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  1. On 4/20/2021 at 11:39 AM, flop54 said:

    Thank you fpr this update but what about the lfo's reset? I didn't read anything about this problem. It's a shame!



    Line 6 progammers, You are really good guys and so modest. You didn't notify the lfo reset but you solved it!


    Now it works for me. I test it with midi sync, and a second midi controler, it seems to be ok! And the others midi implementation are so useful.


    I think that an automatic phase reset in each snapshot change would be great too.


    A big thank for this update!

  2. On 1/16/2021 at 12:04 AM, OmniFace said:


    Ah.  I didn't catch that this is for Bass guitar.  It's bass, right?  You're running a clean amp sound and some distortion on top of it. You're not talking about switching between a clean and distorted tone.



    Now that I understand the need, I would just try to set your two paths to two different output types and pan things center

    • Send your Clean out of the 1/4" output (set to Line level in the global settings)
    • Send the Distortion out to the XLR output (set to Mic level in the global settings)
    • Set your Global Settings > Ins/Outs > Headphones Monitor to Multi (1/4"+XLR+Digital+USB 1/2)

    This should mean your clean sound is on the 1/4".  He can convert that to a Mic level with a DI box.  Then your distorted sounds come out the XLR.  (Or swap the clean and distorted signal outputs).  Finally, your headphones use both at the same time so you can hear then together and panned center

    If your sound man doesn't have a DI box you can get one for as low as like $20 bucks:



    The headphone jack mono adapter will work too, but you'll lose the ability to hear anything in stereo through the headphones. This will also let you keep any stereo FX if you wanted.  They'll be mono for the sound guy, but stereo in your headphones.

    Yes I'm a bass player!!! :)


    Yes you have right it's a good idea! I didn't think about this way! Thanks

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  3. Hello when i press the tap tempo one time the tempo is restarted. Are we agree with that ?


    I try to send a CC64 just one time and it seems it dosen't do the same. Is it normal ?





  4. hello,


    Is it normal?

    I use a midi clock before the Helix.

    When i engage the clock the helix changes his tempo and my effects after too.

    When i disengage the clock the helix returns on his snapshot tempo but not the other effect (strymon).


    Another strange think with midi clock. If the helix is midi thru when you use a midi clock before. The externe midi clock and the helix midi are adding her clock so the tempo on the other effect are doubled.


    I post this on another subject :

    We need :

    - the LFO to start from the beginning of the sweep as soon as I activate the relative snapshot

    - the LFO to start from the beginning of the sweep as soon as we hit the tap tempo switch (it have to work with CC 64)

    - The same with a midi clock send on the helix


    I hope it's could be on the next update because some sounds with LFO are very cool but unuseless like that



  5. On 3/3/2020 at 9:13 AM, unperfectcircle said:

    yes, exactly.

    I need the LFO to start from the beginning of the sweep as soon as I activate the relative snapshot.


    I tried with Native demo (I don’t own a HX Effects yet, I’m gathering this information to see if I can pull the trigger or not considering my needs), but I can’t find a way to achieve this easily.


    Touching the tap tempo button or sending a CC from another machine are not viable options in my case.

    Thanks a lot

    Hello i try to use some rythmic effects and i'm agree with you. The helix have some beautifull preset but some are unuseless because of that.


    We need :

    - the LFO to start from the beginning of the sweep as soon as I activate the relative snapshot

    - the LFO to start from the beginning of the sweep as soon as we hit the tap tempo switch (it have to work with CC 64)

    - The same with a midi clock send on the helix



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  6. 18 hours ago, OmniFace said:

    Why do you need the two signals panned on stage? 


    Your description sounds like the sound man is getting both the clean and saturated signals and has to blend or switch them for you.  Shouldn't you be sending the sound man the same output as you headphones where you choose to switch between clean or saturated mode yourself?


    Hello this is my friend's (sound man) answer :


    Because distortion almost always takes away some extreme low end. Splitting allows you to keep the consistency of your clean signal and the distortion then adds a layer of texture instead of changing drastically the way your tone fits in the mix.


