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  1. That sounds like a pretty cool idea. I don't personally think you'll run into problems with your goal to have the wet effects after the amp. Especially with the multiple ins and outs on both the HX Stomp and the HX Effects. Heck, especially where the majority of what you need for the Stomp are the amp/cab effects and your HX effects can handle the heavy lifting with all of the wet effects blocks. Like a hypothetical chain might be: Guitar in >>>> HX Stomp >>>>> Distortion choice >>>> Amp Choice >>>> FX loop block >>>> Out Stereo FX send In to HX Effects input of some type >>>> adding multiple wet effects >>>> out an HX effects output choice >>>> in to HX Stomp stereo FX return >>>> out HX Stomp to DI. Assuming I understood what you wanted, that's not very complicated. If you needed multiple distortion choices that might be a little messier, but even with the above path you still have 3 blocks remaining in the Stomp since your HX Effects can take a lot of the burden off of the Stomp.
  2. A perfect example, to me, is the Boss GT 1000. I believe it's processor eats the Helix processor for breakfast, but I just haven't been very impressed (both in its sound quality and in its functionality).
  3. I'm just going to jump in here and say that I don't actually think you're crazy for thinking of an HX Stomp where you already have an HX Effects. That's EXACTLY the type of market Stomp was designed for. People who already had an existing pedalboard and were looking to expand it. Granted, MOST people don't have a Helix powered effects board that already has a smorgasbord of effects like you do. Realistically though, that is the primary reason why the bloody thing was invented. The bigger question is are you thinking carefully about your needs before you buy the gear. For example, what was the thought process behind getting the HX Effects vs. the Helix LT in the first place? This is important because it would be crazy to keep spending a lot of money (because these all cost a lot of money) for something that doesn't satisfy so that you end up spending money on something even more amped up. If you buy the Helix LT, will you suddenly find yourself pining for the full Helix? There's a very specific reason I bought an HX Stomp over a Helix LT. I had already invested in a Firehawk 1500 and I wanted to incorporate Helix sounds without rendering the expensive Firehawk investment useless. The Stomp did exactly that. Is that story true for you? Or is it more likely you just want to start all over? Now, the other downside to me is I love new toys. So someday I'll probably buy a Helix LT anyway because I'm a moron.
  4. I'm confused as to what you're saying here. Are you referring to panning one signal to stereo right and one to stereo left, because you can absolutely do that. If that's not what you mean, what do you mean? What exactly are you trying to do?
  5. I would expect it to be closer, BUT headphones is never a very good approximation for a band setting so I bet you'd have to do some tweaking. It's a starting point though.
  6. Thanks for the input folks. Attaching it to the Firehawk and then trying to link up with the HX Stomp is an interesting idea. It does make me wonder. Would the FBV controller cable power the FBV - solving problem three. My first thought was then you'd have the FBV sending signals to both the Firehawk and Stomp which would cause problems, but I think once the USB is plugged into the FBV it turns off signal sending through the FBV controller so that might not be an issue. Then I'd just need to solve problem two . . .linking up the two devices. Another idea I saw a youtube user do was connecting the FBV to a Rasberry Pi PC (which is nice and small) and THEN another device. That MIGHT do it - but then I'm getting too crazy for it to really be practical. I'd rather drop the $250 for a small Midi controller and another $130 for a solid expression pedal. So it's probably an idea that forever was just one step too far away. If they ever make an FBV4 though that would be a big way to upgrade it. Give it Midi output and input ability. It would increase costs but might also significantly improve its marketability.
  7. Kilrahi

    HX Stomp FAQ

    Are you just referring to the in/outs at the front and end of the chains? Because the send/return blocks do take up one of your six blocks if you end up having to use them.
  8. This is a question intended for some sort of guru on this site, of which I've noticed there are plenty. So here's the deal. I was sitting here with all my stuff, with my newest additions being the FBV 3 to control the Firehawk 1500, and my HX Stomp. I was asking myself if I wanted to buy an expression pedal or Midi controller for the HX Stomp to further broaden what it could do. Suddenly it dawned on me that the FBV 3 is a type of midi controller and would it be POSSIBLE to control the HX Stomp? I know it can be used to control intended Line 6 gear through the Cat 5 cable OR it is cable of controlling PC Software through the USB cable. Well, the Stomp is simply software in a box, but I immediately see a number of obvious issues: 1. The HX Stomp does not have a Cat 5 cable port, so the easiest testing method is toast. 2. Both the HX Stomp and the FBV 3 have a USB port, but they are both printer USB ports (why do products do that?! - not saying there isn't a reason but it baffles me). I've never seen a USB cable with both printer ends. 3. The Firehawk 1500 and a PC will power the FBV 3 - but the HX Stomp is a pretty dinky box - it seems unlikely it will power a device. Still, if 3 did happen - which I won't know unless I figure out a way to solve problem 2, it would be pretty awesome actually. Any thoughts? Even if it's just taking a shotgun to the question (which, hey, killing grandiose ideas is still progress). I'm thinking problem #2 and #3 are what is going to kill the idea, which is too bad. Not saying it's bad design or anything, just that it would be one of those things that would be cool and yet is so close, but so far away.
  9. Kilrahi

