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  1. 7 minutes ago, chasingMango said:

    P.S. I am not sure but I think you might be skipping your pre-amp, if nothing is going into your amp's input jack.  Try plugging your guitar into the amp input, then run a cable form the fx send to your peddleboard, then another cable from your peddleboard to your fx return.


    Agreed. It's always helpful to know what your Stomp's actual signal chain is if you want people to evaluate why it sounds crummy. 



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  2. 1 hour ago, djcanilla said:

    Yes but taking into consideration its age  the fact that there have only been three firmware updates in its time, when bugs are continually been reported, it really puts things into perspective. I love my firehawk, but the experience could be so much better with a few bug fixes. This is what would put me off getting another line 6 product, cos who's to say the same won't happen to the helix when the next best thing comes along? I do also understand however that other products are sold as is and no updates are ever released so I'll really need to think about what i want to get when my firehawk dies or becomes unuseable.


    I definitely agree with you that bug fixes should be squashed quickly. If they're still selling it, then they need to continue to support patches so that the software continues to function.  


    If they ever stop selling it, then I would understand dropping support (not immediately, but after a little while). 


  3. 51 minutes ago, cruisinon2 said:


    Oh well, it's a lovely world... glad I bought when I did. Fascinating that each new round of tarriffs works out exactly to a $100 increase... that's some really convenient math.


    Businesses operate out of fear. They tend to raise the prices a lot more than they have to so that they are sitting at comfortable margins for quite some time.  In terms of a $1500 product, $100 is just enough that it hurts but not enough that it out right turns people away. At least, that would be the hope. 


    At the same time though, competitors have not raised their prices once since the tariffs were brought about, and most of their products are also made in China. There is definitely a certain power in Line 6 being the product leader. It allows them to raise prices and keep happy margins where their competitors can't afford to. 


    I'm sure there are other complex variables going on too. 

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  4. Just to elaborate on what Silverhead said, I wouldn't mess around with monitoring the recording itself. Monitor from the hardware and assume the recording is capturing it perfectly. Once you've laid down the track, then play it back in Reaper to make sure it recorded okay. 


    If you really want to amp up the recording process, purchase Helix Native. It's $100 with a new LT, and in my opinion, totally worth it as you can skip the whole process of re-amping. Even better, wait until Black Friday and there's a very good chance Line 6 will have a Native sale all the way down to about $70.



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  5. The crazier the setup, the harder you'll be taxing the Stomp's 6 block limit. 


    Still, I do think what you're trying to do can be done with some creative hard panning. Here's the key ingredients:


    Blocks Needed:


    Amp Block; Separate IR Block; FX Send/Return block. I have to stress, without knowing what's on your pedal board it's hard for me to know the best place to stick the FX send and return. So it might take tweaking from the below. 


    Signal Chain:


    Amp Block >>>> FX Send/Return Block >>>>>> Split Paths to A and B >>>> Hard pan left channel to path A and right channel to path B >>>>> IR Block on Path A >>>>>> Dummy block (like an EQ block or something) on Path B >>>> Re-merge paths but keep them hard panned left and right. 


    Doing this your left channel output should then be connected to the mixer.


    Your right channel output should go to your amp. 



  6. FIZZ

    3 hours ago, codamedia said:



    What made the big difference for me with the stock cabs was the 2.8 addition of the TILT EQ. Place it after the cabinet block then turn the tilt down (toward the dark position) and I find it works as a great Hi Cut Filter without completely removing all highs.... I generally run that EQ around the "Dark 50" area and find it works wonders on cabinets. 


    I've said it before in this thread... and others. This EQ has a similar effect to moving the mic position from the center (where it is on cab blocks) toward the edge of the speaker. 


    It might not be what you are looking for... but IMO it's a simple and elegant EQ 



    I just wanted to say, I read your earlier tip on the tilt EQ and finally tried it a few days ago and I REALLY like it. I have always liked the stock cabs, but my methods for darkening them up when needed was not half as simple and elegant as this. Thanks for the tip!

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  7. 7 hours ago, djcanilla said:

    Not loved it, i still have it and still do love it, but not a fan of the lack of support from line 6. There are numerous requests for some changes to the unit, such as patch structure, settings, etc and these go unanswered or unresolved. Further to this and more importantly there have been no firmware updates for ages either. It just makes me wonder why this unit has been abandoned COMPLETELY in favour of the helix. Just saying that if my firehawk did die i would probably not go for another line 6 product. This doesn't mean that their products are not top notch; on the contrary they are probably the best out there, i am just not a fan of the way the firehawk has been treated. my opinion only and not meant to put anybody off line 6 or put their reputation down.


    Look at what you bought, though. They're like, what, $350?


    The Helix devices are $600 minimum, and at the time of purchase they mentioned updates.


    The Firehawk NEVER promised anything other than bug fixes. As far as you and I know, it doesn't even have the ability to be updated significantly. Not all devices out there do.


    If you compare the Firehawk to some other $350 effects unit it doesn't lack in anyway. 