  7. Hello


    I use midi CC and PC to change preset and snapshot and I use midi clock to synchronise too.


    When I only use PC and CC it works.

    When I only use midi Clock it works.


    But when i use twice together. The helix executes only three message (for example one PC and 2 CC) after that he seems to ignore it.

    I have check the midi message (with bome send DX) and all the message are sending.


    My Soft is reaper. I want to test with another soft.


    Who can do this test for me?



  8. 29 minutes ago, rd2rk said:


    I'm sure this is just a language barrier thing, but I have no idea what you're saying.

    Are you saying "Yes, that solves the problem"?


    "No, I'd like to be taller"?

    Language barrier -> the story of my life... Sorry and thank you for your patience!


    No that dosen't solve my problem because it's the same for me to have 2 presets or 2 snapshots.


  9. 23 hours ago, rd2rk said:

    Attach an example of a preset and I'll fix it for you.

    Here is an exemple. If you play you ear the wha on left and the distortion on right and i want to hear the twice on center but i want to have the wha trought the Left XLR out and the distortion trought the right XLR out.


    20 hours ago, brue58ski said:

    So to make sure I'm understanding you. To me the Helix has two paths.. 1 & 2. You can split each of those paths into two parallel paths A & B. Are you talking about Path 1 that has been split into two parallel paths, A & B, or are you using paths 1 & 2 separately and just referring to them as A & B?


    This is my configuration :


    The first out is set on left to send only the bass with out distortion

    The second out is set on right to send only the distortion


    But I think that like this configuration i can't use the helix phones out because i hear a stereo signal and I would have a stereo signal.


    So for me there is three solutions :

    The first is to have two preset :

                               - one with xlr out used and panned

                               - one with phones out used and centered


    The second is to use a stuff like this :

    I plug the helix XLR out on this amplifier, my hearphone too and i use the mono option.


    And the thrice is to ask line6 to add a Global option to switch the phones out on a mono signal.

    Do you think i have right?

    Thank you for your help

    Test 2 Channel.hlx

  10. Hello sorry for checking now.

    No this is not a solution for me or i didn't understand what you mean.


    I just want to have à mono mix option to use :

                              - the xlr on stage Left = mono clean singal (path A) and right = mono saturation signal (path B)

                              - the phones at phone with path A and B at center

    And i think it's not possible doing that without duplicating all my preset with a stage and home configuration. No ?

  11. Hello,

    Sorry if i didn't understand how to do this.

    I use my helix with two channels : one for the clean signal and one for the saturation. On stage i want to separate the 2 channels. So I use the multi output with the pan parameter on left for the first channel and the right for the second but i can't use with this configuration the phones output because it's horrible.

    The only way is to duplicate all the preset with a stage configuration (panned) and a home configuration (not panned).

    Is it right?

  12. yes i think you got it.

    Actually i have three track  : one for the DI signal (7) one for the clean channel (1/2) and one for saturated (3/4). When i'm recording i hear no sound so i use the monitor in reaper but the latency make it hard for recording.

  13. Hello,
    I use my helix for recording my bass guitar. I use the 2 path to have 2 mono chanel . The firts one is my clean and fx sound and th second one is for the saturation.

    I want to separate the output so i send the first path on output 1/2 and the second on 3/4. I use the output 7 to have a dry signal.


    My problem is that i can hear the bass when I record. I can if i ask to my Software but in that way i have a lantency.


    Is there an issue to have a direct sound with the helix to record without the latency? If i use the multi parameter it works but i can't have separate output...


    Sorry for my english i hope you understand me.

  14. hello,


    Despite the 2.82 firmware, i continue to have the same bug.


    Sometimes the helix don't send midi clock. I have to return to the global parameters and change the parameter (because it is set correctly) and set with the good parameter again and it works again.

  15. Hello I recorded this morning but i have to reload and reinstall the driver (I think it's the 1.91). But my helix's firmware is 1.71 (curently too afraid to do the update :) ). I will check my windows but I think it is up to date.

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