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  1. Most of the time I use Helix UI for editing patches, occasionally laptop if I have something major going on. I'm too lazy to hook up laptop and lifting it hurts my back. :)

  2. Pop-up preview pops when you select item when using tablet and stays there for a while or until you tap the screen. This is really annoying. Tried to find a way to disable preview but didn't find. This makes this new interface worse than old one to me. Also above mentioned missing page markers are a drawback. Otherwise I like the new look.

  3. As a web dev professionally, it's weird that this has gone on for so long. Starting from a working system, most issues should be resolvable relatively quickly. It's been working again for me for a few days, but I gather not everyone. There must be some pretty complex or obscure happening.

    Memory leakage?

  4. Just bought Bogner Goldfinger combo, ouch. Just to play sometimes with tubes and liked too much that 60's gain channel. Most playing with Helix and if something leaves house for band fun, it will be Helix.

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  5. I'm new here, but I can't help but wonder if the concept of "Open Source", might not resolve most, if not all of the complaints and wish list requests, many are making.


    Allow the Helix users to define and design their own add-ons.  Release the source code and establish an open source forum with a "hold harmless" provision.  That model has certainly been viable for other companies.

    When talking about ERP-software or something like that I understand open source. But even in that case usually only software developers do the job. I'm not familiar with modelling software but ERP I am.


    I wouldn't download if the source is not credited by Line6 or some other reliable source. Dont't say that it is impossible but suspicious I am.


    Even though above said, if the idea works it would be fabulous. I presume there might be individuals who have the skill and enthusiasm. And sorry for my english, not my mother language.

  6. it might be good just to have a simple 'amp enhanced' option where the amps are filtered and more tonally focused, to suit the casual user- a global option maybe. default being as it is now maybe, but the option to narrow the frequency range being clearly understandable and selectable in the menu

    This is a good idea imo. Done this the hard way but positive side is that I've learned a lot. Anyway it would have been nice if you could have done this the same way as you do with tube amps and decent cabs. My need for eq there has been next to nothing. But still happy with Helix and sounds are still getting better.

  7. My opinion is based on the fact that I own a LT and I'm not going to buy Native. So these posts concerning Native are useless to me, at least at the moment I presume so. I understand that there is synergy between them but to me they are pretty much separate products. But this is not a big deal, if posts are in same folder I can live with that but the other solution is easier for me. Just a personal preference, nothing more.

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