    HX Stomp FAQ

    Mostly. It has one origin path that can be split into two stereo or mono paths (Path A and Path B) and then either reconnected within the Stomp or set out to two separate outputs. What you describe should be doable. I believe Path A would be your pitch, dynamics, and drive processing which would then exit out the main outputs. Path B would start with a FX return block which would be fed by your stereo effects from your board, and then the output would be sent out of the effects send on the Stomp. That's how I'd do it.
  10. If I read you right, this is the same boat I'm in. I'm in awe when people lay out 13 effects and make some sort of strange cosmic sound that's beautiful and appealing - but it's nothing I would do. Most of the time it's a distortion pedal and reverb, delay, chorus, or phaser on a crazy day . . . throw in one or two boutique pedals occasionally. That's why the HX Stomp largely fills my needs. BUT the one thing I still really wish it had because I know it's possible is a polyphonic drop tune pedal similar to Digitech's. I keep almost breaking down and buying the bloody thing but then I stop and hold out hope a little longer that Line 6 has one in the works.
  11. I've had similar problems on Facebook. It seems like the Facebook marketplace only caters to certain groups (cars, crafts, clothes). To buy my stomp, I tried to sell my Pod HD 500x through Facebook marketplace where I've successfully sold a car and other items before. I had absolutely ZERO hits and I had it listed at about $150 which is low. My Pod was in near mint condition too because I just take care of my stuff. I listed it on Ebay and it sold at the end of 7 days for $250 (including shipping). Considering I bought it on sale for $400 and got great use out of it I felt pretty good about that. Ebay and Reverb actually cater to musicians a bit more than Facebook so I think you can do better there. Another idea would be to see what the items are going for on those groups and compare it to what your music store offered. If it's close enough or even higher, so much the better.
  12. In response to your questions: 1. The cord linked below will work perfectly: https://www.amazon.com/Hosa-STP-203-inch-Insert-Cable/dp/B000068O1P/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1542141815&sr=8-1&keywords=Hosa+STP202 2. Most expression pedals (and I assume one designed by Line 6) should work as a regular expression pedal for the Stomp. I can't say that I KNOW this though. You would hope Line 6's own pedal would work, but at the same time the one you listed is a pretty old model. It might be time to upgrade first, BUT before you do buy the TRS cable and test it out. However, for maximum use of the expression pedal options (i.e. in order to have dual control of both the wah and volume/block toggle) you want to use the more expensive one given in the manual: https://www.amazon.com/Mission-Engineering-Helix-Expression-Switch/dp/B019WJ0BS0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1542141924&sr=8-1&keywords=mission+engineering+helix+expression+pedal 3. I wish I could be more explanatory than the directions. Have you tried a youtube video? 4. See the video above. You can set it up to use two pedals at once. It's just a question of what you're really after.
  13. I understand what you're saying (and I've had a moment or two where I've been like, "Blast, if I only had ONE more block . . .). However, I likewise don't think that the number of blocks was arbitrary. Even with dynamic DSP in the Helix, there's a reason they didn't give you 60 blocks and let you just deal with it when you max out at 21 blocks. So it is with the Stomp. If I remember right, Line 6 states in the FAQ pinned at the top that six blocks was carefully chosen to do many things, including not back themselves in a corner for future updates. Considering I've already had moments where the DSP told me that I didn't have enough left to use a specific block, I get the feeling it couldn't handle too much beyond six. Nevertheless, as a user of the Stomp I get where you're coming from.
  14. That's not a horrible idea. In fact, if you are offering to buy the Stomp on the same trip it may get you an even better deal. You should also consider Ebay or Reverb. I usually use Ebay. I get more than from a music store or a local sale, and it's faster. This is even after fees. I've heard Reverb lands more than Ebay, but I don't know if it's as fast. Enjoy the Stomp ...
  15. The white level is a subset of the Master volume and as such it is not a tone control and does not impact tone (with the caveat that all sounds will sound different with volume, but it isn't because the guitar runs out of headroom and begins to clip). You are correct that it's wise to save a preset at a level you like, but you should think of it as more of a mixing control rather than a tone control.
  16. Pretty much what everyone else said, I'm pretty dang biased. To me most guitarists are stuck in the stone ages. The sounds will never be EXACTLY what you had for any number of variables I won't bore you with. The same is true for two identical tube amps though. So knowing that fact, if you can live with amazing sound, even if not identical sound, but with even MORE sound options . . . Well then yeah. I'm loving my stomp, and it's an amazing bedroom rig. Plug it in, plug guitar in, plug headphones in, and drowned in sound.
  17. I'm not arguing that that type of product wouldn't be good for you, but I still think you fundamentally have the majority of the market backwards. Boutique effects are really the only way these non multi effects groups can possibly survive in the long term. Each of them has to come up with some new "bizarre" and "out there" sound to maintain relevance because more and more consumers are going to realize, "Hey, I can spend $1500 for one amazing tube amp, and five pedals, OR I can spend about that for one Helix LT and a solid FRFR speaker and have over 100 times the abilities I'd have the traditional route." Line 6 does occasionally come up with their own sounds, but what has been their bread and butter for well over two decades now is providing the tools for the "everyman" musician to create amazing sounds at an affordable price. Creating 100 wacky pedals that only a very niche market will use isn't what causes things like the HX Stomp to sell like hotcakes. Electro Harmonix though - that's the only way they survive. They keep churning out unusual variations on a theme because it's all they've got. Occasionally a Line 6 guy like me bites because I know I can't get it on a Line 6 setup, but it's a very rare deal. To be honest, I kind of like it that way. It's fun to buy an unusual pedal - it really is - it's nice not to have to drop $100 on a "boring" M90.
  18. Okay! Time for another episode of Kil's adventures with the Firehawk and the HX Stomp. Though today I experienced what should have been a freaking "duh" of immense proportions, but what can I say, these setups are far more complicated than the simple stuff I'm use to. Basically I've been thinking far too binary. Generally my thinking has been either Stomp for post Firehawk effects (with Firehawk as distortion and amp) or pre amp effects and amp with Firehawk for time delays, reverb, etc. OR, as all or nothing with HX Stomp as effects, amp, etc. Today though it dawned on me I could use the distortion of the HX Stomp, route it into the Firehawk to use the amp modelling which I still think is pretty impressive, then have a separate Stomp channel of wet effects in order to maintain the wet/dry. This allows me to keep using the ever expanding and wonderful Stomp distortions, as well as the other Stomp effects, and save on DSP or more effect blocks. Here's how it looked: 1. Guitar in to HX Stomp. 2. Guitar cable out HX Stomp into guitar in of Firehawk. 3. Firehawk effects loop block post amp. 4. Left/right guitar cables into effects return ports of HX Stomp. 5. TRS to TS Y cable from Stomp send to Firehawk effects return. 6. Amp model of choice activated in Firehawk but distortion, delay, modulation, reverb effects off (I did use Firehawk's compressor at times to save on Stomp DSP). 7. HX Stomp distortion of choice set at start of signal chain. From there split into A and B path with path B going out separate from path A (out Stomp's stereo send). 8. FX return block active on path B of HX Stomp. 9. Reverb of choice on path A of stomp. 10. Reverb of choice on path B of stomp. 11. Two additional blocks remaining for path A or B depending on choice. There you have it! It sounded glorious to me and was also a great setup for acoustic stuff with some tweaks. Best of all, it maintains the wet/dry/wet setup that many of us bought the Firehawk for, and if I wanted to, I still have access to the Firehawk's distortion, delay, modulation, and reverb blocks if I would like to further color the tone. For now I think this is my favorite setup for combining the two, though I think my lazy butt will more often just use the HX Stomp as a post effects chain expander (fewer cords, less mess).
  19. Kilrahi

