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    Helix vs. Helix LT

    Interesting. Both Helix's would certainly get the job done. My personal recommendation, based upon how you described yourself, is that the LT is more than sufficient for your needs. Yes, the primary Helix is built like a tank - but the LT is hardly weak sauce. Heck, you could throw on a 60 MONTH accidental damage warranty from most music stores for about $300 bucks and still come in under the floor AND be protected from all sorts of other things if accidental damage was what you're worried about. I'd even recommend taking a look at some of the other ideas out there that cost less based on how you described yourself. Helix's capabilities are insane and go far beyond what I think even most users who buy it ever end up doing with it. It's a complete bargain for what it does - you just might not need what it does. Maybe a Firehawk or the old HD500X would suit you just fine (other than you'd have to kiss goodbye the option of having two guitars plugged in at any one time for some of those options). Of course, the BIG risk there is that you get the gear bug, fall in love with tones but suddenly realize now that you understand it you want more - and find yourself dreaming after a Helix. That was my story right there. At any rate, my suggestion would be the LT. It's the unit I keep eyeing from a distance. I've seen them both in action, but I already know I'll never use all of the capabilities of the LT - might as will save $500 and not get the MEGA mega option. If I ever break down and buy the full blown Helix it means I won the lottery, or just straight up lost my mind and decided that family budgets are for the weak.
  2. Kilrahi

    Two amps / One Helix

    Well, this gets more and more complex. Let me help with what I CAN answer. Others can weigh in on the rest. Question 1: Okay, I don't know if there is a simpler way to have the SAME chorus on for both amps, but in my opinion, after splitting the chain the easiest way is to simply duplicate the exact same chorus with the exact same settings on the second path. That way when you switch between paths you have the same sounding chorus and that chorus could be wherever you want it to be in either path. Helix makes it easy to duplicate a block (and I know because the HX Stomp does that too). Question 2: Why are you opposed to splitting the paths? Does that impact you negatively somehow? To me that's your best and simplest option. That way you're handling your complexity with one or two buttons instead of like . . . 5 or something. If you split the paths you just need simple stomp boxes to select the path you hear. It seems to solve everything you're trying to do quite easily. See the youtube video below for more information:
  3. Kilrahi

    Two amps / One Helix

    Well, I think I understand what you're asking, and PeterHamm pretty much answered it above. To be clear, I don't have a Helix, but based on my understanding of the product, as well as my experience with the older and far less versatile (but still a very beloved and versatile workhorse) Pod HD 500X, this really isn't a big deal, and yes you can. Off the top of my head you'd basically split the signal into two paths. One path would be your "dirty" path with whatever effects you wanted and then going out one of the Helix sends to your dirty amp. The second path would have no effects and go out another Helix send to your clean amp. Your guitar signal goes into the Helix. Then you could use the Helix to switch between these A and B paths. I mean, a bigger Helix expert can clock me off I'm off here, but it should be a cake walk.
  4. Kilrahi

    HX Stomp FAQ

    Thank you for confirming what a lot of us had theorized. It makes sense. I do think there is a possibility for some sort of device that would give Variax owners more instant control of their right - something that connects to an app that lets you change models or tuning on the fly, etc. that we'd just eat up . . . BUT like anything else, I have no idea how successful Variax products are in general to you let alone how financially successful a modification product would be. If nothing else, including some sort of Bluetooth/other connection to an app in future Variax models might be something to keep on the drawing board if it isn't already. FYI loving the Stomp so fare . . .
  5. Kilrahi

    HX Stomp to Firehawk 1500 - Any Users?

    In terms of the FBV3, it only controls internal Firehawk 1500 functions and effects. So with it, you can't use the FBV3 to control the HX Stomp's wah. However, you can do the latter. You can easily use the Firehawk's effects, including its internal Wah, all controlled by the FBV3. Then the HX Stomp controls its own stuff.
  6. I know this is an old post, but it is what I latched on to long ago as a method for connecting the HX Stomp to the Firehawk 1500. It surprises me with all of the gyrations that apparently happened in this post there was no real discussion about how well the above type of setup would work. After trying it, I can't hear any problems with it at all, and since the HX Stomp is largely a baby Helix I can't fathom any reason the Helix couldn't pull it off either.
  7. Kilrahi

    HX Stomp to Firehawk 1500 - Any Users?

