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  1. I have always used the "treble bleed" circuit in my guitars. Now, after getting a Variax, I miss it when I use the magnetic pickups (but it seems I'm not going to use them a lot), but I can't understand exactly what I hear with the modeled pickups. It seems to me that the loss of the treble part of the signal is less striking. Is it to? And maybe does it depend on the "active" technology of the modeled pickups? That said, anyway the behaviour of the sound is weird when I use the modeled pickups and I change the guitar volume knob level. It's less satisfactory and different from standard guitars imho (I mean standard guitars with or without treble bleed circuit). Do you have any suggestion? Or am I only imaging this difference? By the way, I don't know if it's important, but I use my Variax with a VDI cable (Helix).
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