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  1. UPDATE: The problem has been solved! I spoke to Jason from the Line 6 support team and he told me that the problem was probably leftover files from the older version of Native. Instead of deleting the plugin from the VST folder, I went to add/remove programs and used the Helix Native uninstaller. After that I installed 1.10 and I was fine!! Thank you Jason from Line 6!


    Hello everyone! I'm having trouble getting the new update to work in Reaper. I used the previous version of Native just fine, this 1.10 update is the first version that has given me trouble.


    When I open up the FX/plugins section on my track and add Native to it, I'm greeted with a slightly black tinted window and this error: 8201




    I saw that someone was having a similar issue on the previous version so I clicked the gearbox in the bottom left, deauthorized my computer, closed reaper, relaunched it, loaded the Helix Native plugin that was my the track and saw this.




    I choose authorize and get this. Yay!




    But then...sadness. A new error arises!




    I've reinstalled the plugin multiple times and I've still had the same issue. I've restarted my computer and all that...still. The only way I got Native to work was to reinstall the previous version and use that one instead...but I wanna play with the new toys. :(


    Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

  2. Well that's a Marshall JCM 800 behind her. It's called the Brit 2204 in the Helix. The guitar looks like this Fender Classic series '72 telecaster custom electric.



    I guess you could start there. Not that what you see in a video is what was used in the studio but, again, it's a start.

    Thanks for taking the time to reply, I'll play around with the Brit!!


    It's not likely you'll be able to simulate the opening since that's two guitar tracks together.  One track is more of a mid scooped power chord while the other is more fender-y and played on the higher strings.  You might come close using two amps in parallel but I'm not sure you'll get the fullness of the chords being played.

    That's what I was afraid of! Well I'm hoping I can at least get something close that's the best of both worlds, crunchy and clean blended together by two amps! Thanks!

    That's a cool song. The bass lines are great.

    Yeah I think the whole song is pretty neat!

  3. Hello fellow Helix users! I'm currently playing around with trying to get a tone that's...uh, how should I put it. I guess you could say I want the swirly sustain-y cleanliness off a Marshall or something but with a some nice crunch/overdrive.


    I've been at it for a little bit and have come up with some sounds I like but I was hoping that maybe you guys could give me some tips that'll point me in the right direction! I understand there's some panning and mixing stuff going on, but the sound that I'm going for is something similar to the intro before the first verse!


  4. Your DXR10 should be fine! Best thing to do is simply use it as normal.


    In case you did not already know, the Yamaha has built in Signal Limiter and Power Protection Systems. These remain active regardless if you may have disabled the LED In


    Always follow this power-up sequence.

    Power up the sources first - Guitar Modelers, Synths, Mixers. Always power up the speakers and/or amplifiers last.


    Of course the power down sequence is the exact opposite - Speakers and amps first, then the other devices.



    It should be fine. Just play your Helix through it to ensure things sound normal. There really isn't a "formal test" you can do to verify damage. I've done that a few time on my JBLs and no issues. 



    Your DXR10 should be fine! Best thing to do is simply use it as normal.


    In case you did not already know, the Yamaha has built in Signal Limiter and Power Protection Systems. These remain active regardless if you may have disabled the LED Indicator. See your Yamaha DXR User Guide (also available as a PDF), Pages: 7, 8 and 12.


    dicator. See your Yamaha DXR User Guide (also available as a PDF), Pages: 7, 8 and 12.


    Thank you very much for your replies everyone. I appreciate you sharing your experience and always being so helpful!

  5. Hello everyone! I got a Yamaha DXR10 speaker to use with my Helix. I forgot to turn it off before removing the other end of the instrument cable that was plugged into it so it made a loud pop! It wasn't at max volume or anything but it was still pretty loud even at low volume which is what worries me.  


    I'm a very cautious person who likes to worry a lot. Do you think my speaker is damaged? My ear isn't quite trained enough to pick up on any anomalies in the audio that's come out of the speaker after this. Is there some test I can do to make sure it's not damaged and to make sure all the frequencies and hooza-ma-signals are all in order? Thanks.

  6. I'm using a DXR12, up on a pole, for live. I don't connect to FOH, so I found that putting it up on the pole was critical to getting decent dispersion in a room.

    I'm interested in trying a few new cabs that seem to be slotted between a guitar cab and a sealed FRFR. The Mission Io is one of them. It's active, 450w, and only weighs 29#'s because of a neo speaker. The Xitone Michael Britt is another. That one is open back. I can't seem to find too much info on either of these.


    Maybe you'll find a seller with a nice return policy that'll allow you to return the product if you're dissatisfied!


    I was recommending based more on sound and physical shape. The Altos will sound decent, but from what folks here and on TGP say (don't have one myself), the Yamahas will sound better, and also get louder.


    Gotcha! Thank very much for taking the time to share your knowledge with me!!

  7. I can't make that decision for you. I didn't have a lot of money to spend on an FRFR powered monitor and the Altos were getting good reviews. Like Jbuhajla said, they don't have the "monitor mode" that compensates for floor coupling. I don't know how well that works, but I do know that my TS212 needs to be mounted on an amp stand or a pole to sound good, otherwise it's pretty bass heavy. Not a big deal, I bought a pole that was somewhere around $25 or so and it solved the problem.