    I just don't get the endless update griping. I have lots of devices that don't update. 


    When was the last time your expensive tube amp had a firmware update?

  8. 9 hours ago, djcanilla said:

    I have been a fan of line 6 products since i bought a second hand pod xt; i loved the sound i was getting and the versatlilty of the pod, even though i paid quite a bit of money for the expansion packs. Then came the firehawk fx and i loved the idea of being able to edit patches on my phone or ipad, at a moment's notice, so i bought one. I have loved it from the moment i got it, although admittedly i wished some changes to the signal chain would be forthcoming. I've even used the patch editor on my phone at sound check, making slight adjustment to volumes etc. At one point i was even considering getting a variax to maximise the full potential of the firehawk. However, seeing how the firehawk has been abandoned in favour of the helix i doubt i will buy another line 6 product ever again. I cannot afford to buy a helix, nor do i have a need for one as the firehawk is more than capable of giving me the sounds i need, but the lack of support for this product means that when it dies, and eventually it will, i will be looking at other brands for a replacement to this great piece of equipment. Shame.


    This just seems stupid. You even admit you have loved it, so wtf?

  9. FIZZ

    3 hours ago, SaschaFranck said:


    Would it be a bad thing to at least try to believe in altruism?


    Altruism clearly exists to varying degrees. Cynicism reduces everything to a skewed view about motive, pay, etc. While even a purely altruistic action has some degree of gain motivation (even if it's just the feel good result of being altruistic), that doesn't mean you can just round that action down to be pure selfishness. 


    Now, to go from the general philosophy to the very specific - John Mayer's comments - I personally would guess John truly believes what he's saying. It probably has very little to do with a conscious desire to keep contracts or promote his own wealth. HOWEVER, I would be a fool not to think that those factors influence him, even when he's aware of it, and so his bias will likely always to be to listen for things that he thinks modelling doesn't do right yet . . . even if he only imagines it. 


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  10. FIZZ

    8 minutes ago, rd2rk said:


    Dude's got about a trillion dollars. The money he makes on endorsements of VERY high ticket items is chump change. He endorses anybody he wants to.

    His endorsements also serve to improve the industry. How many years have we all been waiting and praying for modelers with TRUE WAPOOSH? Now L6 has a clear and objectively defined target to shoot for! :-)


    Last night as I was doing the laundry, I heard from the machine what sounded like the perfect and most true "wapoosh" sound I've ever heard.


    I think that's probably the secret right there. Line 6 needs to implement a whirlpool model, with controls for both hot or cold water. Extra rinse would be nice too!


    Obviously they should focus on the older 80's models. None of that current digital lollipop. 

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  11. FIZZ

    4 hours ago, viola said:

    ...listen to what says John Mayer about  here: htpps://www.musicradar.com/news/john-mayer-says-amp-modelling-is-close-but-not-quite-perfect-yet



    Dude has said some pretty weird things in this day. This probably doesn't even rank on the top ten, but it's still amusing.


    Great guitar player though. 

  12. FIZZ

    How did you usually hear your real amps? Line 6 modeling defaults usually mimic an amp with all the dials cranked, but chances are your actual volume on your output device isn't cranked.


    This means you're having a purely digital experience impossible in the real world. I think it's gorgeous, but it can be very disconcerting at first.


    Quickest way to find out if that's bothering you is to crank your output device to real amp levels.


    What are you using to hear it anyway?

  13. 19 minutes ago, K1dr0b said:

    I saw a video on YouTube wherein a rep from Line 6 (can't remember his name) said the Spider IV can be upgraded to Spider V.  This was when the Spider V first came out.  How do I go about that?


    Uhhh . . . the only way is to sell the old Spider IV, and buy a Spider V with the money.

  14. FIZZ

    32 minutes ago, merdenoms74 said:

    I stumbled across this thread after searching for 'clipping' as I'm having a problem with this too. I haven't read through the entire thread so I apologise if what I'm about to say has already been covered. Having had the Helix for only a day I have found that the default settings for the amp models are way too hot and the 'digital clipping' artifacts are a major issue for me too. The issue, for me  at least, is most prominent on the models that load up with their master volumes on 10. The clipping can be reduced considerably by bringing this down. In some cases, the channel volume also has to come down to get rid of it. With the amp model bypassed I can't make the signal clip, so on the positive side it is definitely a software issue. Like I said, I've only had it for a day so I have a lot of experimenting to do. I remember having the same issue with the POD HD (I think they improved it with later firmware updates). 


    Whatever it is you feel you're hearing, it is not digital clipping.


    Especially in regards to the Master volumes being set at 10. The amps that have their Masters set at 10 never had Master volume knobs in the first place, so if you lower them you're changing the true sound of the modelled amp and making it behave in a way that would have been impossible in the real world. That's not to say you can't do it - it might even sound good.


    Whatever the case though, that is not at all what digital clipping is.

