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  1. I have the same problem. I can't open HX Edit, not even with a black screen, but it works perfectly in the laptop. It worked flawless with previous firmware versions. I did was Line 6 support suggested (clean all previous versions, did all the updates) with no results. I'm using Window 10.

    Please Line 6, solve the problem!

  2. On ‎3‎/‎31‎/‎2017 at 7:27 PM, spikey said:

    Is that hookup something like this perhaps?



    (Thanks to one of the guys on the H&K forums)


    Thanks for the chart.  Could you please made a more complete chart, including:

    a) the GrandMeister app and the Helix Edit. I guess there should be an extra link (by USB) from the Midi interface to the PC/Mac.

    b) The FSM-432 MK III, between the Midi Interface and the GM-40.


    In the end, with the right connections, one should be able to (at least):

    - Change presets in GM-40 from the Helix.

    - Change presets in GM-40 from the FSM-432 MK III

    - Tweak the settings in the GM app and save them in the GM-40 amp.


    I have tried this with no sucess. I'm using the Mio4 as the Midi interface. Leaving aside the use of the FSM-432 MK III, the connection between the Helix and the GM-40 works perfectly (I can change presets) but with the above settings the app is not sending or receiving any midi messages (cannot change from library to amp), even it recognises as OK the midi interface.





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