    Yeah, I tried it two different ways. Most of the time I do not add an amp or cab model in the HX Stomp. The amp/cab is the Firehawk's with the FX chain after it. However, I have messed around with disabling the Firehawk's amp/cab and instead using the HX Stomp's and it sounded great to me too. I also tried stacking them up out of curiosity - I wouldn't say it was definitively BAD to do so - but you do color the sound more aggressively and if it sounds like garbage there are so many parameters to tweak and I personally had no idea how what would interact with what. It wouldn't be my go to choice for a unique sound, but I'm sure someone out there more skilled than me could dial something pretty cool in. Either way, it seemed a no brainer that you could either 1. Use the Firehawk's amp/cab with no amp/cab selected in HX Stomp OR 2. Use the HX Stomp amp/cab models with the Firehawk's disabled - both seemed completely viable, and if you feel like the HX Stomps sound better that is a motivation there. I'm definitely interested in other people's setup experiences because what people like is partially subjective, BUT I'm also not currently anywhere but at home messing with it and I'm not really in a place where I can pump the volume to maximum levels. I assume the above setups would still stand up in a loud environment but I can't say that I know they would.
  8. Kilrahi

    HX Stomp How Hot does it get ?

    I got mine last night and used it for several hours. Same as above, it just feels warm. Not scary warm, just warm. You could cuddle up against it on a cold day and get some benefit from it beyond just its excellent sounds if that's what you're after.
  9. Kilrahi

    HX Stomp: Are 6 blocks enough? Not really

    I suspect there are hardware limitations involved here that would prevent such a software update, but if not, I agree it's a great idea.
  10. Kilrahi

    That's it???

    Yeah. So does calling them a fascist.
  11. Kilrahi

    That's it???

    He's not assuming. That's the literal meaning of the words you used. You should say, "Hey, that's not what I meant, I misspoke" because clearly the words you spit out blamed Line 6 for fanboys. There is no other way to interpret that. Edit: Ugh, not only did you double down on it but then you repeated it. Do you just not understand the words you write?
  12. Kilrahi

    That's it???

    Fanboyism is an attack meant to critique tribalism of those who like a group and give it the benefit of the doubt where they can. It is meant to condemn them for their lack of objectivity. However, it is just as illogical to become the extreme negative examiner of a product. You have not demonstrated any unique abilities to objectivity. For example, further up in this post you made a blanket statement that no one at Line 6 actually cares about the customers of their products. That type of blanket statement is not supportable and not logical. If you're going to be disgusted when people aren't objective, to be fair you should also spend some time being disgusted with yourself. PS: And Phil_m's response that holding Line 6 responsible for fanboyism is also poorly placed. Your bias is making you further hate the wrong party.
  13. Kilrahi

    HX Stomp: Are 6 blocks enough? Not really

    To be fair to the original poster, Line 6 does refer to it as a "travel rig" which is a little vague. Most pro musicians their rig is a travel rig. The connotation here is clear it's more like a travel rig for the guy who likes to practice crap in his hotel room, but I could see someone thinking it could be more than that. Over all though I think you're right that the marketing clearly focuses on it in two key areas: 1. Expand whatever it is you are currently using. 2. Perfect option for the bedroom guitarist. I'm excited for mine to arrive this week and get a feel for it. In my case, I fit both of those categories. I want to expand my Firehawk 1500 options and have something small and simple to whip out when I want to jam with headphones.
  14. Kilrahi

    That's it???

    Does the irony of this post escape you?
  15. Kilrahi

    That's it???

    I'm no programmer, but I have noticed that releasing foundational updates before product expansions is pretty normal. Sony just barely did it with the PS4 for example, with the explanation being that it's to pave the way for new features. So there must be a certain logic to it.
  16. Kilrahi

    That's it???

    First inclination is to feel the same way, but it would depend on how much it really changed the speed of updates. There's certainly something to be said for the free approach if it's largely as fast as it would go anyway.
  17. Kilrahi

    HX Stomp FAQ

    That hardly implies it wasn't discussed.
  18. Kilrahi

    HX Stomp FAQ

    Well, a bunch of places sold out but as far as I can tell only Sweetwater and Musician's Friend were immediate, and you can still find it in places. Now, with that said, I don't disagree with you. It seems to be a very popular product. I'm one of those saddened by the lack of a Variax port, but if they really couldn't find a way to add it without increasing the size I get it. The fact is this little device is aimed for a slightly different target audience. What they need to do is invent a product for Variax owners that lets them use a phone app to tweak it on the fly however they want. Then it will largely be a non issue. The smaller percentage of Variax users fall in love with the excellent control abilities on the Helix and Firehawk lines and it's hard to go back to the slow modification method on the Variax itself. Oh, and I ordered my stomp from Musician's Friend. Tragically they say it won't be available until 11/15 . . . I'm hoping that's an overly pessimistic estimate . . .
  19. Kilrahi


