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  1. 58 minutes ago, MartinDorr said:

    A fair amount of what we think hearing is actually generated in our brains based on context and individual ‘knowledge’. That is not to say it’s real. There is ample evidence that placebos work to some degree for some people. I think there is no reason to believe our hearing ability is more real than feeling a recovery from sickness after taking a placebo.


    that's jack handy deep!

  2. 2 hours ago, karlic said:

    I'm not sure either are 100% and also the Kemper method for that matter. Getting a consistent sound is a moving target and it never sounds the same each time I set one up.


    Modellers are the idea of what an amp sounds like from the perspective of a few people. I'm not sure I even care whether they sound exactly like the real thing. In some cases it is a better sound for both live and recording. Models like Badonk don't even exist in real world hardware.




    If a sound wave is generated, it's a very real thing.   Anything after that is hogwash fanboi marketing.  Hook line and sinker.

    there is zero proof or real evidence to correspond that any of these devices are better than the other.    I'd argue they'll find the mighty big foot first.  




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  3. this subjective and depends. 


    I prefer ML soundlabs Mikko plugin.    I prefer to craft my IR's to each amp and recording.   Although the catalog for this plug in is new, so selection of speakers / cabs is smaller at this time.   but essentially all the "classics" are there.   

    Ownhammer has good stuff too. 

    I don't mind the L6 cabs, but tend to use custom IR's. 


    although i'm a toontrack guy mostly, there are plenty of drum libraries out there with really good quality as well.    its how you use it that really matters. 


    good luck. 


  4. use the volume knob right on the helix and be down with it.


    you're also confusing,   you have to turn down correct? but you state you need to feel it. . .   no feels happen at low volume if you are talking about pushing air bro. 


  5. I'd like to congratulate the  entire team @ L6  for this update. 

    the update process is much improved and the quality of the experience updating was very good. 

    some simple GUI and workflow improvements are also appreciated. 


    The helix keeps me playing and inspired with less "fiddling" and that was a goal for me.   Thank you.  




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  6. On 4/2/2020 at 10:19 AM, ossianott said:

    Hello, I'm recording with a microphone/mic amp for vocals into the return/aux in of my HX stomp and monitoring the microphone through reaper with effects, and the guitar signal with direct monitoring from the stomp (Is it possible to monitor it with the fx chain on when routing thru reaper?). Is it possible to change the monitoring level of only the direct monitor signal without having to change main L/R level, as this also alters the signal into reaper when I'm recording? Right now the monitoring level of the guitar is so loud I have to clip reaper severely for the vocal signal to be matched, and when I reduce the level on the stomp I get a very low recording level into reaper. I'm playing with headphones and the headphone amp is about 30% level so I figured that headroom could be much better used if I can turn down the direct monitoring W/O altering the guitar input signal to reaper, instead of increasing reaper with severe clipping to match the level.




    Why not just turn the master volume  (2 buss) up or down on the DAW?   the DAW is controlling the Vox?   HX controlling the Guitar... mix to taste.   

    maybe this is too simple or I missed the point all together. 




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  7. this already exists in a simple form. 

    When you upload a custom tone of yours  into your "account" @ line 6 you have all kind of information you can enter about what was used to create that specific tone etc. 

    It saves your patch and all the info.  You can access that from anywhere in the world as long as you have that internet thing, which you do. 

    the wheel is already there. 


  8. 4 hours ago, Ilya-V said:

    -Output Meters
    -Gain Reduction Meters
    -Clip Indicators


    Why in the world did they not include meters from the start in such a high profile device as the Helix?

    I had a GT-10 back in 2008, and it had input and output meters,, this is super important in the digital domain.


    In the digital domain, whats more important is your ears.   Level me off here if i'm wrong.... 


  9. 11 hours ago, jorgealberto25 said:

    The Badonk is the only metal amp I like, it sounds tight and bright. others sound lifeless and always need an overdrive but don’t impress me. the pv panama sucks and the recto sounds dark. Do all these amps need an eq to sound like the badonk or the real amp? 

    you should back up and provide some additional details 

    guitar is it a 6 to 240 string guitar?  

    Stock cab guy or IR's? 

    do you use a boost all the time? 

    what are you trying to achieve....

    whatever it is....... the Helix has it covered mostly. 


    you may be aware the badonk has a tonne of available and usable  low end, most guys throw the screamer in front to cut the low end out, tightening the sound up even more. 


     I"m not big fan of the amps that feel super tight -  and there are a bunch that feel that way.    



  10. One thing that will solve all of the religion  / consciousness subject is.... 

    hopefully 2.9 hits before the next big meteor does.     rinse, repeat, not sure if the human race backed up all its files.... 

  11. 1 hour ago, datacommando said:


    JUST IN...


    The new 2.90 firmware will have a brand new "Philosophy" Mode that will allow you to switch between 3 Existential options;
    Martin Heidegger and
    Jean-Paul Sartre


    Nihilism is not an option.


    It's your choice!
    complete with flashing LEDs

    how does the level meters work for the philosophy mode? more like a GAF meter? 0-10 in ducks given? 

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  12. 3 hours ago, BBD_123 said:


    If the universe did not exist, then we would not be able to perceive it. While I leave proofs to mathematicians, I think the probability of the statement being correct is extremely high :-)


    I don't know about this,   it would help if I could use a level meter from 2.9 to gage how accurate this is....   :)



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  13. 7 minutes ago, BBD_123 said:


    I read what you said. The problem is that I'm not sure what you intend by the words existence and reality at this point. If we use definitions that I am comfortable with then if there is no reality (objective, external, universal) then there can be no perception as there would be nothing to perceive...



    none of you can prove any of this wrong or right.     just try...... 


    If one says its perception is is....end of story.    If i broke on through to the other side,  I did... 


    you can continue to divide that banana in two and fight over it, but you're a lot closer to a primate when doing that.... and its still a banana.  


  14. I use Mikko to create my IRs. 

    although I've used it as a standalone to mess around, what worked best for me was to send a non IR signal into Logic.   Then I loop a section of the song with Mikko as a plugin and dial in the sounds. 

    I'm sure there is multiple ways to do it. 

    I like to have a reference track going when i make IR's though. 

  15. 18 hours ago, phil_m said:

    What amp models have you tried? I personally like the Cali Texas Ch1 (Mesa Lonestar Clean channel) model for these types of tones. I also think that so much of it depends on the pickups.


    Another trick is using a Fuzz block in your chain and setting the input impedance low - like 22kOhms. When you turn the volume down, that will give you a nice spank.



    thanks for sharing!  cool insight for sure.    

    seem to learn a few things from this dude. 

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