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  15. 1. No. To have a stereo sound come out of the Stomp, you need the final block to be a stereo block. If your final block is not stereo (such as an amp block or a IR) then the signal will be summed to mono. To have a stereo sound, you would need the final block to be stereo (such as reverb, etc.) AND feed that stereo sound into one speaker with a left channel, and the right output be fed into another speaker for the right channel. 


    2. Ummm . . . no . . . but I'll admit I have a hard time picturing what you're trying to do here.  What would be the purpose of doing this? Just to have two very different amp sounds?


    It might be better for me to wrap my head around what you're doing if you describe the whole signal chain. For example, when you say "reverb stereo output" or "returning one of my reverbs" are you referring to the Stomp's reverbs or a separate reverb pedal? 

  16. 10 minutes ago, HonestOpinion said:

    This whole thread seems like an absurd comparison to make in the first place. The Helix and the Axe-FX III are separated from each other by over $1800 if you include the required additions of a foot controller and expression pedal. The four processors in the Axe-FX III and probably some of the other components are superior to the Helix as you would expect in a device that is so much more expensive. There is substantially more processing muscle in the Axe-FX III than the Helix. To me it comes down to which features you value most, what kind of UI you prefer, and whether you are willing to spend an additional $1800 for a setup that probably does have a better sound (provided you even have the ears to detect it) and more tweakable parameters than the Helix. I generally don't bother trying to convince myself that devices separated this dramatically in price are just as good as each other. I know it's heresy here but they probably aren't.  I'll admit it is somewhat comforting that even with the price differential there are still some things the Helix does better. Just happy to have the Helix. It does an incredible job and offers an amazing amount of features and flexibility at its price point.  I don't expect my laptop to do everything a Cray super computer does either, nor did I have to spend millions on it, however my laptop does fit nicely on my desk and doesn't require 10% of the Hoover dam's electrical output to run. Suits my needs and budget.


    Good points. There WILL come a point where all of this audio improvement is just snake oil. Our ears are pretty garbage in the grand scheme of things. 


    In my opinion, we hit that a bit BEFORE Helix, but I could be wrong. How much better Fractal factually is, and how much of that fact we can actually perceive with our garbage ears, is up for debate I guess. 

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  17. FIZZ

    28 minutes ago, SaschaFranck said:


    Well, compared to the internal cabs, I vastly prefer playing through my own IRs, at least once it's about gig/rehearsal volume. So, in a way, for me that's a sort of requirement - and I defenitely wouldn't have bought the Helix without an IR loading option.



    And it's totally awesome it allows that feature. Maybe someday I'l find myself using them more. For now, I only use a 3rd party IR 5% of the time, if that. 


    Options are always a win though.

  18. FIZZ

    7 hours ago, SaschaFranck said:

    While I love all these options and while I'm quite a sort of a tweaking person, non of all these steps should be required to get a decent (or even great) guitar sound. Guitar, amp. cab. That should do for a great basic tone. And well, IMO in case of the Helix, it does, but a) not for all amps and b) not exactly for live playing. Studio tones IMO don't work too well in most live scenarios. Would perhaps be great to have a special category of cabs tailored for live players.

    Not much of an issue for me as I have my own IRs that I'm happy with, but you hear these things all the time when it comes to modelers (not just the Helix).


    They're not required though. To be honest, I was just fine using an HX Stomp (6 blocks) for most of my presets and I was perfectly happy.


    Most of the time when I'm just fiddling around, all I grab is a dual amp block.


    Guitarists are fickle never happy people.  We've all been or met people who own a million drive pedals, or are constantly selling old tube amps and buying new ones, claiming they've found "nirvana" only to then need a new nirvana 12 months later.


    Guitarists are endless tweakers. That's the strength of Helix, not a weakness.  it allows us to come up with a million permutations of sounds without spending a million dollars to do it, and it allows us to come up with signal chains with would be too big a pain in the lollipop in the real world. 


    Codamedia's excellent advice should be a reason to buy it, not to stay away. 

  19. 3 hours ago, rd2rk said:


    He wants to just jump between acoustic and electric without cable swapping. That means acoustic into the Fishman Input, Electric into Helix input.

    He could work that with an A/B box for the guitars, but that adds another gadget, six cables instead of four.


    I dunno. I still prefer his way because I'd rather keep all the control possible in one place and retain the most functionality.


    He's still got an unused FX return. Connect the acoustic to it, use snapshots to switch between two guitars in a preset, or if each preset is too complex I guess switch patches, but he'd have to do that anyway.


  20. FIZZ

    3 hours ago, rd2rk said:


    For all the time I've had this thing I've been fighting fizz. You'd think I'd have figured this out.

    You should save this to a little text file and every time someone uses the word FIZZ copy/paste this to a reply.

    Better yet, make it a sticky. Oh, that's right, nobody reads those.

    I applied it to a particularly fizzy preset that I'd been using a single cab on with 8k/80 Hi-Lo cuts, and LO AND BEHOLD! FIZZ BE GONE!




    Thank you!



    It is great advice as a whole, but I'm curious, what was the step(s) you were missing out on? You're clearly very knowledgable in your own right.


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