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  1. On 11/16/2019 at 7:44 AM, sevastopo said:

    Hello, I want to buy second HX stomp and use it as a delay/reverb processor. Pls ask - is it possible to use 6 HD presets (like HD reverb or ect) together? I mean - is it normally for CPU? Or better to buy strymon pedals or something else? 

    Maybe somebody use two HX stomps together and will share experiences? 



    While I agree with everyone here that an HX Effects or an LT is a better choice for most people, to answer your original question, two Stomps play together just fine.

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  2. 3 hours ago, PlayinOcean said:

    I just read in the HX manual that you can only asign line or instrument level to a combined fx loop in + out, instead of the two independent. This might cause problems for my setup: I want to send my signal from my guitar through HX to the amp at instrument level (as my amp-input is designed that way). Then, after the amp has fed the signal to the load box, I want to take the line out of the load box to the return input on my HX on the same fx-loop. That way the procedure only takes one send/return block. I also need to use a block for the IR, so that's two blocks used already before any effects are chosen.

    If the send/return pair is set to line I send a line signal into my guitar amp, if it is set to instrument, I recieve a line signal from the loadbox into my HX... 

    I really don't want to be forced to use two different fx-loops (and two different blocks) to do the HX-->amp and the amp(/loadbox)-->HX.


    Does anybody have any experience with this setup and/or any advice on how to proceed?




    Yes. You should start with the FX loop set to instrument. Then only worry about it if it sounds weird. If it does, you can manually adjust the volume levels of the FX loop. If that still doesn't work switch to line level and try that, but I'll be very surprised if you need to. 

  3. 9 minutes ago, godfather_77 said:

    Is there a similar effect  in the HX as the Boss compression sustainer?


    There are several, including models of the Boss CS-1.


    Check under "Dynamic Models."

  4. 16 minutes ago, veka062 said:

    Any good advice for really big suistaine?

    May be some imitation of Fendandes sutainer pickups in Helix?


    I always start with the classic ingredient . . . a solid compressor. The Red Comp is an obvious classic (MXR Dyna Comp) that I never get tired of. 

  5. I've owned both, finally sold the Stomp and upgraded for the Helix.


    I loved the Stomp, and I'll be honest, there's times I miss the small form factor of the Stomp. The kicker with the Stomp is the six blocks. As long as whatever you're trying to do has only six blocks, I think its' a pretty amazing device.


    I do believe that most of the time if you're planning on performing with it you really need to consider the choice as a Stomp + a foot switch (preferably a midi one) in order to bring out its full potential. 

  6. 1 hour ago, rzumwalt said:

    I've seen some reviews for the Strymon Iridium saying it might be an alternative for some players to the HX Stomp. I'd be curious if anyone has tried it and found any use for it in conjunction with the HX Stomp, HX Effects, or even Helix. If I were in the HX Stomp/Iridium market, I know I would choose the HX Stomp, but I could also see it being used sort of like "extra DSP" where you want two or three parallel amps that are too DSP intensive to use in the same preset. It's use  with HX Effects is obvious, but I feel like it is marketed toward physical pedalboard guys.


    Obviously you could pair it with the Stomp easily in some type of 4 cable approach so that the Stomp provided pre and post effects with the Iridium providing the amp modeling. 


    In fact, there's a video on youtube comparing the two device's amp modelling that at least sets the groundwork for that setup, which I've linked below.


    Now, in my opinion, that's a complete waste of money. The Iridium is massively expensive and unless you believe it brings some sort of premium amp sounds that the Stomp doesn't (which I don't) I can't imagine choosing to go that route. I'd rather have the Stomp be the core of everything, with some unique pedals apart from amp modelling to take some of the burden off of its DSP usage. If you already owned an HX Effects, I suppose the Iridium could be an excellent way to bring amp modelling into the mix. 


    With all that said, at least in the way he has them setup in the video below, I did feel like the Iridium regularly sounded better. Yet, every time I tried to create the sounds I wanted to match his Iridium sounds I didn't feel like I had a problem doing so, so I'm not sure what stopped him. You of course might see it differently. 




