, the "hum" parameter recreates the actual hum of an amp. I'd make sure you've toyed around with the hum, bias, bias x, sag, drive, and other settings on each amp to see how they react to see if it's related to the buzz you're hearing. Also, keep in mind that the Helix has a built in noise gate which you can activate to reduce a bunch of additional fuzziness - useful in the same way a traditional noise gate is useful.
  17. I definitely agree with you that the HX Stomp advertises like it should work with pretty much any expression pedal, so you'd hope there's a setting that makes it work here. The main thing I've found as I've experimented between my official Helix Mission pedal and a combination of dual foot switches is that the settings have to be EXACTLY right for it to work. Have you made sure you did all of the following? 1. From global settings under "Controller Assign" assign the position parameter of volume pedal and pan blocks to "Exp. 1." 2. From the global settings "Bypass Assign" menu assign the switch parameter of volume pedal and pan blocks to "None." 3. From the global settings "Bypass Assign" menu, assign the switch parameter of wah and pitch wham blocks to "Exp. 1." I would make sure you've done all of those, and if that still doesn't work I'd reach out to Line 6 support to see if they're aware of any tricks with that pedal. I know I couldn't get the official pedal to work FOREVER after I'd attached a dual footswitch earlier (and it was doing very similar parameter mess-ups like you describe), and I was pulling my hair out because surely the official pedal was fine, but it turns out I had just one step off and so the whole thing was borked. Make sure you've done all three steps above before you give up.
  18. First thing I could recommend is to try and recreate what is familiar. When I got the Stomp I initially tried to recreate setups I liked from the Pod 500x. That helped me both enjoy what I was doing and learn about the strengths the HX platform brought to my old methods. I also printed off a list of the HX amps, cabs, and effects so it would be easier for me to both learn the new names and not have to keep hunting through web pages. Finally, recently I've this site directed me to Jason Sadites channel on YouTube. He has a lengthy series of videos on the subject of "How to Create a Perfect Tone." I hoped they would be worth watching, but they were even better than I thought. For me the biggest strength was learning what a lot of the Helix parameters actually did.
  19. Arguing, "Yes, Line 6 could easily make it better for no extra cost, but then they wouldn't make as much money off of full Helix sales" really isn't persuasive from a consumer perspective.
  20. I don't believe that that amp has a specific forum, but you can ask here and see if any of us know the answer.
  21. Kilrahi


    Do you mean as one of the presets? None of us here would know since we're just users of the device, but why not just create your own or download one from the cloud?
  22. Thank you for the link. The more and more I use the Stomp the more I just think this makes sense. If something about Helix 3.0 blows the barn door of my brains wide open and I'm like, "Oh, that's why it has to be six" then cool, but until that day it just seems like Line 6 is forcing its toddler to stay in size 6 diapers even though it is ready to #?#@ or get off the pot like its older brothers.
  23. My Boss footswitch has the ability to switch back and forth, but it's default was "normally open" and it worked just fine if that helps. Honestly, with the Stomp I don't think it will matter because it's a pretty complex device with tons of global settings - and one of the global settings is the ability to reverse the polarity on the footswitch and I believe it's the exact same control on the Boss footswitch. I haven't tested it though, but I'm pretty sure it can do the exact same thing. You just have to remember to go into the global guts and change them.
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