    I don't think the Altos have the "monitor mode" switch built in to them, rolling off some bass response if used as a wedge. Not that it is critical, but Yamaha and JBLs have that option. 



    If you're ok spending the money, I'd move up to one of the Yamahas, DXR or DBR 10 or 12, or possibly a JBL. If not, the Altos are a great choice.


    Y'know, I do like the wedge capabilities of the yamahas. I'm gonna either go with a DXR or DBR! Thanks guys!!

  8. Another vote for the backpack. I wouldn't tour with it, but for local use it works very well for all the reasons eloquently stated above.



    I particularly like the Helix Backpack's:

    1) Thick protective padding for all compartments.

    2) It stands vertically on four large stable and durable rubber feet with the Helix inserted in the main compartment and gear in the lower front compartment.

    3) The two exterior compartments with two internal small net pockets (zippered) and large nylon zippered pocket provide plenty of additional storage for gear, accesories, and more: cables, power strip, IEMs, Headphones, Laptop/Tablet, paperwork, etc.

    4) The Top and Side Handles are rugged and make it really easy to grasp and carry (vertically or horizontally). I have yet to use the shoulder straps.

    5) Several velcro straps are included for securing gear.

    6) Should the main Helix compartment's perimeter padding needed to be replaced, there's zipper access to easily do so.

    7) It is lightweight when empty, yet very capable of hauling the Helix and a lots of extra heavy gear.

    8) Overall quality workmanship, high grade construction, heavy duty zippers.

    I'm sold!!! Thanks doods!

  9. From 1 meter drop that happened to me, helix was intact. Also i have travel with boat and us with this case, nothing happened.

    Good to know, thanks!!! My only other concern is that if I play it from the case, would the vent at the bottom (at least I think there's one there) be blocked? Any problems with heat?


    Not a gigging pro any more, just going to friends, meetups, etc, my gear in my car, and I got this:


    It's fine for what it is, but not super padded. Definitely not for the back of a truck or checked baggage, and I wouldn't bet on it protecting against a serious drop on a hard surface. Helix might be fine, but that'd be on Helix, not the bag.

    Thanks for the suggestion, seems very affordable!


    Yes I do. It fits perfectly, with a little space for cables and accessories, and has 2 stripes of velcro to fix it on the bottom part. I' ll put some photos.

    Thanks for going the extra mile with the pictures!! And my final question is you don't have any problem with the helix getting hot in there at all, right? I believe the vents are at the bottom?


    I would highly recommend the roadcasesusa option if you use any other pedals or peripherals attached to the Helix, i.e., if you want a case that doubles as a pedalboard. It has options for handles and rollers and is designed so that, with the lid off, the lip of the bottom portion is low so you can use it as your pedalboard without taking anything out of it. However, that being said, it sounds like your use may be much different, and a lot of these advantages may not apply to you.

    I've also used the Gator bag someone mentioned above. It is really good as far as soft cases go. I just know myself well enough to realize that, if I use a soft case long enough, I will eventually knock of a couple knobs off due to my own carelessness. But it does have good padding and quality zippers; I don't want to sound like I am putting it down at all as a soft case.

    The roadcaseusa ones seemed very very nice, just heavy. But like you said, I care about protection a lot but if I just take it around in a soft case all the time something's bound to happen to a knob or something! Thanks for sharing your experience!

  10. I have the thomman case. Sturdy, light and perfect for the helix.


    I was looking for something that was both sturdy and light! The unit probably wouldn't be dented or scratched but does it seem like it could help deal with the shock from a drop?


    For basic transport to friends places, there are several inexpensive padded bags for Mixers and Keyboards, from BOSS and Gator that fit the Helix.


    I've got my Helix in the Backpack. The Helix Backpack is outstanding!


    Thanks for the info!! And I keep hearing a lot of praise about the Helix backpack, I might just give in. What do you feel about it justifies the price of it over a gator or hard case?


    I went with the Gator G-MULTIFX-2411. Fits perfectly, shoulder strap feels solid enough. Wouldn't tour with it but it's great for taking it to my friends' place (or tomorrow, to the Boston meetup!). For the price ($60) it's pretty great.


    That's exactly what I had in mind, just taking it to friends' places and meetups! Thanks for sharing your experience with it!



    Do you use this one with an LT?

  11. Hello friends! I've looked all over the internet at different threads and posts and whatnot about what people store their helix in when they take it out and about and I've narrowed it down to these bad boys right here!! I don't really gig or anything, I just wanna take it to friends' houses.


    Road Case - Seems kind of heavy...



    PedalBoard Tour thingy - I heard it's too big for the normal Helix and can't stay upright



    Another Hard one 



    And of course the Helix Backpack by Line 6!


    Opinions? Suggestions? Something better that I didn't list? I don't really know what to go with...Thanks!

  12. I too found it loose in the plastic bag containing the brand new Helix. At first, I thought it might be a plug for the footpedal's adjustment bolt access hole. I still find it curious and surprising that it is not mentioned anywhere in the User Manual, nor other Line 6 site information.

    That was my first thought too, I assumed it had something to do with the foot pedal. It is strange that it's not mentioned anywhere.

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