  7. 16 hours ago, silverhead said:

    The Legacy category of FX are ported to Helix from earlier modeling technologies; they are not based on Helix modeling.  They don't work any differently but they were built differently. Nonetheless they are very good and popular models and Line 6 decided to make them available in Helix but tagged them as Legacy for easy identification.


    That's not entirely true. In every post I ever read from Digital Igloo he said they'd been upgraded to be Helix level.


    I have no idea what the hell that means, but he did indicate SOMETHING magical was added to them. 

  8. 58 minutes ago, jkartush said:



    One quick aside -when moving my Stomp from an amp to a PA, I of course changed the output to Line from Instr - but tones not sounding great, despite the proper output change - but I'm guessing the mods I made before may be at fault and will have to be reworked


    What I'm about to suggest may be a complete duh to you, but it's always hard to know someone's experience with a modeler off of one post.


    Just to be sure though, direct presets need to be substantially different from amp presets.

  9. Nevermind. I'm dumb. Turns out it does have a mic input.


    Try doing a clean signal first. JUST mic .... don't add any other effects. How does that sound?


    When I messed around with my mic input it was very easy to muck up the sound, and I never ran it through an amp block.

  10. That's a pretty complex bit for the Stomp to do. You could certainly send the crossover frequency sounds to the front of house no problem, but the problem becomes sending something comparable to the on stage monitor.


    You're going to have to sacrifice somewhere. If you REALLY think the split crossover is that essential, how essential is it to you that your stage sound have that? That's where I'd let go.


    You might also try experimenting a bit with the Tilt EQ on a Path A for FOH and a path B for your stage sound. It's not a 1 to 1 comparison with the split crossover approach, but it does have a lot of comparable qualities and you may be able to get something just as useful. 


    Hell, maybe even better. 

  11. For what it's worth, I think this is a problem with a lot of home appliances. The other day I wanted to power my refrigerator with some double sided scotch tape, but after being on hold for 45 minutes, and then going round in round with fruitless negotiations for another thirty,  the manufacturer's rep yelled at me that I HAD to use the included power cord, and then rudely hung up on me. 

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  12. 58 minutes ago, Florian_lecorre said:


    hey! I allow myself to dig up this post because I have the same problem. I use the FX Loop in stereo with a Y cable for the SEND and Return L + R. When I plug my pedals in series everything is OK but as soon as I want to use the loop it "hum". That it is with 6 pedals or just 1 ... The cables are handmade and the power supplies are voodoolab. I really have trouble understanding the problem ... A conflict with the ground?



    If you follow the original thread, you'll see all the input I have on the issue.


    My initial thought would be yes, a ground conflict. Start there and eliminate that before checking other alternatives. 

  13. On 11/5/2019 at 8:54 AM, soundog said:


    You bet I will! I don't want a madman determining how much I have to pay for my guitar modeler!


    47 minutes ago, HonestOpinion said:


    I try to keep my posts fairly apolitical so I know how you feel. Have never liked social media or forums much for discussing politics. Seems like the most polarizing views get rewarded with likes, there is little room for nuance, compromise, or veering off from the party line, whichever party you are in. Seeing as how you downvoted Soundog though your complaint seems a bit disingenuous. 


    Hell, I took soundog's comment as a joke. To be honest, I could see the statement being said by a Republican or a Democrat and I didn't think it revealed much about his political persuasion. 


    Why? Because of the "guitar modeler" comment. In the grand scheme of things, in a world of murder, asylums, gun arguments, free speech debates, mental illness, war, budget deficits, and civil rights, guitar modelers rank at about a zero on political importance. 


    So I read it as an agnostic statement with a humorous sarcasm tone, but what do I know?