    Absolutely! . The Firehawk FX and the Firehawk 1500 are essentially the same thing, as the Firehawk 1500 is essentially a killer flat response amp that has had a Firehawk FX already built into it. How easy it is depends upon the "why" for why you're doing it. Do you just want more effects? Do you just want a mono flat response amplifier? If all you want is a basic amplifier, you just use one or both of the "main out" outputs on the Firehawk FX into the "monitor in" inputs on the Firehawk 1500. Walla. This approach is much more limited though as it bypasses all of the Firehawk 1500's effects processing and the whole celebrated wet/dry/wet setup. If you want to utilize its effects it gets a touch more complicated. Since I don't have a basic Firehawk FX and have never tried to meld it with the 1500 (I'm still waiting on my HX stomp to experiment in similar ways) I can only give you some guesswork. You'd probably have to experiment a bit to get exactly what you want. I'd probably recommend some variation of the four cable method with your Firehawk FX as your main starting point (Guitar in/send). It might look something like this: 1. Setup your signal chain how you want it in the Firehawk FX (amp models, effects). 2. Disable the amp model in the Firehawk 1500 (Clean model section set to "none"). Honstly, this is kind of redundant because of how I'm telling you to set it up, but it's good practice to turn off crap you don't need. 3. Place the FX chain for the Firehawk 1500 after the amp section but before its effects and turn it on. 4. Enable whatever Firehawk 1500 effects you want or disable them (turn them off) and ensure they are placed After the FX Loop. 5. Plug your guitar into the "guitar in" section of the Firehawk FX. 6. Use either the left/mono 1/4" out of the Firehawk FX or both the left and right and plug them into the FX Return of the Firehawk 1500. 7. Set the Firehawk FX output mode to "Line." 8. Make sure the Firehawk 1500's FX Loop mix is set to 100%. 9. Adjust the Firehawk 1500's effects and volume to taste. Anyway, I think that would work. I had to type this up pretty fast, but if you're really interested in this it's at least a variation of the above, and I'm sure we could walk you through it if something didn't work on the first try. Below is a link to another earlier topic on the forum which has served me well as a reference for Firehawk stuff:
  20. Kilrahi

    HX Stomp FAQ

    Well, if you find the foot switches aren't enough, I think then the ability to add two more switches is the first option I'd look at.
  21. Kilrahi

    How to get a very long sustain

    You could also give Electro Harmonix's Freeze pedal a try. It's stupidly easy to use and will play a note or chord indefinitely until you tell it to shut up. I love the pedal, goes for about $130 new.
  22. I have no idea how anyone can complain about these conceptually - manufacturing issues are something else if you've run into those. I adore mine. Now, the first one I had something went wrong at just a year out with the high e string piezo, but fortunately I bought through Musician's Friend who had a 2 year warranty. I returned it for repairs, they realized it couldn't be repaired quickly, and sent me a new one (love Musician's Friend!). My second one had weird harmonic issues with some of the acoustic models (5 & 1) when played on the fifth string ninth fret - but I spoke to Line 6 about it and they generously got it taken care of. I'm hoping from this point on it has no problems, because obviously if it keeps having issues that would begin to impact my opinion of purchasing such an expensive guitar, but I loved the Les Paul style of the 59, and it's gorgeous to look at. Its magnetic pickups sound great too and is just another cool option to have. Beyond the repair issues though, it is my "go to" guitar. I play a whole variety of stuff (badly - but I play it, and anything that helps most of the problems be user error the better) and this thing trumps them all. For example, the other day I was working on some Creedence Clearwater Revival. Occasionally those have varied tunings - takes one second on a Variax. Most of the time Fogerty uses a Les Paul - well it's there and I dial it in immediately. Oh, but wait, for "Suzie Q" he uses a Rickenbacker - well, that just took one second too and sounds spot on. Songs with acoustics instead of electrics? Or BOTH? Still easy. Or if I play some Goo Goo Dolls (Iris with only FOUR strings, tuned BDDD - easy, Name tuned DAEAEE - easy - Big machine a strat with only four strings - EASY!). Joni Mitchell's bizarre tunings? John Lennon requiring an Epiphone Casino? Beck with a Danelectro? A strat for Ray Vaughan or Eric Clapton? We haven't even discussed guitarists who love modifying their pickups endlessly, and the Variax lets me do all that garbage for free and even hear how it sounds on the fly. Is it perfect? No. I really hate when I'm in an extremely bizarre tuning and I can hear the modeled tuning in contrast to the true tuning - I have no idea how you'd fix that though, and most of the time if I turn the sound up on the amp or headphones I don't hear it. Does bleed exist? Yeah - but the problems it creates are over stated. I assume the technology will get better, but here's the deal, I'm excited for it, and when it does, I'm already in line because I know how awesome the current version is.
  23. Kilrahi


