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  1. I am an Mandarin 80 amp user, and a defining characteristic of this amp is the FAC switch, but it's on the 3rd page of settings. A real pain in the lollipop to get to every time I want to make a semi-small but VERY IMPORTANT amp alteration. 

    Any chance we could move that up in the list of amp characteristics? At least above the BIAS section?

  2. I'm interested in checking out the legacy pedals and reverbs and applying them to the Mic Output. 

    I use the for a singer-songwriter band, where one line of DSP is amp and guitar effects, and the other line is vocal preamp, reverb and compression. It makes such a HUGE difference during rehearsals and gigs to have some polish on your voice to compensate for lollipop rooms or whatever else is going wrong. Interested in trying the new effects with voice! 


    Am looking forward to an eventual harmonizer... but it could be awhile!

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