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  14. On 10/4/2019 at 8:18 AM, andymguitar said:


    I've got a behringer powered speaker and a Yamaha PA, have tried both but I'm not entirely satisfied. Reducing the E and A and D string signal on workbench to around 80 / 60 % has helped, but it's something about the attack and lack of sustain. Essentially if I closed my eyes I would hear it's nowhere near an acoustic sound! I half wonder if I have a dud as so many others seem be satisfied..!


    I have a Helix LT also, thinking of just setting up a patch for the acoustic sound with some EQ etc etc..


    Have you tried recording it direct so that all you hear is the output signal? 


    Many, many, many times . . . too many to count, I've been dissatisfied only to find out later it was because I could hear the sound of the actual guitar more than the modeled output. The audience, on the other hand, didn't hear any of the actual guitar.


    Once I did that, I realized it sounded pretty good. 

  15. On 11/5/2019 at 10:26 AM, guitarbloke1980 said:


    Ooh sorry yes I should have mentioned this!!  All I'm using is an amp block (full amp, not just pre-amp), 



    7 hours ago, guitarbloke1980 said:


    Oh no no no, I'm not using any cab or IR blocks - just the amp block.  I use an Amp block, a Delay block and a Reverb block.  I'm using it with my real amp and 2x12 cab.



    Well, I should have been clearer about what I meant too. 


    You should start with pre-amp models, not the full blown amp models. They're specifically designed for when you're feeding the HX Stomp directly into a power amp, which is what you're doing by going into the effects loop in. 


    If you use the full amp model (but no cab) you're basically doubling up power amps. 



  16. 53 minutes ago, paddyclarke96 said:

    Hi, I would like to put my HX Stomp onto my pedal board and power using my cs12 can someone please let me know what I need to get in order to power it without blowing it up?


    Many thanks 


    I own the CS12. The nice thing about buying it is you don't have to buy ANYTHING else. It comes with every connector you need. Essentially it will be:


    1. The green Line 6 plug. 

    2. The reverse polarity plug (this is because the Line 6 plug reverses the polarity, and you need to reverse it back again). 

    3. One of the standard plugs. 


    You connect all three in one of the 500 power ports and you're good to go. 

  17. 15 minutes ago, guitarbloke1980 said:


    Ooh sorry yes I should have mentioned this!!  All I'm using is an amp block (full amp, not just pre-amp), delay and reverb on the stomp (in that order).



    10 minutes ago, chasingMango said:


    I have only used the helix with FRFR speakers, so I'm not personally familiar with using it with a traditional amp... but wouldn't you want to use the amp's pre-amp?  I wonder if you would like the tone more if you did what I said above, turning off amp modeling on the stomp?  With an additional two cables you could try it.

    Yes, this is probably your first problem right there.


    You are essentially doubling up cabs (your real amp's cab and the Stomp's simulated cab). 


    This is bound to make things pretty muddy.  


    Start by experimenting with pre-amp only models in the Stomp. See if that is more to your liking. If you still have problems, we can further fine tune from there. 

  18. 4 minutes ago, phil_m said:


    As far as bugs, it's always a somewhat tricky situation. Every firmware is going to have some bugs. It's just a matter of the severity. I do think if there were something of a showstopper bug, Line 6 would deal with that. I'm not aware of anything like that with the Firehawk at the moment.


    I've seen various reports on Facebook that the most recent IOS edition rendered the app unusable for IOS users. 


    I'm Android so I can't speak to it. Granted you can still control the device with the device itself, but I'd still classify that as a showstopper. 


    I don't know how long the problem has been going on though. Maybe it's only been a week, and it'll be fixed in five days. 

  19. 2 hours ago, frankencat said:

    Can the headphone output be configured for use as a send to the PA? I tried it briefly once to drive my frfr floor monitor and it sounded weird, I am guessing because of the impedance maybe? I would like to use it to run to the house because it can be setup so that the volume knob does not affect it. Thanks in advance. :)


    As Phil said above, you have it backwards. 


    In regards to the headphone out, you can use it as an output for something like a monitor, but it isn't as hot as the actual main outputs. If it were me, I would stick to the main outs for the FOH.

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