    HX Stomp FAQ

    I mean, it all depends on the complexity so I can't immediately say. Depends on the positions of all your gear. Could be zero blocks or one or more.
  20. One new method for me that I tried today was the 4 cable method as described above, BUT on the amp channel I only used an amp without a cab, and then for the Firehawk I did no amp but chose the cab I wanted (so you go under acoustic amps and remove all amps, but then you click the cab button and change it from no cab to the cab that you want). I actually thought it sounded pretty good, and the very nice thing about it is that it saves DSP in the Stomp allowing some of the more complex effects just in case you hit some type of DSP road block (which I've run into a few times, specifically with more complex EQs sometimes).
  21. 1. Yes you would need to attach a cable to the "Send Stereo" output of the HX Stomp. 2. It mixes them. I personally wouldn't recommend doing that. I'd have path B go to a separate output like you did in the above computer graphic. You bought the LT? Lucky bugger. I know the feeling because I bought the Stomp, but as soon as I started getting to know it I found myself wondering if I needed an LT, but if I do that, I completely undo the whole reason I justified getting a Stomp. Must resist . . . for now . . . One of these days you'll have to let me know if it was significantly cooler to have the full unit. Maybe Christmas 2019 for me!
  22. Cool. Thanks for the reply and explanation. I've never had an active circuit guitar until the Variax, and had no idea there was an advantage to a TRS cable. It looks like I'll be heading off to my local music store . . .
  23. Wait, excuse me if I'm dumb ('cause I often am) but what are you referring to in the above? Are you referring to the simple act of plugging a standard guitar cable into the analog output of the Variax? Are we supposed to make sure it's a TRS cable? Because the handbook simply says "standard" guitar cable here. Is there a risk to the unit? Hopefully I'm off on I90 and didn't realize what you're referring to.
  24. My Stomp has worked just fine, and I've put it through a few rigorous things (preset fun, dual signal chains, 4 cable method, effects use, heavy snapshot use). The thing has performed like a dream for me (and yes, it gets very warm - totally awesome during winter time). I'd give Line 6 a chance to fix it rather than bail on it. It's a solid machine and it does have a beefy warranty which should give early adopters less worry.
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