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  1. Hi. I´m so lucky to have both FM3 and Helix paired with my DT50 Head to a 2x12 Cab with g12H75 creambacks. The sound is very good (looking for what I want, that is to get real configurable poweramp with realistic preamp models, so, usin PREAMP models in Helix/FM3 and to not double the poweramp part of the sound). The only problem I get Is with models how medium or high gain without master volume, wher a hugh part of the distortion comes from driving the poweramp tubes. DT apperas almost impossible to produce poweramp distortion, when I raise de volume from the models they start to "clip" getting nasty digital distortion. With helix I know the preamp models are "cut" by -24dB , but raising to that volume with "gain blocks" I get "read cliping alert" from the device.

    Am I doing something wrong? Is there a whay to push the poweramp section of DT50 into distortion? Thank you all in advance!

  2. Today I called Audionusica again. They told me that they are waiting for Line 6 to sent the info about Bulletin 059 and how to proceed. Can you help me in any way? Thank you in advance!

  3. Today I was talking to the Chief tech of Audiomusica (Authorized Line6 Service Center in my country). They told me that they are still waiting for  the password to access the internal Line 6 bulletins (they told me that the password you give them is incorrect), so they can't do anything to my am yet! Could you be so nice to help me?

  4. I dont think is a bug, instead how it works. The thing is that I dont see advantage on how you loose control over DT amp when in channel B (over L6Link). I thin that could be changed easy via Helix update. By the way, my DT50 head cannot change anything via MIDI if L6link is connected. Are you experience that too (I  think is a little fool to change every parameter via L6Link if in Channel A, but have to connect a MIDI cable to change things if in Channel B if you are at your computer)

  5. That's nice!! They contact you about my amp? Any chances to know what do you tell them about? I hope they can proceed with Bulletin 059, and can verify the bias and lower the hiss noise floor 

    Thank you!

  6. Today I received news from my local Authorized center. They cannot reproduce the "hiss" in topology III.  They don't made any maintenance either. They don't know what Bulletin 059 is (my amp is on the serial number that need to be service). What next?

  7. On 4/6/2022 at 12:21 PM, psarkissian said:

    L6 Link and MIDI data are different, can't piggy back on one another.


    I know. Can you try to use midi from Helix to DT50 when  L6Link is connected please? I think is a bug

  8. If you use Helix to DT50 via L6Link you could set the parameters on DT50 thru HxEdit. Saddly, some parameters are not accesibles via HxEdit, and when you use L6Link you lost the Midi connection with DT50. I think it is a bug need to be corrected.

  9. Well, I´ll be glad to pay for tubes, Bias, and general maintenence if that gives solution to the high hiss noise floor. I dontt know what to ask about bulletin and will be done... suppose it dont  include what you said.

  10. Well. Thanks. I ended at my local  Authorized Service center today, as was advised by psarkissian. Many thanks to him. My amp is under TSB 059, so I took it to general maintenance and service under this bulletin whatever ir is. I hope the noise floor became a lot better after this service, but I donk know what to expect here in my country. I doubt every authorized Line6 service center being equal in quality  and with a legacy amp as DT50 head, they look like "what?" at me when I talk about the bulletin and everything, I don't know if they follow the internal communication channels for service or if they will do what they think must be done by their knowledge and not guided by Line6 recommendations.... so I'm a little scared.  Anyway, I don't know if they will charge me the entire maintenence or if the TSB 059 will be free, or if all the cost of bias, changing tubes etc will be under 059 maintenence warranty. I don't know how much time I will being without the amp either.  I will report back when I know something. Thanks in advance

  11. 1.- Thank you!. How I send a private message to you... I cant manage to do that in this forum!

    2.- I meant to say a single 12AX7EH with balanced TRIODES.... intended for use in the Phase inverter spot


    Thank you

  12. Dear psarkissian

    1. How can I know if my DT50 head is affected by tsb 059?

    2. It is reccommended to use a balanced 12ax7EH inthe PI position for DT50 head?


    Thank you!

  13. Someone has success updating DT50 head with Midisport UNO in Windows 11?

    On windows 10, can someone give me some step by step guidelines to update my DT50? I have a windows 10 laptop and a windows 11 desktop, with no luck using M Audio Midisport UNO. I don't want to buy another interface, they are not cheap! I tried everything on this forum! M Audio cannot update the firmware, in DT Edit it receive but dot send information (the in and out lights works, but the Dt50 doesn't change anything) I'm using the latest (2013)! Drivers from M Audio website. I Don know what else to do! Please help!

  14. Hi. I will get a DT50 Head on March. I bought it from Ebay. Sinc I'm in Chile, the voltage from the wall doesn't match (wall=240v, amp=110v). What are the specs and adapter transformer need to be? I can buy a 240V to 110V transformers 80watts..... It is better to take the amp to a Service Center to Swap the transformer for one that can be used directly in my country? Thank you for your help!

  15. On 5/29/2018 at 10:33 PM, roscoe5 said:

    Well, I'm really still impressed and happy overall.  I bought it mainly as an FRFR solution, which it does very well while being a small, lightweight form factor with guitar amp vibe.  LF Raw mode was a usable bonus that I wasn't expecting.


    It almost seems that Line 6 should bring a little bit of the HF driver in on the speaker models.  I think it is turned off completely.  While not as extreme as running Helix amps and cab models/IR's into one of my V30 cabs, there is a bit of that double dipping speaker modeling vibe and dullness. 


    I do want to reiterate that the sound out of the XLR with mic model is great!



    With a mic and a spectrum analizer I found the LF Flat and LF Raw modes has the hi driver iff, but has a normal ahi freq response compared to the speaker models. It appears to me that rhe speaker models has an Eq applied to it that cuts the low and Hi end of the spectrum.... something that sounds good from XLR to PA, but sounds muffled directly to the speaker. I think Line6 forgot NOT to apply this Hi and alow cuts to the speaker emulation models when it is heard from the apowercab itself.... and only apply that to the XLR outputs. Thoughts?

  16. Do you use this values in "monitor" dsp? I measure the freq response throwing pink noise to the speakers and use more gain dB in similar frecuencies to flatten the response of sound.... also cut the bass and roll off the highs.... but im not "there" yet...

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