    Well that's a challenging question and it comes down to a number of things that are hard for me to know. The biggest is "what is most important to you as a guitar player?" If it's pure sound as good as it can be - well then the HX Stomp kills the Firehawk. However, if what you're more in to is the ease of setting up tones, then I'd have to say the Firehawk takes the win. Below is kind of my perspective on both. My advice would be to determine which features are the MOST important to you. 1. Firehawk: This is the unit I first purchased (Kind of - I got the Firehawk 1500 which is basically a killer amp that had a baby with a Firehawk) and I still adore it and spend hours lost in its possibilities. It's greatest strength compared to the HX Stomp is affordability and simplicity of use. It has a HUGE array of useful amps, cabs, and effects just like HX Stomp, but it also has a Bluetooth app for use on Android or IOS that allows for extremely quick and easy chain setup. Further, you can quickly download signal chains from the cloud that other power users have created. The other day I wanted to create the perfect "Sweet Child of Mine" tone and within seconds I'd found some great choices from the cloud, tweaked the one I liked, and then I saved it so I could easily access it later. It has a built in wah/volume pedal, AND of you're ever even remotely tempted to get a Variax guitar (and they're awesome by the way) this has the connections for using one to its fullest - the HX Stomp does not. 2. HX Stomp - If you're a hardcore guitarist, the tragic blackhole is that no matter how much money you "save" buying some great all in one rig, somehow you always find yourself wanting the next big improvement. If you are this type of guitarist, there's a good chance that as soon as you get the Firehawk you'll already be dreaming of the next step up in sound. This is one of the HX Stomp's biggest draw points as quite frankly, it has the better sounds when compared to the Firehawk. What's more, the Firehawk appears to be a finished product whereas the Helix family is still Line 6's pride and joy, which means you're going to still get more and more free updated tones as time goes on. Whereas the Firehawk is portable, this thing completely trounces the Firehawk or anything else on portability (I mean - LOOK AT IT!). Finally, it will seamlessly melt into any future rig you may want to expand to, and that includes attaching to a Firehawk, a Helix Effects, LT, Headrush - the sky is the limit. The only drawbacks? It's $200 MORE expensive than the Firehawk, it does not have a built in expression pedal (another $100) and the fact is it is not even close to as easy to quickly setup a quality tone, or as easy to access it's features (three switches and no app as opposed to the 12 switches, foot switch, AND the app for the Firehawk - Plus no Variax input). Whew. Tough Decsion. So which profile do you feel best fits you?
  24. Kilrahi

    Helix HX - Helix vs Legacy Effects

    Time and money is probably what it comes down to. The older legacy effects were done in the earlier days of Line 6 with earlier technology. Keep in mind though, that in no way means they suck. Lots of time and effort was put into making those the best possible at the time of release. From what I can see, Line 6 continually puts effort into coming out with new effects or updating old ones, and when those are created the Helix gets updated. So, why keep the old effects, especially if they're duplicates in some cases? First, for the effects that ONLY exist in legacy editions, they're still extremely useful and if you try them you'll probably notice they still sound great. You can ditch the legacy effect if a newer one is ever created. As for the effects that are sometimes duplicated (at least with the Firehawk it had both HD versions and old legacy version of the SAME effect) that probably is a bit of overkill, but at the same time, if you're a person who fell in love with one of your presets with the old legacy settings and are now stepping out into the new world of updated modeling, who is Line 6 to take that old sound away from you? It's still a legitimate sound, after all and arguable worth using in its own right.
  25. Kilrahi

    Helix HX Stomp to Firehawk 1500

    That's an excellent point because yes, the Variax is ahead of the FX send loop no matter what you do. With that being the case, plugging the stomp into the FX loop of the Firehawk should solve the problem in most cases. What I don't know, though, is what the dry signal of the Variax does in the Firehawk. Does it travel through the FX loop or is it separated before that even happens? Or does it matter where in the chain I place the effects loop? Those details would impact whether/how I'd ever be able to take advantage of the amp/cabinet models of the Stomp through the Firehawk while still keeping the Variax connected to the Firehawk, and not the Stomp.